Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Macron fires security officer after Alexander Benalla ATTACKED by protesters | World | New

million. Benalla was questioned by police on Friday morning and is currently being detained.

Officials confirmed that Mr. Macron would initiate dismissal proceedings against one of his best security advisers

. New facts that could constitute a crime of Alexander Benalla have been brought to the attention of the President.

"As a result, the Presidency decided to initiate the dismissal procedure of Alexander Benalla."

million. Macron was the subject of a public reaction to his security advisor, after the newspaper Le Monde reported that he had suspended Mr. Benalla from his security duties, but did not let him down. had not fired.

The French opposition leaders also criticized Mr. Macron for failing to dismiss Mr. Benalla immediately after the incident. In a video posted on Twitter, Mr. Benalla was seen dragging protesters during the parade of the rue du 1er Mai in Paris.

Thousands of people gathered in Paris on May 1 for the annual May Day demonstrations to rally to Macron's public sector reforms

In the video that appeared yesterday Mr. Benalla was wearing a riot police helmet while he was dragging a man during the May Day rally.

The bearded demonstrator was surrounded by riot police when Mr. Benalla attacked the man and dragged him away from the agents.

Mr. Benalla was seen aggressively seizing a woman in the neck during the May Day demonstration.

In the video, protesters appeared to recognize Mr. Benalla and begin to sing his name

The security chief abruptly left the scene and quickly entered a cafe.

The team of Mr. Macron was suspended Mr. Benalla for having participated in the operation after declaring to the original that he would only observe the officers.

Mr. Benella had asked the Elysee for permission to observe police operations during the marches in Paris, but he violated orders.

Mr. Macron's spokesperson, Bruno Roger-Petit, described Mr. Benalla's actions as "unacceptable behavior".

Mr. Roger-Petit adds that Mr. Benalla has been suspended for 15 days. He said the punishment was the most serious ever inflicted on a high-ranking advisor to the security of the Elysee

. After his 15-day suspension, Mr. Benalla was brought back into the entourage of the French president – appearing in several photos alongside Mr. Macron during public and private trips, including a ski holiday in December.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon said: "If we accept that no matter who may be allowed to claim to be police alongside the police, we are no longer in the rule of law

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