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Slovakia knocked out one of the most massive events in history. Armda will test the cell | Svt

Slovakia will test the plon for coronavirus st ten-year-olds. The preparation and the testing itself under the name Joint responsibility will be carried out by the army, and other components of the state will be involved in it. The decision was made on Sunday by the government of Prime Minister Igor Matov, who announced the change in the light of the current orders for the last option before a nationwide quarantine, the so-called lockdown. It has not yet been decided whether the test will be mandatory.

The main test will take place in mid-June and November, and in the first half of November, at the end of this week the tests will be carried out in the most affected districts in the north and the entrance to Slovakia’s five million. From surface tests, Slovenian politicians promise to reveal outbreaks.

This is the largest logistics operation in modern cities in the Slovak Republic. The whole operation is based primarily on the willingness of the people to cooperate. The Minister of Defense Jaroslav Na told the newspaper about his responsibility for joining the testing room after an extraordinary one cabinet. He added that 50,000 people from the new apartment will be involved in the test room, including a maximum of 8,000 troops.

Lockdown is one option, honest petestovn of Slovakia is one option, Mat said.

The chairman of the Slovak government said that he had developed in the country regarding the coronavirus crisis will depend on whether the country’s population will participate in the test. When more people are coming, we will say two normal lives, he told Mat. He added that the aim is to prevent people from becoming infected in the confluence cities themselves.

The experts, quoted by the Slovak media, pointed out the inaccuracy of antigen tests compared to the usual PCR tests and the fact that the test room itself and its problem-free course will organize a big challenge for the series. According to Matovia, purchased antigen tests but have only a small error rate compared to PCR tests, and they can detect those people, they can infect other people.

The Slovak Prime Minister and Minister of Health Marek Kraj issued nurses to help prepare the test room. Without their help, the army would pick up and evaluate the pattern to be able to handle it.

The first lines are broken down and the skin is affecting our hospitals, said the Region of Coronavirus Infections in Slovakia, which led to a flood of hospitals.

It has not yet been decided whether the tests will be obligatory, and Mato and others would be represented by a representative of the governing coalition in favor of voluntary participation. However, Mat has two indications that those who do not take the test would not have to have a fully reimbursed medical fee from the compulsory health insurance.

According to two pieces of information, Bratislava ordered 13 million so-called antigen tests at a price of about three euros (110 crowns) per piece.

Slovakia has recently seen a significant increase in coronavirus sweat. The country exceeded the thousand-confirmed case of daily infection on June 7, and about a week later, tests revealed more than 2,000 infected people for the first time. Slovakia has gradually tightened its quarantine measures since the arrest of June, when, for example, it banned the holding of mass events and some operations, including wellness centers, had to cease activity. The country thus declared a state of emergency and limited the first assembly.

Several hundred football fans and supporters of far-right protesters actively protested against quarantine measures on Saturday before a message from the Slovak government. The policeman used tear gas and a water cannon against the radicals who looked at the stones and bottles.

According to two surveys, Slovk’s willingness to wear a veil has declined. While in the spring nine of the ten inhabitants had no problem using the nose and middle, at the arrest of the same opinion it came out only about six out of ten inhabitants.

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