In the midst of the worst economic and health crisis in its history, Nicolás Maduro announced that Venezuela will manufacture drones for defense

Nicolás Maduro announced that Venezuela will manufacture multipurpose drones

The Venezuelan dictator, Nicolas Maduro, affirmed this Thursday that the South American nation will manufacture “soon” multipurpose drones and “for defense” through an aeronautical company founded this year, and that this same day presented two aircraft prototypes of training.

We, Venezuelans, will soon be manufacturing drones for civilian and multipurpose use (…), drones for national development, for national defense, made in Venezuela.“, Said the president during an act broadcast on public television VTV, without offering further details.

According to the president, the devices will be manufactured in the National Aeronautical Company (EANSA), founded in February of this year in search of the “technological independence” of the country.

This same manufacturer presented on Thursday two aircraft for pilot training and observation, “made entirely in Venezuela, with Venezuelan labor and Venezuelan mind“, Asserted Maduro.

The announcement comes amid the worst economic and health crisis in the country, which in addition to the shortage of grocery products is increasingly complicated by the coronavirus pandemic. The health emergency led to the closing of the borders to restrict the return of thousands of Venezuelans who had emigrated to other nations and who want to return to their homeland, but are faced with bureaucratic obstacles.

Nicolás Maduro and his wife inside a Conviasa plane (Archive)

The Vice Minister of Air Transport of Venezuela, Ramon Velasquez, ensured that these aircraft have a flight range of five hours, although he did not report on other technical or mechanical details.

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On Venezuelan public television, images of the devices were shown, identified as EANSA 1 and EANSA 2, and labeled with the colors and acronyms of the Venezuelan state airline. Conviasa, which Velásquez also directs.

About Conviasa, which has a fleet of about fifty planes, United States government sanctions have weighed since last February, which pointed out that the company was used for “transfer corrupt officials of the (Nicolás Maduro) regime around the world to boost support for their anti-democratic efforts. “

Venezuela responded to the punishment calling it a “serious mistake”, while announcing legal actions at the international level, without any progress in this regard being known so far.

Sanctions prevent citizens and companies related to the United States from doing business with Conviasa -such as the sale of spare parts or fuel-, which hinders the international operations of the airline.

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