Schools reopened in early May? “It is illusory to think that we can start again with all the primary and secondary years”

A National Security Council (CNS) could decide on Friday on the modalities of a progressive deconfinement. In this case, it is not excluded that schools can reopen even if this possibility is far from being unanimous and arouses fears both of teachers and of parents.

If there is reopening, it will be gradual. “It is an illusion to think that we can start over with all the primary and secondary years,” said Jeholet.

The governments of the Communities will consult together on this matter in order to avoid, for example, reopening on one side of the linguistic border and not on the other or at different times.

“The worst thing would be not to start again in the three Communities. There is a desire on the part of the National Security Council and in the governments to consult on the date and the procedures, ”added the French-speaking minister-president.

The reopening of the schools has a considerable implication in the organization of public transport. Currently, the application of social distancing (1.5m between two people) seriously limits the capacity of buses. At TEC, a conventional bus can thus transport 5 people.

“If all the schools reopen, we will be unable to bring all the children to the schools. It’s mathematically impossible, ”warned Walloon public transport spokesperson Stéphane Thiéry.

In this case, the generalized wearing of the mask would offer part of the solution because it would reduce the distance to be respected between each user.

The TECs transport 30,000 primary school pupils and 230,000 secondary school pupils per day.


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