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Israel Has Targeted Attacks in Iran


TEL AVIV – Defense Minister Israel , Benny Gantz said, his party had identified the target Iran to be attacked if Tehran continues a nuclear escalation. Gantz said his country has drawn up plans to strike those targets if Iran shows signs of a nuclear upgrade.

“Of course we have it in our hands,” Gantz told Fox News that Israel is still working on its plans.

He showed me a map of Lebanon which he said included ground troops, missiles and launch sites set up by Iranian proxy forces along the border.

“This is a target map. Each of them has been examined legally, operationally, intelligence and we are ready to fight, “said Gantz as quoted from Al Jazeera, Wednesday (7/4/2021).

The remarks come as the administration of United States President Joe Biden is considering rejoining the 2015 Iran nuclear deal which limits Iran’s nuclear program, with some changes to strengthen restrictions on Tehran’s activities.

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“Iran’s nuclear escalation must stop,” said Gantz, reiterating the Israeli government’s approach to the new US administration on the issue.

“If not, we have to stand alone and we have to defend ourselves,” he stressed.


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