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Pochettino is asking for time he may not need to achieve a breakthrough with Saint-Germain

Paris : Argentine Mauricio Pochettino has repeated on more than one occasion that he needs time to make his mark at the French club Paris Saint-Germain, and here he is completing his hundred survivors day so far, on the eve of hosting Bayern Munich in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

Pochettino was originally contracted as the man who would bring the long-awaited cup to the Qatari-owned team, succeeding the German sacked Thomas Tuchel, who reached the club’s continental championship final last season and lost it to the Bavarian team itself.

Nearly three months after being appointed as part of an initial 18-month deal, he is still in the race for European glory, but at the cost of losing the French League title that has long been taken for granted in Paris.

The former coach of Tottenham, England, oversaw the exit with two amazing wins away in the European Champions League, 4 1 in Barcelona and 3 2 in Bayern last week in the first leg of the quarter-finals.

After the Catalans were knocked out 5 2 in aggregate in the final price, Saint-Germain was in a suitable position to exclude the defending champions and reach the semi-finals when they host Bayern on Tuesday. The English Manchester City may be waiting for him in the last square.

“It was important to beat Barcelona, ​​but we will play Tuesday with the team that I think is the best in the world,” Pochettino told Canal Plus on Saturday, indicating that the mission is not over.

But what is the work the 49-year-old has done so far at Saint-Germain? Does what he did justify the decision to dismiss Toukhol?

On the one hand, the results from outside the home were amazing in Europe, but on the other hand, he was fortunate that Barcelona did not repeat the “Remontada” in the second leg.

Besides, the team’s level in the league was sometimes poor due to its resources that go beyond the fact that it has the most expensive players in the world, Brazilian Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

The resplendent Mbappe

Four defeats in 15 league games cannot be compared positively with four defeats in 17 games under Tukhol at the start of the season.

Saint-Germain remain three points behind leaders Lille, with six stages remaining, and the possibility of failing to win the title for the second time in nine seasons remains.

But the Saint Germain coach will ultimately be judged on the results in Europe, because domestic success is taken for granted.

The last time Saint-Germain changed coach mid-season was during 2011 2012, when Italian Carlo Ancelotti replaced Antoine Compuare and ended the season as runners-up to Montpellier.

Pochettino said last week that “it is natural that after three months we may see some inconsistency, because the consistency comes over an entire season.”

He added, “Perhaps what I say can be considered an excuse, but the truth is that any management team needs time to work and communicate its ideas, and for us we have not got this time yet. We are trying to improve what we have and get the best possible results until the end of the season.”

Saint-Germain was a superstar away from home, capitalizing on the blazing performance of Mbappe, with his last nine away matches won with 26 goals.

Mbappe scored amazing goals in big matches in Marseille and Lyon, with a hat-trick in Barcelona and a double in Munich.

On the other hand, the Parisians have lost their last three home matches in the league, their worst streak since 2007. Meanwhile, Neymar is often injured or suspended.


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