“You wanted to see Macron and we saw Macron”, on Brel’s tune, the Goguettes, new stars of containment

Containment inspires singers. After Helmut Fritz and its updated version of It annoys me last week, it’s Goguettes’ turn to hit the headlines on YouTube. Clémence and Valentin, two members of the quartet, wrote, sang and directed You wanted to see the living room, a parody song about the intimate (and wider) consequences of the current health crisis. All on the notes of Vesoul, the famous song by Jacques Brel.

Speeches by Emmanuel Macron, shortage of masks, certificates, everything goes by. The text aims to make people laugh, of course, but also to denounce certain (in) government decisions. “You wanted to put on a mask, and well there was no mask, but I can make you one made with paper towel. I wanted to poke stuff to buy food, but just around the corner a cop fell on me, I had not marked the time on my certificate, never a lump of butter cost so much of cash ”, sings Valentin, accompanied in a good tempo by Clémence on the piano.

As the song progresses, the lyrics become more acidic. “You wanted to see Macron, and we saw Macron. Now everything is clearer. To avoid contamination, you must confine yourself. But to get confused, he is immune. But to be immune, you have to be infected. To be contaminated, it causes deconfining. CQFD “. Even Benjamin Griveaux takes it for his rank.

Madness takes precedence over reason. An effect of containment? “So what it seems must hold until May 11. What are we going to be able to do with all this time offered? We have already killed the cat, tied up the children, denounced the neighbor who goes to see his parents in a rotten nursing home near Charenton. Strongly that it is finished that we confine ourselves in prison, for good ». On their Twitter account, Les Goguettes also report that Valentin is “On the verge of a nervous breakdown”.

The song ends with a verse honoring the hospital staff. Nothing soothing. Rather a warning so that the applause of France have a striking and stumbling extension. “At 8 p.m. you have to yell at the window, to support the caregivers in the galley of equipment. It was the same last year who was beaten up by the constabulary to get the budget. Now it’s heroes, I take my hat off if they don’t get a little schizophrenic with all that. As long as they last. Let it be remembered “, concludes Valentin. Posted on Tuesday, the video has already exceeded 2 million views on YouTube and has been massively shared on social networks.

  • You wanted to see the living room – Les Goguettes (in trio but four)

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Céline Dion postpones sine die her European tour

Not knowing when things will return to normal, ” the diva québecoise adjourns the first dates of Courage world tour which was to be held from May 21 to July 25, with six dates in France at Paris-La Défense Arena, between June 26 and July 4.

By Le Figaro, AFP

Céline Dion repeats, confined, on April 18, 2020, the spectacle of her next European tour which we have just learned that it has been postponed.
Céline Dion repeats, confined, on April 18, 2020, the spectacle of her next European tour which we have just learned that it has been postponed. AFP

Céline Dion has just decided to postpone sine die “The first months of his European tour”, initially set from May 21 to July 25, including six dates scheduled in Paris, “not knowing, coronavirus pandemic forces, not when things will return to normal “.

This Courage world tour, planned 28 concerts in 19 major European cities. His entourage is already working on a reprogramming “With the concern of announcing as many dates as possible, insofar as the security conditions make it possible to organize events in each of the cities“, According to the press release.

“I know everyone is struggling to adapt to these difficult circumstances, not knowing when things will return to normal. In the end, we will overcome this ordeal … let’s hope as soon as possible ”, said the singer.

Céline Dion’s admiration for caregivers

The interpreter of So that you still love me then repeat all its “Admiration for the health professionals, the first responders and all the courageous people who do everything they can to take care of us and support us during these difficult times”.

Always concerned about the health of her audience Céline concluded as follows: “Health and safety is the top priority for everyone … although I can’t wait to get back on stage and be with you all again.”

Finally happy news, the entourage of the star, despite everything optimistic in these circumstances, now encourages “The public to keep concert tickets until the announcement of the new dates.”


Follow the fourth day of Printemps de Bourges online with Philippe Katerine, Jeanne Added, Aloïse Sauvage and many others

An “Imaginary Spring” to celebrate the season as it should and in the best conditions, this is the challenge that the Bourges Spring Festival has set for itself. Each day, from April 21 to 26, the program will be announced in the morning and you will have to be present on social networks and on the official website to be able to attend the artists’ performances. Le Figaro then launched another challenge, to offer you a summary of the day to guide you.

Friday April 24

If you still doubted the best way to end this long week, Le Printemps de Bourges gives you the solution with a well-placed agreement. Lolo Zouaï, Deluxe, Dionysos, Lucie Antunes, Aloïse Sauvage, Mauvais Œil, Philippe Katerine and La Grande Sophie will be keen to entertain festival-goers who have already been there for four days. The icing on the cake, Jeanne Added is preparing a tribute to Prince, it will rain talent. A simple warning since the Rock Pop storm of iNOUïS follows with Fyrs, Johnnie Carwash, Parade, Stuffed Foxes, La Battue and Bandit Bandit. Hands up Marion Guilbaud!

And after having digested this musical slap, place with the Chronicle of the Exile with this time not a geographical exile, but a social exile. In music, it is not the rich who always win.

Thursday April 23

Never two without three and this new day promises to be busy for confined festival-goers with no less than 17 artists. Alain Souchon, Tryo, Pomme, Catherine Ringer, Tsew The Kid, Emily Jane White, Last Train, Jeanne Cherhal and 47TER are present in the main line up. And before tackling the iNOUïS, Oré will pay tribute to Boris Vian. But let’s get down to business with Ndobo-Emma, ​​Sally, Clay and Friends, YN, Yellowstraps, Oordaya and Merryn Jeann who will show us all their talent in the Urban Pop category. A quick overview with Marion Guilbaud.

The numerous artists have disseminated numerous works, unpublished titles or their compositions such as Sally, Clay and friends, YN, Yellostraps or Merry Jeann. In the same category, Alain Souchon sang his title Here and there , accompanied by his son on guitar while Catherine Ringer keep singing the Rita Mitsouko. But it also has covers, and beautiful ones moreover. The Tryo group embarks with two pieces including a cover of Jacques Higelin with Champagne. Jeanne Cherhal reinterprets the title Slum by Claude Nougaro. But the two favorites are the covers of 1959 by Emily Jone White and the title Le Déserteur by Oré. A delight.

The chronicle of Exile continues its journey and returns this time to these French artists who came to temporarily exile abroad to renew themselves, seek inspiration or return to their sources. From Maître Gims to Serge Gainsbourg via M, Bertrand Dicale returns to these artists and this tendency to move away from France to nourish French music from other horizons.

Wednesday April 22

Second day and impatience only grows seeing this selection of artists. In the main line-up, Printemps Imaginaire welcomes the groups Les Louanges, La Féline, L’impératrice and Jok’Air, for an eventful and rich evening. Finally at the iNOUïS, this special electro pop day will allow you to discover young artists: Cheap House, Dalhia, Global Network, I Sacha, Michel and Romane Santarelli. Small ambience overview with Marion Guilbaud.

Among the artists to remember from this Tuesday full of promise, let’s start with I Sacha. The group presented his title My love just after peeling it and showing how it works through a masterclass. Among the other iNOUïS, the duo Dahlia unmasked on stage in an extract from the selection concert at the Printemps de Bourges, a very successful and interesting electro-rock experience while Global Network presented a small medleyvery nice. But the one that was impressive is of course Romane Santarelli with a live of almost thirty minutes including unpublished pieces, a very nice gift!

As for distinguished guests, L’Impératrice stood out with its title Error 404 in a confined live version pleasant. But this Wednesday April 22 will retain the exclusive broadcast of Trip to Cythera, the latest song from the group La Féline in tribute to Christophe. The clip, produced by artist Le Gentil Garçon, is a nugget of confined ingenuity.

Still in his Chronicle of Exile, Bertrand Dical tells this time how one becomes French through music. The example of Joséphine Baker in 1930, interpreting I have two loves, then exiled from the United States because she is black, is striking. This title so French written by Vincent Scotto, reinterpreted again and again by artists of all horizons, has been remembered and has de facto naturalized the young American. And the stories continue to look the same. An audio program not to be missed.

Tuesday April 21

It is 9:15 a.m. and the festival is just waking up. The names of the artists of the day finally come out and spring sees the birth of its first colors. This year, the iNOUïS, the selection of the 34 artists of this edition, gather around the word pop. This first day will therefore be placed under the sign of “hip-pop” with seven boosted artists: Alicia., Babysolo33, Bekar, Danyl, Jyeuhair, Leys and Taï Z. To present them while waiting to see their sets, the imaginary session of Marion Guilbaud.

Each artist then broadcast a 2 to 6 minute video with very different inspirations. Yes Leys and Tai z started very strong with titles of their composition and a flow to fall, the remixed version of Sentimental Crowd by Alain Souchon by Jyeuhair is an excellent surprise. With Lila, a new song, Alicia. and his piano share a heartbreak in the most beautiful way.

And to close the show, Renan Luce offers the festival-goer an orchestrated version Reluctanlty from Barbara. All in sensuality, this first musical day ends with a smile.

During the day, many workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations and debates will take place to make you discover new artists but also feed a reflection around music and art in general.

One of the exhibitions in this somewhat special edition is called “EXIL! The song of the uprooted ”. Throughout the week, this visual and audio exhibition organized by the Radio France nightclub introduces Internet users to artists who have sung or even experienced exile in their works. With the collaboration of the archives of the Sacem museum, the Printemps de Bourges provides rare documents and offers a journey on the path of exile.

To accompany everything, France Info journalist Bertrand Dicale spoke for a few minutes on an audio program, “Les Chroniques de l’Exil”. This first episode tells how the French song could be carried by the exiles. In 1969, the hit parade was dominated by Joe Dassin, Dalida, Michel Polnareff, Claude François, Charles Aznavour, Georges Moustaki. What do they have in common? They are exiles.

V-pop, imaginaires and Jacques Higelin

And even if it means going into exile, you might as well discover distant cultures in collaboration with the International mail . Vietnamese music is in the spotlight with the clip of the song Ghen Cô Vy. By combining a well-known melody of V-pop (Vietnamese pop) and instructions to prevent the coronavirus epidemic, a viral song is broadcast on television by the Vietnamese government. Judge by yourself.

Finally, Le Printemps de Bourges also allows designer Chloé Wary to shine all week. For the first, the artist revealed his vision of the “imaginary” festival. What escape a little more.

This evening, at 9 p.m. on France Inter, you can listen to the concert by Jacques Higelin given during the first edition of the Bourges Festival in 1977.


20 minutes – Two women fall 190 meters to their deaths

According to initial findings, the two 75-year-old women embarked on a hike in the direction of Braunwald from Rüti GL station. For reasons still unexplained, they fell

about 190 meters deep. They suffered fatal injuries, as reported by the cantonal police in Glarus on Friday.

The two retirees were reported missing on Monday, April 20. As part of the search, the missing persons were found on a helicopter search flight in a rune at around 740 m above sea level. found.

The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the public prosecutor’s office in the canton of Glarus in cooperation with the cantonal police in Glarus.



Mick Jagger, a discreet confined in his castle of Touraine

After Johnny Depp in his Var domain, another star would also be confined to France. Based on information from The New republic , Mick Jagger thus chose for its holiday resort its Château de Touraine, located near the small town of Pocé-sur-Cisse (Indre-et-Loire).

This is a video of a charity concert in support of the nursing staff who put the regional daily paper on the track: we see the four members of the Rolling Stones play, each from their living room, their tube You can’t always get what you want, the video appearing on a screen divided into four. Charlie Watts improvises a battery with everyday objects, and Mick Jagger kisses the camera at the end.

Château de Fourchette, an 18th-century property

Behind Mick Jagger, the tufa walls and the masterpieces seem to recall the decoration chosen by the British singer for his Fourchette castle, which he acquired in 1980. A photo published by the musician a week ago on Instagram on also showed in his residence, approaching the Easter holidays.

Wednesday, April 22, the arrival of two representatives of the record company of the leader of the Rolling Stones at Tours airport confirmed this hypothesis. According to The New Republic, they went to the touraine’s home from the rockstar. A source close to his entourage also reported that the artist lived his confinement very discreetly: “He doesn’t go out, gets meals delivered”.

It is in this castle, bought forty years ago for the modest sum of 2.2 million francs, that Mick Jagger devotes himself to his offspring and his tours. In 2005, the 18th century property welcomed the rest of the group, who would burn the 18 songs from A Bigger Bang, in the renovated chapel and converted into a studio.

Like Mick Jagger, other personalities from the world of culture established their quarters in France, the time of confinement. A few days ago, a post published by Johnny Depp on Instagram seemed to reveal that the actor was confined to his Provençal residence on the Côte d’Azur, not far from Saint-Tropez. The hero of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean acquired it in 2001 with his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis. Gérard Depardieu would have been seen in Maine-et-Loire, where he has a castle.

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After Jul, Orelsan, PNL and Dadju mobilize for caregivers and the population

The rap game is mobilized against the coronavirus. Last week, the Marseille rapper Jul put all his certified discs up for auction for the HPHP foundation, inviting his colleagues to invest. It seems that the message was heard by Orelsan, Dadju and the two brothers from the PNL group.

“I hope you are well and your loved ones too.” I found Jul’s initiative to auction gold and platinum discs for hospitals very cool. ”, Orelsan wrote on his Instagram account on Thursday. “So I followed and put mine too …”, he reported. So the platinum discs of Lost in advance, Mermaids’ song and the diamond disc of The party is over , his three solo albums are on sale. But also those of the two Casseurs Flotteurs projects, the group he formed with Gringe. Orelsan has chosen to join the “Solidarity Artists Charity Sale”, initiated by Jul on the site of Drouot Estimates, which ends on April 27.

Other artists such as S. Pri Noir, Oxmo Puccino and Jeanne Added have proposed trophies, manuscripts or personal items. More unusual, rapper Kalash Criminel has sold his hood, his favorite accessory. As good works like this go, this auction could be of great help for the HPHF foundation. Currently, the highest stake is approaching 24,000 euros for the diamond disc of My world from Jul.

On Wednesday, the singer Dadju organized a big call for donations for Unicef ​​Africa and the Hospitals of France, live on Instagram. The little brother of Master Gims brought together artists such as Vitaa, Kendji, SCH, but also footballers with the presence of Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba or Samuel Eto’o. In total, more than 200,000 euros were collected in just four hours.

In late March, rapper Sneazzy launched a kitty for researchers, hospital staff and the frail. Always open, it now rises over 20,000 euros.

PNL does not forget the most disadvantaged

If many artists are mobilizing for hospitals, the two brothers from the city of Tarterêts in Corbeil-Essonnes have decided to support the population of the suburbs. PNL members sent food parcels to the poorest through the NGO Health Suburbs, who works for those who do not have the means to take care of themselves and eat properly.

As part of its #enmodeconfiné operation, Banlieues Santé also launched an application to facilitate meal deliveries, but also to understand prevention information translated into several languages.

Other personalities such as the organizer Mouloud Achour also support the association.


the new Starmania postponed by a year

Marie-Jeanne the waitress automaton and Ziggy the androgynous record store will not resume service until November 2021. The production of the rock opera Starmania announced this Thursday the postponement of the show scheduled for one year Musical Seine due to delays caused by containment.

“In light of government measures against the coronavirus, Fimalac Entertainment, the producer of Starmania, is forced to postpone the return to the stage on November 11, 2021”, according to its press release. The show had been announced from October 6, 2020, before a tour of the Zenith.

“The health crisis and containment have subjected Starmania a significant delay for each of the creation positions of the show: end of the castings, production of the sets and costumes …, add the same source. The uncertainty of the weeks and months to come does not allow the production to bring together the technical and creative teams, to move the artists to organize all the rehearsals necessary for holding such a great show. ” The methods for postponing or reimbursing the 100,000 tickets already purchased will be announced shortly.

tThe uncertainty of the weeks and months to come does not allow the production to bring together the technical and creative teams, to move the artists to organize all the rehearsals necessary for holding such a great show.

Press release from Starmania production.

This new Starmania will benefit from an updated booklet by Luc Plamondon, however respecting the history of origin, that of a society claimed to be perfect but which does not bring happiness either to the privileged or the underprivileged, according to production.

The production of this new version has been entrusted to Thomas jolly who has created in recent years several great shows for the Avignon Festival, the Opéra-comique and the Paris Opera. “One day you will see the waitress machine …”, he promised by posting the announcement of the postponement of the show on Twitter.

Created on April 10, 1979 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris after a great record success, Starmania was taken up 10 years later in the same room, starting a second career in many countries. The disc has sold more than 5 million copies in its French version.


Suffering from multiple sclerosis, Christophe’s son will not be able to attend his father’s funeral

One last “goodbye”. After multiple tributes to Christophe Bevilacqua who died last Thursday, the hour is at the funeral. If for the moment no date or place have been communicated, we already know that Romain Vidal, his son born in 1967 from a brief adventure between Christophe and Michèle Torr, will not be present.

“A Roman who today has multiple sclerosis will not go to his father’s funeral because he no longer has immune defenses. So now is not the time to go out. “said Michèle Torr in “The pros hour” on Cnews, implying that she could not attend either. “We will be present by thought and with the heart. I would also like to add that this story for Romain is recognition of the heart, it is the one that is important and it will remain the beautiful story ”, added the 73-year-old singer.

Romain is called Vidal, but has found a beautiful family today

Michèle Torr

“My son has been suffering since the start of hospitalization because he had great difficulty getting news from Christophe. But there is the fact that he has his cousins ​​around him, Christophe’s nieces who support him. Romain is called Vidal, but has found a beautiful family today », pointed out Michèle Torr on BFM.

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For Christophe, this was not the time

This recognition, Romain never really obtained it. Educated by Jean Vidal, husband of Michèle Torr for twenty years, he had recently secretly renewed contact with his biological father. Christophe had mentioned this abandonment during an interview with Brain Magazine in November 2012.

He came to see me at my concerts to speak to me. I told her that it would not have been possible with her mother, that I had my daughter and that it was not the time for us to reconnect


“I went to see Michèle at the hospital, I wanted to. I let my instinct, my emotional talk. And this guy (its producer, editor’s note) said : “You have to recognize it ”. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the assault of this guy, I would have analyzed it differently, in a completely personal way and maybe the child would bear my name…Confessed Christophe, who in 1971 will have a daughter, Lucie, with Véronique Kan (the sister of singer Alain Kan), who will become his wife.

“With Romain we crossed paths. He came to see me at my concerts to speak to me. I told him that it would not have been possible with his mother, that I had my daughter and that this was not the time for us to reconnect, something like that! ”, he had revealed again.

“I would have liked to tell you lots of things”

Saturday on his YouTube channel, Romain Vidal posted a video in which he returned on the death of his “Parent”. “I wanted to thank everyone for your support which helped me a lot. I am obviously sad. I would have liked to know him much more, even if we saw each other, it was our secret to both of us ”, said Romain.

“I think we haven’t had enough time to get to know each other, I wish we had known each other more. I wish I had some answers and so did he. (…) He was a great artist and I miss him a lot. I love you very much Christophe, I miss you and I would have liked to tell you lots of things that I did not have time to tell you “, he concluded.


From home, the Paris Opera dressmakers make masks for caregivers

Colorful, striped or even checkered: for more than two weeks, hundreds of masks with an unusual aesthetic have been made by the couturiers of the Paris Opera. Taking advantage of their free time and the fabrics provided by the establishment, around thirty volunteers assemble and sew tirelessly. The manufactured masks are then distributed to the nursing staff of several Parisian institutions.

The idea was born at the end of March in the spirit of Christine Neumeister, director of the Opera Costumes department. The country was then in the midst of a debate on the wearing of the mask and on its real effectiveness for people not contaminated by the coronavirus. Little by little, the director seeks to determine if such an operation can be useful. “I first contacted and surveyed the institutions with the help of our occupational doctor at the Opera”, she explains. “As a public service institution, there was no hesitation in having to contribute with our skills.”

The making of each mask requires between a quarter of an hour and twenty minutes. National Opera of Paris

Poplin masks

Once the project was approved by the Opera, she was able to get to work and create prototypes of the three-ply mask, according to the Afnor standard. The choice of fabric is important: it should be neither too thin to provide sufficient protection for the wearer, nor too thick, so as not to hinder breathing. Fortunately, poplin, a kind of fine cotton, meets these two criteria. Traditionally used to sew the shirts or petticoats of soloists and dancers, the fabric thus finds a second life thanks to the skill of the dressmakers.

Thirty employees from the Bastille and Garnier Operas volunteered to make the masks from home. “It motivates them, they are happy to have something to do and to be able to make themselves useful”, remarks the director of the Costumes department. However, two conditions are required to participate in the effort: having a sewing machine and living in Paris or Île de France.

The logistics are indeed well established. Each week, Christine Neumeister and one of her colleagues drive around the homes of fashion designers to supply them with fabrics. They come back a few days later to harvest the fruit of their labor.

As the masks are made at home, each volunteer must have their own sewing machine. National Opera of Paris

Between a quarter of an hour and twenty minutes are necessary to make a mask. The volunteers wash their hands regularly, and all the fabrics are prewashed at 60 degrees according to Afnor’s recommendations. It is also advisable to wash them as soon as they are received, specifies Christine Neumeister.

During the first week, 1000 masks were designed by the members of the operation. Part of it was given to the maternity ward of the Croix Saint-Simon hospital, located in the 20th arrondissement within the Diaconesses Croix Saint-Simon hospital group. The remaining masks were distributed to volunteers from the Home Nursing Service (SSIAD) in Clichy, a branch managed by the Red Cross. “They use very thin masks to work, so ours made of fabrics suited them”, welcomes the head of the Costumes department.

A donation of 24,000 masks

In the second week, the dressmakers did even better, with 1,100 masks distributed. This time, they were donated to a Salvation Army branch in the XXth arrondissement. The objective is largely achieved for the small team which had planned to make a total of 2000 masks. “And there are still masks and fabrics left in some volunteers”, rejoices Christine Neumeister.

Each designer can make several dozen masks per week. National Opera of Paris

During the coming weeks, the volunteers will focus on another task which is likely to occupy them for some time: designing masks for the other employees of the Opera, with a view to a possible resumption of its activity. “We are thinking about what type of mask we need for each position. Some will require an FFP2 type mask, others will require a surgical mask or a fabric mask. ”

The prestigious institution also donated in mid-March to the AP-HP (Saint-Antoine Hospital) a stock of 24,000 masks built up for the H1N1 virus epidemic. Anne Hidalgo also announced that 500,000 masks would be distributed free to Parisians by the end of April, “priority to the most fragile” It also ensures that“In mid-May, all Parisians will be able to be equipped”.

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Several other opera houses in France have also joined forces in this home sewing business. In Toulouse, around twenty volunteers will embark on the production of masks, respecting the recommendations of Afnor. Same thing in Rennes, Marseille and Bordeaux, where each employee puts his hand to the dough.