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In the Sunday general elections, separatist parties obtained 1,600,000 votes in Catalonia, 39.2% of the total, an excellent result, the best in this type of elections since the beginning of our democracy. In addition, it has been especially good for ERC, which has clearly neglected the PDeCAT, the party of Puigdemont and Torra (and Artur Mas), which clearly weakens the Government of the Generalitat, both the Waterloo and the of the Plaça de Sant Jaume. Maybe the same indepes They are already a little bit afraid of Puigdemont's paddocks and their court of miracles, the impassive sphinx of Junqueras seems more consistent in the trial that is made in Las Salesas.

However, this good result is very far and far from having turned into that overwhelming popular will, we put two thirds of the electorate, 66%, who would begin to demand drastic and exceptional solutions, within the Constitution, to solve it. We think that they have been voting around a total of 4,150,000 Catalan citizens: of the one million six hundred thousand independentists to these four million lengths there is a good stretch to go. In short, independentism has strength, a lot of strength, but it's not enough to immediately achieve its ultimate goals or to demand a dialogue on this issue. However, as things go, step by step everything will be done.

In addition, this force comes from several factors, not all caused by the nationalist ideology, that is to say, the awareness of being an identity nation that must be constituted in the State. Indeed, separatism has been increasing by superimposed layers of a very diverse nature. At the beginning it was purely identitary nationalism, so mysteriously explained by Jordi Pujol: "We are a nation, we are a single people, we are what we are, we want to be …" National metaphysics.

Catalan nationalism was then under construction and those who did not participate in this great architectural work, mainly left-wing parties, were short-sighted and even blind to not see it. Pujol, much more intelligent, followed his idea, fixed and prophetic: he used television, newspapers, school; created associations to control them; He also controlled others, he knew everything about everyone. To the Catalan bourgeoisie the baba was burning in front of such a great politician, in Madrid praised his height as a man of State and were left puzzled when he answered irony: "Destructive man of the State, I mean to say" .

But this ideological nationalism hardly climbed, the flight could not reach its height. In fact, he began to go back during the preparations for the change of Statute, shortly after the year 2000, with the invaluable collaboration of the PSC and the Initiative, always accompanied by the Catalan question and with a great desire to play power . The message that was transmitted was that the Catalan autonomy was insufficient and it was necessary to go further: they did not know how to do it, as it was demonstrated, but the seed of discord was being planted, the seed of the devil.

There the strategy began to increase the number of independentists: Spain robbed us; the TC is democratically delegitimated to annul precepts of a Statute; the right to decide, basic and fundamental, is exercised through a referendum convened by the Generalitat; the black months of September and October of 2017; October 1 as an example of the repressive nature of Spain; The trial of political prisoners … Lies, lies and more lies. All great lies, but that have been adding layers to independentism, adding votes for very different reasons to nationalism in the strict sense. The "victimists" now have many more "reasons" to vote for independence than not 20 years ago. And they will continue, because the ruling will soon arrive and autonomous elections will be convened immediately.

In short, independentism is strong but not enough, unionism is still strong but its weakness is that it is going back and will continue to go further when the Catalan Socialists, as their necessary supporters, They have always done, to collaborate with the independentists under the excuse of the need to form a Left Government with ERC and the communes. It is the classic example of how well Felix Ovejero explains in his recent book The reactionary drift of the left, a success of sales. Right-wing reactionaries, right-wing revolutionaries. The national and universal confusion.

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