Jaime Ayarza, Roberto Aguilar and María Perelló, first leaders of the Copa de España de Optimist


Jaime Ayarza (RCN Gran Canaria), in sub 16, and Roberto Aguilar (CNM Benalmádena), in sub 13, are the provisional leaders of the Optimist Cup of Spain, after having played today the first of the three days scheduled under the organization of the Puerto Sherry NPP.

The first of the females in sub 16 is for the moment María Perelló (CN Arenal), second absolute, and heads the girls sub 13 Alba Moreno (CR Madrid), with a 27th place in the provisional general.

The Bay of Cádiz has given a pleasant welcome to the 149 sailors, from 11 Spanish autonomous communities, with magnificent wind conditions for the premiere of the competition, which will continue until next Saturday with three sleeves scheduled for each day.

At 1:40 p.m., the first 240º winding of 10 knots was given, which was maintained in the next test. For the third, it changed to 220º, forcing the committee to make modifications, with a slight increase in intensity until reaching 12 knots.

After more than three hours of regatta and with two days left, the provisional classification in sub 16 is led by the Canarian Ayarza, first absolute, followed by the Balearic double world champion Perelló, first of the females and second absolute, and also Canary David Santacreu (RCN Tenerife).

The first of the sub 13 is the Andalusian Roberto Aguilar (CN Benalmádena), located in the 11th position of the general. The Spaniard is also the first of the components of the Andalusian team in the table, followed by Patricia Báñez (RCMT Punta Umbría), which is ranked 19th and the first of the Andalusian girls, and in third place its club partner Adriana Serra.

With respect to the representatives of the host club CN Puerto Sherry, the best placed so far is Susana Ridao (51), followed by Arturo Arauz (61), María Fernández (79) and Alejandro Arauz (106).

The asphalt beach of Puerto Sherry, one of the largest in the world, is the starting point of this competition, where all the sailors between 10 and 15 years old from Spain who have achieved their place in the qualifying systems will meet again tomorrow. autonomic

Yesterday, the opening ceremony was held on the terrace of the Hotel Puerto Sherry, where the teams from each of the participating Spanish autonomous communities paraded. On Friday, the other three races of the nine races scheduled for the three days of the race will be played.

It is a scoring race for the AECIO Ranking (Spanish Association of the Optimist International Class) along with the Spanish Championship, which will be held at Easter week at the RCN Valencia. In Puerto Sherry, the National Teams for the World Championship (4 first and 1st female in the ranking) and the European (5º, 6º, 7º, 8º and 3 first girls) will be satisfied. (tagsToTranslate) jaime (t) ayarza (t) roberto (t) aguilar (t) maria


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