In Meung-sur-Loire, the temptation for "yellow vests" to take the road roundabouts

They belonged to the hard core of yellow vests Meung-sur-Loire (Loiret) before reaching the capital during several events. They come back to try to revive the mobilization.

By Jordan Apulia Posted today at 11h28

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"Between us, we like to call ourselves Warriors or Warriors", fun Sabrina to present his team of "yellow vests" Meung-sur-Loire (Loiret). They are five women, aged between 35 and 40, working as maintenance workers, agricultural workers or temporary workers at the factory. Engaged since the beginning of the movement, November 17, 2018, they chained in six months blockages and filtering, observed breaks and divisions, furrowed the Loiret and the Loir-et-Cher in search of marches and human chains. Until deciding, four "acts" during, to go up to Paris every five, "Out of love for risks and action, and to be heard more"says Sabrina.

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"But each time, the CRS gassed us, we nassaient and charged us"says the 38-year-old housekeeper. His teenage son supports his commitment, but "I would never have taken him to the capital. Too dangerous. Neither my husband: as he is waiting for his hip prosthesis, I prefer him to stay at home »she explains. In Paris, her friend Garance took a fragment of pomegranate. Sabrina has her knee loose after being trampled: "It was the 1st-May, we stuck to the procession of the CGT, and the CRS had confiscated our masks. I told them I was asthmatic, but they did not want to hear anything. Later, when they gassed, it really ran in all directions. As we were encircled, to force the passage, we needed black blocks and some "yellow vests" who were not afraid to beat each other. "

For these Loirétaines, Paris was the last stage of a militant apprenticeship. The "yellow vests" of Meung-sur-Loire had, at the beginning, divided between two roundabouts: that of the Super-U, with its vast white tents under which to debate or to picnic, and that of the toll of the A10 , more austere, to a handful of kilometers. Soon, disagreements arose as to the actions to be taken. The short-term filtering, with the moderate nuisance, seduced the "U". Those who, like Sabrina, opted for blockades and big barricades found themselves on the edge of the highway.

"We were going around in circles"

The existence of two separate jackpots has only increased friction. "We often spent less than the" U ", so we had quite a bit of it. In this way, we were able to take care of David's three dogs ", says Sabrina. David Beaujouan, 36, was a local figure in the movement. The driver died in April, after a heart attack in the parking lot of the Amazon warehouse in Saran, near Orleans, where his truck had just been loaded.

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