Radomir Antic, the creator of the most beautiful Atleti

IAKO DAZ-GUERRA Monday, 6 April 2020 – 21:31 Radomir Antic greets the Caldern.THE WORLD Obituary. Radomir Antic dies at 71 There is a whole generation of Athletics, that lost generation among the black and white glory ofPleaseand the heroic rescue ofSimeone, for whichRadomir AnticHe was not a coach: he was the perfect summer love. YesLuis […]

Christian Minchola: Atletico Madrid mourns 14-year-old talent

Soccer “Anger and pain” Atletico Madrid mourns 14-year-old youth As of: 8:49 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Rafael Nadal calls for donations Together with the basketball player Pau Gasol, tennis star Rafael Nadal calls the Spanish sport to donate. The initiative is aimed at the Red Cross for charity. Atletico Madrid mourns one of […]

Champions League: the other eighths of the week

It’s not just Dortmund-Paris-SG in life: a real entry into the competition for European behemoths – Paris-SG but also Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, English clubs – in the queen competition, the round of 16 the Champions League mark the gateway to matches of a stratospheric level, rich in adventures and reversals of situations. Overview of the […]