Jenny Iglesias shares sensual workout routines at home

Jenny Iglesias was also affected by the arrival of the ‘Coronavirus’ and it is on her social networks that she shares different exercise routines that are easy and especially at home and safe. The beautiful host of ‘Es Show’, having stopped work such as television, personal presentations and her ‘fit’ life, is through ‘Instagram’ that […]

Durango reports the death of a patient suspected of coronavirus

The Durango government reported that a person with symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus died on Thursday. It would be the second death from this disease in Mexico. According to a statement, The deceased, a 74-year-old person, arrived asymptomatic on March 3, from California, United States. According to the available information, the patient went to clinic […]

Coronavirus case ruled out in the state of Durango – Televisa

The Ministry of Health of the state of Durango reported that the 30-year-old citizen, who presented the symptoms related to the coronavirus (COVID19), gave negative tests that were performed to rule out this disease. We recommend you: Patient treated for coronavirus in Sinaloa no longer has symptoms Through a statement, the Ministry of Health announced […]

The director of Tec de Lerdo is separated due to improper use of the public year

Gómez Palacio, Durango.- The director of the Tecnológico de ciudad Lerdo, Israel “N” was separated from his position due to the improper use of the public exercise, said the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Héctor García Rodríguez. He said that the criminal judge decided to link this official to the process, attending to the complaints of teachers and […]