one of his employees tells how Sylvie Vartan “dominated” him

This November 19, the two former private secretaries of Johnny Hallyday unveiled some details of the singer’s daily life. Starting with his story with Sylvie Vartan who, according to one of them, did not hesitate to make decisions for the rocker.

Men in the shadows. Sacha Rhoul and Jean Basselin were “handymen“, Johnny Hallyday’s personal and discreet secretaries for several tens of years. This duo which evolved in the intimacy of the rocker now evokes the details of a life at a hundred miles an hour in the biographical book Johnny Hallyday and his Guardian Angels (ed. Casa), written by journalist Laurent Lavige. For Jean Basselin, it all started with the Harley Davidson. Motorcycle importer, the man got to know Johnny Hallyday through his crazy passion for two wheels. This is how he accompanied him on one of his legendary road trips where the singer loved to cross America, which he was so passionate about. He was part of the trip in 1990 and 2007. He remembers at the time that if Johnny Hallyday always found friends leaving to accompany him in this crazy adventure, David Hallyday had not joined him on one of his voayges. “Johnny wanted to do this road trip with David, but his son said no a week before, and Johnny was very disappointed. He adored his son. I saw him once arrive at a concert late, because he wanted to bring her presents“, recalled Jean Basselin, during an interview with Parisian, November 19.

One of the women in his life

For Johnny Hallyday’s other trusted man, Sacha Rhoul, David Hallyday evokes another memory. Now 82, the man remembers more distant years when Syvlie Vartan had decided to hire him with Johnny Hallyday. The singer occupied a very framing place for the rocker. “It was she who had the most character. She was the only woman he both respected and feared, because she dominated him. The only one who could talk to him about music at the same level “, he confided bluntly. Syvlie vartan and Johnny Hallyday lived a story that mattered to the singer. They were married on April 12, 1965 and became the parents of David Hallyday on August 14, 1966. Despite their love, the passage of time seems to have torn their love from them. They developed in 1980.

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