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OT 2020 nominees gala 6: Anne says goodbye with kiss and Estrella Morente sings bullfighting

by drbyos

The Academy said goodbye yesterday to the fifth participant of ‘OT 2020’. This time it was Anne’s turn, who won 26% of the votes against 30% of Bruno and 44% of Flavio. Seeing three contestants walk the tightrope was something that had not happened to date, since it was the first time a trio was nominated.

The 18-year-old, who defended her stay with ‘Unchained Melody’ of The Righteous Brothers, said goodbye to the Academy, not only said goodbye to the Academy. Between applause and tears and, with a very commented kiss on the networks, he also had to say goodbye to Gerard. He later confessed that he did not imagine finding love in the program.

“The first thing I’m going to do when I leave is going to be hugging you,” Gèrard said while Anne met Noemí Galera in the chat. There, the former triumphant received via twitter the Amaia’s support.

Best group performance and bullfighting improvisation

The group rapport between the contestants is not only seen in the day to day. Yesterday he felt at the start of the sixth gala, which began to the rhythm of ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ of The Buggles. Manu Guix called it “the best group to date.”

They promised in rehearsals and met on stage. One of the most powerful performances of the gala was the version of ‘With height’ by Rosalia for Maialen and Anne.

But without a doubt, if there was a surprise moment last night was the joint action between Morente Star and Nia, who played the famous ‘Back’ by Carlos Gardel. More than one would be lost with the start of the issue. And, is that, Morente decided to bet on the lyricist innovation in favor of bullfighting:

«Neither the bullfighter kills the bull, nor the bull kills the bullfighter,

the two play their lives, at the same random game.

Don’t traffic with his soul, don’t forgive the brave bull in the square,

How human cowardly to steal the bull’s death alone and in his agony.

And, of course, this did not leave the audience indifferent.

Tinet Robira himself had to explain on Twitter that the unexpected turn “had been a surprise to everyone.”

Three other nominees

Gérard won over the public of Operation Triunfo and became his favorite, so the young man managed to get rid of the nomination. “Your song has left much to be desired,” the jury reminded him.

So Bruno, Eva, Hugo and Rafa They were chosen to leave the Academy by the jury. After resolving a triple tie, Eva was saved thanks to the hand of her teammates. But the jury, for the first time in history, decided that it was not going to save anyone; So for the second week three contestants (Hugo, Bruno and Rafa) are running again to pack their bags.


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