Qwant strengthens its collaboration with Microsoft to absorb its growth

At Qwant, we have a hard tooth against Google. But
the French champion of the search engine

    and great defender of European sovereignty is far from putting the other American Microsoft in the same bag. " On the contrary, the planets line up between us, I would not have believed 15 years ago ", Emphasizes the boss Eric Léandri in an interview with" Les Echos ", in the presence of the leader of the French subsidiary of the computer giant.

The chemistry is such that the French start-up plans to rely on Microsoft's online computing technologies to absorb its growth. Longtime partners, Qwant and Microsoft will take advantage of VivaTech, the world innovation show, to present Friday, May 17 this new component to their collaboration.

Guaranteed security

" I have millions of new users and the same amount of servers to process searches, transcribe them into computer queries and index pages, explains Eric Léandri, the solution to scale is to entrust the indexing work to Microsoft who already knows this business with its Bing service. "In recent months, the number of queries processed by Qwant increases by 6 to 8% each week according to the start-up.

To be clear, Qwant outsources Microsoft's back-office – its ability to get as much information as possible from the Web. But he stays in the dining room where his users place orders for guaranteed searches without intruding on their privacy. The start-up claims to have done all the security testing possible to ensure that its partner can not trace back to a user's search history. " We will continue to index by ourselves the most sensitive web pages, those coming from the internal sites of our professional customers. "Nevertheless specifies Eric Léandri.

A Franco-American friendship

Qwant and Microsoft are actually old friends. The American is even indispensable to the French. In its early days, the start-up chose to complete its indexing work with that of the Redmont company. She has also always depended on Microsoft for image search. In addition, ads that bring several million euros of revenue per year to Qwant are displayed by the Bing Ads service.

" Qwant is the European innovation, we help them to be as relevant as possible Says Carlo Purassanta, the head of Microsoft France. So far, Qwant's indexing technologies today match those of Google and Bing … three years ago. With Microsoft, Qwant is expected to index 100 billion pages a year and hunt for news on the web in French every day.

Before recalling Microsoft, Qwant's leaders looked for a European alternative. " OVH does not have the power for a search engine ", Regrets Eric Léandri.

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