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Technology and medicine, hand in hand to achieve social well-being

ANDWe are in the race to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) set in the government’s agenda for 2030. If we have learned something in these months, it is that time management is essential to lay the foundations and achieve our goals, although 2030 sounds far away.

One of these objectives, the third, seeks to guarantee a healthy life and promote well-being for the population of all ages. This 2020 we have experienced first-hand that, for the world to function, having good health is essential. We cannot speak of a sustainable country if the health of its inhabitants suffers.

To achieve this objective there are multiple tools, but, without a doubt, the fundamental pillar is the health system. Today more than ever, medical professionals and excellent researchers are part of that spine that supports health and well-being. Therefore, one of the ways to reach this goal is by researching and developing new tools that help professionals to carry out their work in a more efficient and comfortable way.

One of the serious problems that we have faced in this crisis and that we must monitor closely is the collapse of health. At this time, we are even alert to possible re-growth. Today, the digitization of medicine offers us an opportunity to fine-tune, monitor, respond agilely and move forward efficiently to achieve these sustainable development goals. Telemedicine tools are key to achieving this and avoiding hospital congestion, without affecting the care and continuous care of the patient.

Telemedicine was already on the rise before this health crisis, but COVID-19 has undoubtedly served to show the potential and common benefit of health care on line. At this time, the rates of virtual health consultations have skyrocketed, according to data from mediQuo, by 153% during the first month of confinement. These numbers reveal the need to continue betting on the development of care on line because it is already a reality; the healthcare world is adapting to the context of a society that is fully connected.

24/7 assistance, early detection, ongoing care, relief for hospital waiting rooms € are some of the many benefits of the use of telemedicine, which undoubtedly translate into the guarantee of a healthy life and a state of wellness. These benefits also directly affect the health professional who, with the use of these tools, has the possibility of exercising their work in a more efficient, safe, and comfortable way.

Technology and medicine is an already unbreakable union. We cannot work on health and wellness goals by leaving technology and its many functions aside. Progress must be hand in hand. Doctors, researchers and society as a whole are aware of this. That is why we have to continue working side by side to achieve those goals set for 2030. Telemedicine will be a fundamental pillar for this development of well-being. Health specialists have in it our best ally for the exercise of our profession and patients can trust that they receive continuous care, anytime, anywhere.

* Medical, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of mediQuo


Anchovies are looking for formulas for live music

Culture is looking for solutions to survive the crisis caused by the coronavirus and there are many artists and show organizers who are currently working on new formulas that allow them to adapt to strict measures to prevent new infections. This is the case of Les Anxovetes, the group of habaneras from Girona, which due to the uncertainty experienced by the sector and the impossibility of knowing when and how the decontamination will occur, proposes three new formats of alternative concerts to be able to maintain live music and contact with the public.

“Hopefully over the next few months we can perform habanera singing in person and as we have always done, but in cases where this is not the case, we offer three alternative formats, which try to fit more easily with the measures that from now on will probably have to be taken in order to prevent the spread of the virus “, the group points out. who has just released his fourth album, In a can, Currently in digital format.

These are three proposals for prevent many spectators from gathering in the same space, with different degrees of face-to-face activity and use of technology.

The first format they propose is the mobile habanera singing, in a parade format for different spaces in a municipality, without the need to set up any stage, to avoid crowds in a single space.

The second, a habanera song 100% online, and the third, an intermediate point: a live habanera song, with limited capacity, combined with a network broadcast which could only be accessed by people who are provided with a specific link.


Coronavirus brings the death toll closer to 200,000 worldwide

Thenew coronavirus pandemicoriginated in the Chinese city of Wuhan is about tocrossing the threshold of the 200,000 deceased in the 185 countries of the worldwhere the disease has been declared, whileThe United States, its world epicenter, has exceeded in the last hours the 50,000 deceased.

According to the global balance of Johns Hopkins University updated this Saturday at 08:30, la pandemic already leaves 2,833,031 people infected and 197,352 fatalities. The total number of people cured stands at 781,382, with Germany leading this table with 106,800 people recovered, followed by the United States, with 96,677.

However, the North American giant remains the country most affected by the coronavirus, registering in the last 24 hours atotal of 21,352 cases, compared to 29,000 the previous day. With the new cases, the balance in the United States amounts to 890,524 infected people and while there are already more than 51,017 fatalities.

To date, the United States has made4.69 million tests to detect the coronavirus. New York State remains the epicenter of the pandemic, with more than 260,000 people infected and more than 20,000 dead.

Spain remains the second country most affected by the pandemic and the most affected in Europeby number of infections, with a total of 219,764 infected people and 22,524 deaths, followed by Italy, which accounts for less infected people, 192,994, but more deaths, 25,969.

France continues in fourth global position, with a total of 159,495 cases and 22,278 deaths, aboveGermany, which accumulates 154,545 infections and 5,723 fatalities.UKIt remains the sixth most affected country with a total of 144,635 infected people and 19,566 deaths from coronavirus.

Turkey has overtakenIran and China, the country of origin of the pandemic, and accounts for more than 100,000 cases, with a total of 104,912 positives and 2,600 deaths, while theIslamic Republicit has 88,194 positives and 5,574 fatalities.

China, for its part, has registered 83,885 infections and 4,636 deathsby the new coronavirus. Russia, for its part, ranks as the tenth most affected country, with 68,622 infected people and 615 deaths, compared to 52,995 infections and 3,670 deaths in Brazil.Canadait is above the 40,000 positives, with 44,526 cases and 2,386 deaths, ahead ofBelgium, which accumulates 44,293 infected people and 6,679 deceased.

Then,Netherlandsplaces the balance at 36,727 people with coronavirus and 4,304 deaths. Above 20,000 positives are foundSwitzerland, India, Portugal and Peru, followed by Ireland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Israel, Japan, Chile, Singapore, Pakistan, Mexico, Poland, South Korea and Romania, which exceed 10,000 infections.

United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Qatar and Denmarkthey already have more than 8,000 positives. Indonesia, Ukraine,Norway, the Czech Republic and the Philippinesthey count more than 7,000 people infected with coronavirus.

Australia and Serbia exceed 6,000 people with coronavirus, while the Dominican Republic, Malaysia and Panama have exceeded the threshold of 5,000 positives, ahead of Bangladesh, Colombia, Finland, South Africa and Egypt, which account for more than 4,000.

Above 3,000 infections areMorocco, Luxembourg, Argentina, Algeria and Moldova, while Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Hungary and Croatia number more than 2,000 infected people.

Uzbekistan, Oman, Iceland, Iraq, Estonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, New Zealand, Cameroon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Afghanistan, North Macedonia, Cuba, Ghana, Bulgaria and the Ivory Coast have more than a thousand infections.


Ramn Soto, the president who led Ribadesella CF to the 2nd Division B of Spanish football, dies

The sport of football is mourning in the region of the East due to the death of Ramón Soro Palacios, a man who was linked for three decades, in various facets, to Ribadesella CF, one of the historical figures of Asturian soccer. Back for the 2010/11 season, he left the club’s presidency, a position he held for several decades, although without disassociating himself from the club, passing the witness to Rosa Pañeda, the only woman to preside over that sports entity from La Rioja throughout its long history.

Soto, lived great moments as the maximum person in charge of Ribadesella CF, until reaching Second Division B in the 2001/02 season, being Yosu Uribe the tenant of the Oreyana bench, a technician who, subsequently, directed professional teams such as Alavés, Getafe or Elche, among others. That promotion marked a milestone in Eastern soccer. It was his only campaign in the bronze category of “king” sport in this country.

To find the origin of Ribadesella you have to go back to July 21, 1949, the date the current club was formed and after two attempts with the Unión Deportiva Ribadesella teams (it barely lasted the seasons 1940/41 and 1941/42) and Círculo Riosellano. Its first president was Saturno Barro, who formed a board of directors along with Germán Cabeza, Sergio González, Rodrigo Pérez, Vicente Pelaz, Maximiliano Gutiérrez, Emilio Caso, Agustín González and José Manuel Celorio.

In those years, Ribadesella played on the fields of Las Royas and Santa Marina. In the 1960s, the club disappeared and would not compete again until 1973, when the board of directors led by Claudio Valdés enrolled him in the Second Regional. On his return, he played his first match against Santa Bárbara, whom he defeated in Avilés 2-4. As of that season, the entity went up categories, reaching the military in the aforementioned 2nd Division B. Currently, it is framed in the First Regional, under the presidency of Miguel Codesal.


The European Commission approves a package of aid to support the Spanish economy

The European Commission has approved theSecond framework regime to support the Spanish economyin the context of the health and economic crisis ofCovid-19 coronavirusduring this year, as reported by the agency in a statement.

Specifically, the aid will beintended for research and developmentrelated to coronavirus, investment intesting infrastructure, to the investment for theproduction of coronavirus related products,deferrals in the payment of taxes or contributions to Social Securityand subsisted salaries for employees to avoid workforce reductions.

The notified measure expands the aid modalities that can be granted under the first National Temporary Framework, approved by the Commission on April 2, since support can also be granted in the form of guarantees, interest rate subsidies, as well ascapital for a nominal amount of up to 100,000 euros to a company active in the agricultural sectorprimary, up to 120,000 euros to an active company in the fishing and aquaculture sector and up to 800,000 to an active company in all other sectors.

The executive vice president and head of competition policy, Margrethe Vestager, has pointed out that this second Spanish framework regime will allow Spain to provide more support to the economy during this crisis. “It includes support for research and development, testing and production of products related to coronavirus,” he added.

Vestager has pointed out that this framework also includes wage subsidies and deferrals of taxes and social security contributions to support the maintenance of employment. “We continue to work closely with Member States to ensurethat national support measures can be implemented on time and in a timely mannercoordinated and effective, in line with the rules of the European Union, “he stressed.

Following the approval by the Commission of a first Spanish framework regime on April 2, Spain notified the Commission, under the Temporary Framework, of a second National Temporary Framework applicable to state aid intended to support companies affected by the pandemic of coronavirus.


“It is essential that business customers can make bank transactions without leaving home”

BBVA provides companies with solutions so that they can continue to manage their businesses without leaving home. The director of Transformation for Business Clients, Óscar Vélez, puts on the table the measures they have taken in the face of the health emergency situationa.

What is BBVA’s recommendation to its business customers to operate with the bank at the moment?

In the current situation of limited movement, due to the health emergency due to coronavirus, it is essential that business customers can continue to do the usual banking procedures from home.

How can they manage their business remotely?

They can do so without leaving home and with the highest safety standards. In this sense, they can register as customers and access the bank online to check the balances of all your accounts, even from other entities, and also make transfers from any entity. This is essential so that they can meet the payment to their suppliers, the salaries of their employees or social insurance, among other commitments.

What are the digital solutions that BBVA offers companies to continue doing their usual banking operations?

Through the BBVA Net Cash website or app, the bank online of companies, they can carry out the usual operations such as consulting their products, making national and international transfers, paying salaries, requesting certificates or managing receipts, to more specific ones such as requesting , process and present a guarantee.

If the company is not a customer of the bank, can you register at this time and start operating with BBVA?

A company can start working with BBVA, if it was not doing so, whenever and wherever it wants through digital registration. This tool allows you to become a customer 100% online. To do this, companies can use their digital certificate of sole or solidarity administrator, issued by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, to become BBVA customers, open an account and operate instantly through online banking, no paperwork and no need to travel to an office. In addition, now that companies need to manage their accounts at BBVA and other entities or make payments from any of their accounts without leaving home, BBVA One View, the smart functionality for companies provides them with the information they need. . This solution allows, in real time and without leaving the digital channels of BBVA, to consult the other banks of the company and even, also, to make payments from the accounts of these other entities.

What if the company has any questions or needs to do some paperwork directly with its manager?

Apart from digital channels, our customers can continue to contact their BBVA manager remotely to resolve any questions or ask for help with online procedures. If it is essential to go to a branch, they can consult the information on open offices and opening hours on the website.


La Plata is completed and Bordils and Sarri ensure their permanence

Girona handball will continue with two teams next season in the Silver Honor Division after yesterday the board of directors of the Spanish federation (RFBM) decided to end the season in all its categories and also decided not to there would be no descent. Therefore, Bordils will play for the eighth year in the second highest division of state handball and Sarrià, which has already renewed the coach Salva Puig, manages to stay in the season of its debut in Plata. Although the league has ended, there will be promotions for the Silver Honor Division in Asobal, but the federation did not announce yesterday how they would be decided.


The European Athletics Championship canceled by Covid-19

The European Athletics Federation has announced this Thursdaythe cancellation of the European Championshipin absolute category, scheduled in the first instance from August 25 to 30, 2020 at the Charlety stadium in Paris (France).

“The decision to cancel the championship has been made by the Local Organizing Committee and by the French Athletics Federation (FFA)in an extraordinary meeting of each Executive Committee“said European Athletics in a press release.

“European Athletics and the Local Organizing Committeethey had evaluated all possible optionsto celebrate the championship this year as planned, after a feasibility study according to the current situation, “the text continued, referring tothe health crisis.

“European athletics, and all other relevant parties involved in the project, were subsequently informed of the decision to cancel the European,” stressed European Athletics.

On the current coronavirus pandemic, the note has emphasized thatthe risks “are far from being kept under control”He also recalled “the existing ban on mass meetings in France” as the authorities continue to fight Covid-19.

“An evaluation by the FFA Medical Commission has also been taken into account when considering allpotential risks for viewers and accredited individualss that they would attend the championship, “added European Athletics.” The unfavorable opinion of this commission on this subject, issued this week, has been duly taken into account, “he repeated.

“We regret to announce the cancellation of the European. We were hoping in these difficult times to offer athletes aBig eventto aspire to at the end of this summer, “he lamentedDobromir Karamarinov,Acting President of the European Athletics.

“It is worth reiterating that, in these unprecedented times,health and safety of all parties are paramountinvolved in athletics, including athletes, fans, referees, partners and all related to this sport, “concluded Karamarinov.


Sries to get scared – Diari de Girona

When it premiered The Curse of Hill House, magnificent adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel, there was a certain quorum to say that it was one of the best series of its year, and also showed that the horror genre is living a splendid moment of form. Maybe not on TV as much as in the movies, where it has reached a level of acceptance never seen before, but it is still giving away a good list of titles that manage to stay in your subconscious and complicate your home traffic a bit. . The case of the Mike Flanagan series for Netflix is ​​particularly commendable, because it takes a very classic mold (that of haunted houses) and knows how to turn it around, and this is one of the main reasons why there are so many expectations with the second season. But above all it is fundamental because it will most likely mark the way forward for future productions of the genre.

In any case, many things have happened before, during and after the visit to Hill House. If we go back a little, we find productions with big names but that were unjustly punctured, like The River, ABC series that brought together the talents of Oren Peli and Steven Spielberg but failed in its attempt to export the found footage on television; o Hemlock Grove (Netflix), a war between vampires and werewolves that, despite good visual effects and the presence of Famke Janssen, never finished curdling among its natural audience.

One of the television customs of the genre is to adapt great films to the serial narrative, and so far has given rise to two great titles: one is, without a doubt, The exorcist (HBO), which never made large audiences but is a splendid revision of the classic, and the other is Scream, the last production of Wes Craven before his death and which has the success of reproducing the style of the four film installments without incurring cloning. Its first two seasons are on Netflix and the third must be just a few days from its premiere.

Over the past few years, horror series have proliferated on different channels and platforms, to the point that over the past five years they have been an almost ubiquitous genre on annual release lists. We have found failed series but with interesting elements like Outcast (right now it’s not on any platform), laudable attempt to refound the demonic tales; Slasher (Netflix), a unique Canadian production that wants to be an update of the style that gives it its title, and while it fails to bring great news, at least it is honest and entertaining, or the French production of Netflix Marianne, which is very erratic but introduces a character who wants to scare and actually does. The television boom of the genre has been especially productive in the format of anthologies, and this is thanks to the contribution of what is one of the fundamental series of modernity: American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy’s production, available on Netflix, has been dedicated throughout its seasons to exploring different styles and subgenres of horror with a truly admirable cause consciousness.

Maybe not all have the same quality, but there are some (like the second, set in a sanatorium, or the last, a tribute to the psychopaths of the 70s and 80s) that are unmissable. In their wake they have appeared Channel Zero (HBO), The Terror (Amazon) or the most sufficiently claimed Castle Rock (Movistar), a series dedicated to reinventing the universe of Stephen King based on some of his most popular scenarios and characters. Nor can we forget Into the dark, a laudable Hulu experiment (distributed here by HBO) that proposes a series of 90-minute episodes that premiere coinciding with some iconic holiday, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

As for the zombies, if it’s about being scared (to laugh we already have The Walking Dead) the best thing you can do is pull off Kingdom, Korean Netflix series about a plague that turns a feudal society into a nest of chaos and destruction. She’s worried because, no matter how fantastic, her hyperrealism makes her goosebumps.