Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Laeticia Hallyday reduces her lifestyle: No private jet for Saint-Barth ‘

For the first time since she buried Johnny Hallyday at the small marine cemetery of Lorient in Saint-Barthélemy – a burial that took place on December 11, 2017 – Laeticia Hallyday had not yet returned to the island that is so dear to her. The last wife of the Taulier is since 15 April in Saint-Barth ‘with his two daughters, Jade (13 years) and Joy (9 years), during the school holidays.

For this very morally trying trip, – the tears could not be remembered at the time of to gather on the grave of her husband -, Laeticia Hallyday changed her habits. If she usually borrowed a private jet with the rocker to travel from Los Angeles to the West Indies, it was not the case this time.

Although at the head of a trust, LMS (Laeticia Marie Smet), created in 2014 in Los Angeles and which includes a wealth of 28 million euros, the widow of Johnny Hallyday has revised his lifestyle down . Closer reveals in its issue of April 20, 2018 that she had a long journey before arriving in St. Barthelemy, taking three regular flights to arrive on the island after long hours of flight and two stops. She first embarked in Los Angeles on April 13 at the end of the day, accompanied by her daughters and nanny, to join Dallas. Once in Texas, she took a second plane to San Juan, on the island of Puerto Rico. Because it was already too late to finish the trip with a third and final flight, passengers in transit spent the night at the hotel before taking a plane and finally land in St. Barthelemy April 15, 2018, around 8am .

If Laeticia Hallyday enjoys a huge heritage thanks to the trust that bears her name, she must also deal with French goods freeze pronounced last April 13 by the tribunal de grande instance of Nanterre while she also obtained that Laura Smet and David Hallyday do not have the right of scrutiny that they demanded on their father’s posthumous album. Despite hands extended by Laeticia Hallyday to appease the war around the inheritance of her husband, a new hearing is announced for May 24, 2018 . This time it concerns the validity of Johnny Hallyday’s American will signed in July 2014 and contested by his two elders.

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