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Protests to Elon Musk Be Heard! This UFC fighter is as happy as getting a ‘free’ Tesla


UFC 262 fighter Beneil Dariush smiles this time. He couldn’t hide his happy face because Elon Musk heard his protests. Yes, Dariush is reportedly getting a free loan car from Tesla.

This news was discovered through the upload of Dariush’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz. The manager uploaded a photo of Beneil Dariush while posing with the Tesla model Y car.

“Elon Musk gives Beneil Dariush a free car until the vehicle ordered is ready. Elon is a UFC gangster,” Abdelaziz wrote on Twitter as seen by detikcom, Thursday (20/5/2021).

The model borrowed by Beneil Dariush is the Tesla Model Y, which is one of the Tesla electric cars in the form of a crossover. For information, the Tesla Model Y Standard has a cruising range of up to 370 km. While the model that has a long range (Long Range), Tesla claims it can reach a distance of 482 km.

With its electric motor, the Tesla Model Y can accelerate from 0-100 km per hour in 3.5 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 241 km / h.

While Dariush has not received his Model X delivery yet, the replacement car will be loaned out until the car he ordered arrives. So this was not a complete Dariush ‘victory’. Detikcom reported earlier, Dariush protested to Elon Musk after fighting to beat Tony Ferguson at UFC 262.

The Iranian-born United States fighter mentioned the name Elon Musk, Gegara couldn’t wait for the arrival of a car that had been pivot for 6 months.

“Elon, Elon Musk, where is my wife’s car? I’ve been waiting for six months,” said Dariush when presented with a microphone.

“I have children. I need a good car to protect my baby. Come on Elon, give me my car,” said Dariush.

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