Sending 4.5 gigs per horse in Germany is faster than using the Internet

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Did you ever think that your Internet connection was not enough? Bad League of Legends games due to latency? First world problems? Now imagine living in a city where communicating in this way is practically slower than looking for those people as such.

A curious test was carried out in Germany, after a young (by way of irony) decided to put your local internet to the test.

As reported by the international portal WDR; The connections and infrastructure of the European country do not meet the best standards in what Fixed Internet is about, so its speeds and given the lack of fiber optics in many places, it is very scarce.

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With only 1,5 Mbps going down, this young man decided to transfer something like 4,5 Gigabytes data (In this case photos) through two methods.

First, he burned a DVD with the fitness information, and then, he decided to ride on nothing more and nothing less than to travel 10 kilometers to reach the same destination as in WeTransfer through the Internet.

The result?

In just an hour and a half, the DVD had already been delivered to its destination. The transfer speed was so low, that even so with some advantage, its pace was faster than that of the Internet.

To be specific, the young man also gave his landline connection a 20 minute head start before he started riding for the data to be sent, and still failed.

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