The picture of the Virtual Solidarity League revealed

Flaunting the amateurism that surrounds everyone online, despite the live broadcast by Movistar, Ibai Llanos He has commanded from his home in his robe the draw for the virtual day of La Liga, with a footballer of the first team of each First Division team at the controls of his team in a knockout tournament of the FIFA game. It will be a charity weekend, with the full donation to Unicef to help the health system of all the benefits generated by the tournament through donations and visualizations in Ibai’s Twitch channel.

Mallorca was out last minute and, with 19 participants, this Friday the previous round will be played between the last six teams in La Liga, starting at 7:00 p.m., with qualifying between Leganes (Aitor Ruival) and Valladolid (Pedro Porro); Alaves (Lucas Pérez) and Celtic (Kevin Vázquez), and Spanish (Embarba) and Eibar (Edu Expósito).

The three winners on Friday will join the 13 that are already waiting in the round of 16 that will be played on Saturday, among which a Real society (Januzaj) against Athletic (Llorente) and a derby between Valencia (Carlos Soler) and Villarreal (Manu Morlanes). The Madrid (Asensio) faces the Pomegranate (Antonio Martínez) and the Barca (Sergi Roberto) waits for a rival between him Spanish and the Eibar, before a hypothetical semifinal between the two greats of Spanish football. Sunday will be the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the final.

To equalize the competition, each footballer will play with their team’s current squad, but all players will have a rating of 85, the same for everyone. The matches will be 9 minutes each part and, in case of a tie, with a golden goal.


Ty Jerome’s Suns burns Josh Okogie’s Timberwolves in NBA 2K

With the NBA season suspended due to the coronavirus, Phoenix Suns’ shooting guard Ty Jerome and small Minnesota Timberwolves striker Josh Okogie got their basketball game in another way Wednesday: NBA 2K.

With Jerome controlling the controller for the Sun and Okogie on the wolf sticks, Phoenix beats Minnesota 93-63, with Devin Booker’s 29 points in the lead.

“It’s fun,” Jerome told ESPN. “We can’t really interact with fans right now, so to find different ways to interact with them, it’s fun. It’s definitely fun for me, and I hope it is for them too.”

This was the second simulated game of the regular season presented by the Suns, which broadcast the game on their Twitch channel and on Twitter. Together, the audience steadily rose every quarter, constantly in the vicinity of 15,000-20,000 spectators. All signals indicate that the team will continue to play regular season games on the NBA 2K, perhaps with a spinning cast at the helm.

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On Wednesday afternoon, before the Sun game on the virtual pitch, Jerome, along with former Virginia teammate and current Atlanta player Hawks De’Andre Hunter and Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dylan Windler, played Fortnite on a stream . Jerome and Hunter played on the Virginia NCAA 2019 championship team.

The game seems to have become the main pastime for many athletes whose seasons are paused. Meyers Leonard played Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s new Warzone mode and Booker also streamed Warzone on his Twitch account. Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic also asked Twitter for suggestions on how to put together a streaming setup.

When asked how the Suns felt in the game compared to the team on the pitch, Jerome offered some insights.

“It’s really different,” said Jerome. “We fed ourselves [Booker], [Ricky Rubio] he had six assists, so it’s normal. They don’t give enough credit to Deandre Ayton for finishing on the edge, he was missing a lot of layoffs. So some things are realistic, but it’s a video game, so it will never be perfect. “

Jerome has his own Twitch channel, on which he streamed Fortnite.

Jerome said that although he started playing video games in middle school, he is mainly using it as a way to socialize with friends and interact with fans in chat. When asked if he would like to be invited to charity video game tournaments and perhaps a Fortnite pro-am, he smiled and said, “I don’t know if I would be able to compete at that level in Fortnite, but I ‘ I’m definitely down to meeting streamers, meeting different people, it would be nice. “


Luka Doncic’s 50 leads Mavs beyond the suns – on Twitch

Luka Doncic scored 50 points and provided 19 assists on Friday night as the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Phoenix Suns 150-136.

Well, not exactly.

Shortly after the decision to postpone the NBA season due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Suns announced that their games would continue, practically.

Friday night marked the first NBA2K meeting between Suns and Mavericks, which had been scheduled to meet on hardwood at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Saturday night.

Representing The Suns was Antonio “UniversalPhenom” Saldivar, a Phoenix native who plays in the NBA2K League for the Memphis Grizzlies franchisee, Grizz Gaming. The 2K League, which was due to begin its third season on March 24 in New York, has been postponed due to the pandemic.

“This was put together in just five hours and the result was beyond expectations,” Saldivar told ESPN. “We wanted to give fans something to look forward to with everything that was going on and just try to interact with them as much as possible and try to put together real life games and sports.”

Leading the Mavs to Friday night’s victory was the brand ambassador for Mavericks Gaming, Lawrence “Buddy” Norman.

The flow was a success; constantly in the 4.500-5.000 range in terms of spectators. At some point the flow has reached over 12,000 spectators, which is an impressive number on Twitch for NBA2K game streams. The numbers were also comparable to NBA2K League viewers on the platform, which recorded an average of 4,663 spectators in 2019, with the NBA2K League finals averaging over 14,000 spectators.

The next three games for the Suns would have been against the Minnesota Timberwolves, LA Clippers and Dallas. The group tweeted who would take over Minnesota next week.

“We will continue to play,” said Saldivar. “… I might not be the one playing every time, maybe someone bigger – hint hint – maybe someone else, but we are working to always get involved.”


Counter Strike former player sentenced to 116 years in prison

Mexico City /

The former esports professional player, Shayene “shAy” Victorio, It was sentenced to 116 years in prison for being colluded with a page that cheated over 100 people with skins from Counter Strike.

The former Brazilian player was part of a company with her father, with whom she worked sell usable skins online within Counter Strike Global Offensive.

The public ministry of the state of Sao Paulo, received complaints from at least 115 people on a site, which did not deliver the object for which the payment was made.

The events occurred between 2013 and 2017, when he was still a member of Pain Gaming and Santos Dexterity in his female division of Counter Strike.

ShAy and his lawyer declared that the company that owned the site belonged entirely to his father and his ex-husband, the soccer team’s goalkeeper Atlético Goianiense, Jean Pulo Fernandes Filho, who was accused of sexual abuse in the past.

The player commented through her Instagram that she was not arrested, since it was only a problem caused by her ex-husband that ended up affecting her since separate, he took full responsibility for the company.

The sentence of 116 years will be reduced to 30, since it is the maximum time allowed by Brazilian laws. ShAy will be able to appeal the sentence in complete freedom.


Esport – Counter-Strike: G2 French slapped in the final at Katowice – Esport – CS

Na’Vi had already inflicted one of his biggest defeats at the world number 1 of Astralis on Saturday (16-5, 16-5), in the semi-finals. With individuals like Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev or Denis “electronic” Sharipov, two of the best players in the world, now collectively magnified by their leader Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov (exceptional in the final), the Ukrainian club has everything to shake up the Danes at the top of the global ranking.


Former PSG.LGD manager “QQQ” will lead Team Aster

Former PSG.LGD manager Yao “QQQ” Yi will leave the pension to join Team Aster to replace Tong “Mikasa” Junjie.

Aster announced the move to their Weibo page on Wednesday.

QQQ led PSG.LGD to great success during his tenure, which started in July 2017 and ended when he retired after the conclusion of The International 2019. He helped PSG.LGD finish second in TI 2018 and third in TI 2019, and He led them to several top 3 finishes in prominent events, including EPICENTER XL and MDL Changsha Major wins in 2018.

After TI 2019, QQQ asked for some free time and PSG.LGD wished him “the best of luck in the future”.

Six months later, he returns to the professional Dota to help Team Aster prepare StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, however, QQQ is unable to join his new team in person. In the post of the announcement, Team Aster said that Team Sirius coach Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng would take the place of temporary coach for tournament preparation.

The Aster Team is currently classified n. 11 in the Dota Pro Circuit with 340 points collected in the first two Majors of the season. The team has taken a seat in the Minor and is looking to race to secure a place at the next ESL One in Los Angeles Major.

—Mid level at field level

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