Steam Remote Play Together available to everyone; share multiplayer games with friends for free

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3 mark 2021, 19:35

The new Steam update brings the full version of Remote Play Together. This means that local multiplayer games can be played from a distance., 2x”>”>”>


  • A new update to Steam introduces Remote Play Together.
  • It allows you to stream your friends games from our computer.
  • The service is completely free of charge.

The latest update to Valve’s platform introduces Remote Play Together. This is a special Steam feature that allows you to play couch games from a distance. Titles that have so far been associated mainly with local gameplay and playing together in one room can now be streamed. It is enough for one user to have the appropriate production in his library and after its launch, invite someone from his friends list to join it. Players who choke do not need to own the game, only their own controllers.

This service of course applies to productions that support the local multiplayer game. These are titles, the gameplay of which is often based on split screen (split screen) or hot seat modes. Steam has an extensive list of games that will allow you to take advantage of Remote Play Together. Among them are Cuphead, Goat Simulator i Rayman Legends.

In addition, the service is available not only on the Microsoft system. With the release of the Steam Link application for Linux, its users can also participate in streaming gameplay. Similarly, the service works on hardware supported by Android and iOS. Currently, Remote Play Together also allows you to stream games to friends who do not have a Steam account themselves. Using the new function is completely free. Detailed instructions for the service have appeared on the page platforms.

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