Peru vs Argentina – the Peruvian team lost and registered their worst start of the South American Qualifiers VIDEO YouTube

When individual performances are much lower than usual, it is difficult for the team to obtain good results and even less so in a competition such as the South American Qualifiers that does not forgive you the slightest mistake.

The peruvian teamWith what happened in Chile still in the rearview mirror, he modified some names in order to achieve balance on the pitch. And while momentum improved, unforced errors continued to show up.

Defensively we do not find consistency, in the middle we have lost those automatisms necessary to progress and, therefore, we abandoned the offensive zone. To this must be added the lack of mobility that greatly limits pass options. These shortcomings, unfortunately, were well used by the rival: Nicolas Gonzalez broke the parity with a whiplash inside the area and, minutes later, Lautaro Martinez He “vaccinated” without major obstacle.

The ‘Bicolor’ tried to recover lost ground in the complement, but always found a solid defensive block that cut practically all our circuits. There was no way to harm them.

Now, it is true that the situation of the peruvian team in the table it is more than worrying (1 point out of 12 possible), but this group is the same that returned us to a World Cup after 35 years and also returned us to a Copa América final after just over four decades, for what we have reasons to be excited about with a comeback that will undoubtedly be an odyssey, but not impossible to carry out.

Worst start in South American Qualifiers (first 4 dates)

2006 Qualifiers: 5 points

2002 Qualifiers: 4 points

1998 Qualifiers: 3 points

Qualifiers 2014: 3 points

Qualifiers 2018: 3 points

Qualifiers 2010: 2 points

2022 Qualifiers: 1 point


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