the bride is going to lose $ 100k for “non-essential meeting”

Planning a wedding can be stressful at best – minus a global pandemic.

With an ever smaller number of people admitted to non-essential meetings, future brides and grooms were left groping.

Amidst fears of spreading the coronavirus en masse, couples were forced to make the heartbreaking decision to postpone, cancel or soldier with what was to be the happiest day of their lives.

For a Western Sydney couple, that decision is still pending – and $ 100,000 hangs in the balance.

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Dina, 26, and her boyfriend Chafic, 28, were to get married on June 7th.

The couple planned the wedding for 15 months. All sellers are booked, her high fashion dress just needs some finishing touches and if the event continues as planned, the couple would pay $ 48,000 for their reception alone.

“If we go ahead with it, the cost of the combined wedding and honeymoon would reach $ 100,000,” says the bride.

This includes the European honeymoon of their dreams – which they have already paid in full.

“Flights, accommodation, everything. That’s about $ 20,000 in total, “said Dina.

Now trapped in an intricate network of travel bans, Emirates offers to credit its flights and the couple’s travel agent has said that some hotels may be willing to refund.

But at this stage, there are no guarantees.

“Most of my sellers have been fantastic. They said we can put it off for free, “explained Dina.

“But in terms of recovery of deposits, each supplier is different. I haven’t asked this question yet, because we don’t really want to cancel. It is literally a once in a lifetime thing to do. “

Family and friends have promised to support whatever decision they make, but Dina says it is “highly unlikely” that they end up canceling.

“We could lose deposits. And then if we decided to get married later, I would have to plan the whole wedding from scratch again. But then the question is: how long do we postpone? Because if we have to wait another year, I don’t know if we can to do it. “

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For this young and in love couple, their future is now uncertain.

“The thought of having to wait another full year to get married and start our life … Bring back our travel plans, put the children back, put everything back.”

Dina and Chafic had 470 guests to attend their June wedding.

With the Prime Minister applying stricter social removal measures, Dina says they would not be able to downsize even if they wanted to. “We can’t have only 100 people at our wedding because our venue is huge. We would be out of pocket $ 30,000. And they wouldn’t book your wedding if you didn’t have a minimum of 350 guests.”

Aside from all the logistics, the future bride says that the atmosphere at their wedding would surely be sad if they went on.

“It will be in the back of everyone’s mind. Everyone will be tired, nobody will embrace or dance. There would be none of this.

“I feel less and less optimistic every day.”

Over a dozen family members were planning to travel to Australia from abroad (mainly from America).

Now, it is impossible to do.

In an attempt to stop the spread and curb the global number of virus cases, the government closed Australia’s borders with foreigners last night.

The Sydney photographer Henryk – the brain behind Image Haus – was among those who hurried home. He flew back from New Zealand last night after filming a wedding for a couple who had moved the date forward.

“On the day New Zealand said it would close the borders within 24 hours, I got a call from the bride saying,” Hey, we’ll either cancel or fly everyone early. “

Henryk didn’t think twice.

He and the videographer jumped on a flight the next morning. “Both of us literally, at the last minute, when a hat fell, we changed everything and flew out. I didn’t have the luxury of disappointing a customer. “

The couple’s wedding went on – their original guest list of 60 has now shrunk to 35 – but on the same day she couldn’t escape the virus.

“On the wedding day, the driver of the rental car tested positive for the coronavirus,” said Henryk.

But he found the atmosphere rather optimistic, all things considered.

“Everyone was still hugging and kissing the bride,” he said.

“They actually had a game, where if someone mentioned the word coronavirus or COVID-19 or pandemic, they have to drink three fingers of their drink,” he laughed. “Everyone had fun, had a fantastic evening.”

His clients’ weddings usually outnumber over 100 guests on average. However, Henryk insists, “I have not seen anyone downsize it. Everyone has moved the date.

“All the weddings I have until June are changing their dates. Everyone is looking to book September, October, November. Some people even moved in 2021. And of course, I didn’t charge anything for the move, “he explained.

Henryk, who is now making all his meetings with FaceTime and WhatsApp, has blocked an influx of reservations while couples hurry to set a new date.

“Just in the last week I have had four reservations. Paid and confirmed. So now I’m starting to organize weddings on Friday.”

His advice to couples considering referral is simple: do it sooner rather than later.

“If you can’t get the desired date, consider a wedding on a Friday or Sunday. And when you return, start with your venue and then quickly go through the rest of your suppliers. Because the dates are booked so quickly.”

Clothes are also a problem for some.

Brides promptly pay out thousands for a high fashion dress signed by the Petersham-based designer Leah Da Gloria, who has spent the last few days reassuring some very anxious brides.

“We had three months of customers who had to reprogram,” he said.

“For us, it’s more about redistributing our production schedule, but everyone is still getting married. Some people are downsizing – instead of having 300 people now they have 90-80 people. But I think the couples themselves are probably in a worse position. our.

“I have already contacted all my customers to make sure they are well and this is my main goal.”

Not unrelated to a large ethnic marriage, Leah Da Gloria predicts that the new restrictions on social distancing could be a problem.

“Weddings are like people’s biggest day and my clients in particular tend to have really big weddings. It’s a very familiar event and they have huge families – by the hundreds – so the thought of scaling down from 500 to 80 people is unthinkable. it’s not even a wedding for them. It’s a Sunday barbecue. “

Does your advice to couples face a touch decision? “Postpone, don’t cancel. And resize if you can.”

With growing virus cases in Australia and elsewhere, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has repeatedly warned Australians to observe social exclusion measures wherever possible.

On Friday, the PM announced new space restrictions, stating that there will be a maximum limit of “four square meters provided per person in an enclosed space”.

The new measures could see weddings, birthday parties and other mass-canceled personal events.

And in the world of marriage, most sellers already feel the tension.

A number of major wedding halls in Australia have detailed COVID-19 policies on their websites. Navarra, the industry’s leading venue in Sydney, which organizes weddings with over 500 guests, has already decided to postpone book events until April 13, 2020.

“The safety and well-being of our guests and employees have always been and will remain our top priority,” said Navarra Venues in a statement.

“We will contact all of our customers individually and will do our best to satisfy our customers who have pre-existing reservations during this one-month phase.”

Earlier this year, the iconic venue hosted this season’s wedding Married at first sight Elizabeth and Sebastian couple.

Despite the growing number of restrictions that force people to put it off, most suppliers remain optimistic.

“I hope it will be nothing more than a technical problem; a bump, not a stop sign,” said Leah Da Gloria.

Others are preparing for the worst.

“I think the whole world will have bleeding for at least six months after this,” said Henryk.

“Everyone will participate together and we will all bleed together. But customers, suppliers … I think it will affect everyone.”


EPL postponed: Coronavirus, canceled matches, Premier League matches, COVID-19, Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea

The Premier League officially suspended the season until April 3 following a coronavirus outbreak at both Chelsea and Arsenal which saw both teams from the first team and nearly 100 staff members put in solitary confinement.

The games had gone on this weekend, as usual, in line with UK government advice, with fans still allowed to enter the stadium despite La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1 having all closed this week.

However, shortly after the statement confirming that the games would go on, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was diagnosed with coronavirus, pushing the Premier League into a sharp U-turn and calling an emergency emergency meeting with all 20 the clubs.

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Upcoming games

Chelsea later confirmed that their midfielder Callum Hudson-Odoi had become the first Premier League player to test the virus positively and that the entire team of the first team had also been immediately isolated.

Now the Premier League has finally got underway with all the top flight matches postponed to April 3 with a further announcement regarding the rest of the season to come in due course.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters said in a statement: “Above all, we want Mikel Arteta and Callum Hudson-Odoi to recover quickly, and everyone else interested in COVID-19.

“In this unprecedented situation, we are working closely with our clubs, the government, the FA and the EFL and we can all reassure you of the health and well-being of the players, staff and fans.”

Many Premier League clubs had put pressure on referees to postpone games long before Arteta’s positive test, but their requests had been postponed until late Thursday evening (UK time).

Today, Leicester City confirmed that three of their players had symptoms similar to coronavirus but had not yet tested positive for the virus.

Fox players in isolation

Fox players in isolation


“We had some players who showed symptoms and (coronavirus) signs. We followed the procedures and (as a precaution) were kept away from the team,” said manager Brendan Rodgers.

“We have isolated them by ourselves and we will see how it will develop in the next two days.

“It’s about health, that’s more than football. It’s about the players and their families, so any risk there is to their health and everyone else, we have to mitigate it.

“The game focuses on players and fans. If you have one not present, obviously it is not the same. “


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REVEALED: the first PL star is positive for coronavirus, the second isolated part

CRISIS MEETINGS: Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta tests positive for coronavirus

“I RECUPERED”: the Chelsea star provides updates on the condition of the coronavirus

EVENTS CANCELED? Euro 2020 and Champions League will be postponed

The Premier League made the statement on Friday.
The Premier League made the statement on Friday.Source: Getty Images

Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy also self-isolated as a precaution after one of his family members fell ill and was consequently tested for COVID-19.

A City spokesman said: “The club is aware that a family member of an older man’s team player is in the hospital with symptoms of respiratory disease.

“He has undergone hospital tests, one of which is for COVID-19. Until the results are known, the player in question will self-isolate himself as a precaution. “


Kim Kardashian tweeted support for the Alabama man executed for killing police officers

A man convicted as an accomplice in the 2004 killings of three Alabama police officers who were shot by another man was executed Thursday evening, local time.

Inmate Nathaniel Woods, 43, was pronounced dead at 9:01 pm on Thursday following a lethal injection in Atmore state prison, authorities said.

The prisoner had no last words before the chemicals began to flow, but he seemed to be arranging his hands as a sign of his Islamic faith.

Alabama’s first execution of the year came after a last-minute attempt to stop him, which included support from the son of civil rights leader Martin Luther King III, reality star Kim Kardashian and others who claimed it was unfair. execute a man who did not fail to pull the trigger in the kill.

Kim Kardashian West (R) and Kanye West attempted to intervene in the execution of a drug dealer accused of killing three police officers. Image: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images
media_cameraKim Kardashian West (R) and Kanye West attempted to intervene in the execution of a drug dealer accused of killing three police officers. Image: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

The Alabama state claimed that Woods was an active participant in the killings and had later boasted of statements, song lyrics and art.

The United States Supreme Court issued a temporary stay to consider last minute appeals as celebrated by Woods’ family, but then the court denied the detainee’s petitions.

Alabama governor Kay Ivey denied a request for clemency and the decision was canceled a few hours later despite the petition for ineffective consultants and celebrity protests including Kim Kardashian who tweeted the case to his 64 million followers, asking a suspension of execution.

Woods and Kerry Spencer were convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in the murders of the three Birmingham officers.

The deaths of officers in a hailstorm of gunfire rocked Alabama’s largest city in 2004.

Carlos Owen, Harley A. Chisolm III and Charles R. Bennett died while trying to serve a domestic assault warrant on Woods in a suspected grocery store.

Nathaniel Woods was executed for being present during the filming of three police officers. Image: AFP
media_cameraNathaniel Woods was executed for being present during the filming of three police officers. Image: AFP
Pamela Woods, sister of the convict, protested the execution. Image: AP Photo / Kimberly Chandler
media_cameraPamela Woods, sister of the convict, protested the execution. Image: AP Photo / Kimberly Chandler

Prosecutors claimed that Spencer was the trigger in the killing, opening fire on officers with a high-powered rifle inside the apartment, although Woods had been convicted as an accomplice.

The relatives of the killed officers released statements to the media after the execution, describing lives destroyed by the shootings.

Kerry Spencer is the man who pulled the trigger, killing the poolice officers, not Nathaniel Woods. Image: provided
media_cameraKerry Spencer is the man who pulled the trigger, killing the poolice officers, not Nathaniel Woods. Image: provided

“Nathaniel Woods chose her fate on June 17, 2004. That horrible day could have been avoided if she had any kind of compassion or respect for law enforcement,” said Starr Sidelinker reading a statement on behalf of Chisholm’s sister. . Greg Owen, officer Owen’s son, said in a written statement that his father was a 58-year-old grandfather who just wanted to protect people in the city where he grew up.

“Instead of returning home that day, an ambush was made, murdered and died on the floor of a dirty grocery store,” wrote Greg Owen.

Son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther King III and daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., Bernice King. King III joined Kim Kardashian to protest the execution. Image: Getty Images for TIME
media_cameraSon of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther King III and daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., Bernice King. King III joined Kim Kardashian to protest the execution. Image: Getty Images for TIME


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Testimony showed that officers approached a small house where Woods and Spencer were believed to take drugs; at least two other people were also inside.

After talking to Woods through a back door, Owen and Chisholm entered.

State attorneys wrote in court that Woods said he was surrendering to the officers and soon after Spencer opened fire with a high-powered rifle.

In his 2005 trial, a prosecutor told jurors that Woods was the bait and lured officers deeper into the apartment.

media_cameraA “death chamber” in a US correctional facility. Image: AFP

Owen, 58, and Chisholm, 40, were found dead in the kitchen just inside a back door and Bennett, 33, was shot dead near the main door.

A fourth officer was injured but survived.

Supporters launched a last-minute appeal to stop the execution as the case drew national attention.

Supporters claimed that Spencer claimed to be solely responsible for the shootings and that Woods received an unfair trial in 2005.

Kim Kardashian has already met with U.S. President Donald Trump to talk about prison reform. Image: Twitter / Donald Trump
media_cameraKim Kardashian has already met with U.S. President Donald Trump to talk about prison reform. Image: Twitter / Donald Trump

“He’s actually innocent,” Woods’ sister Pamela Woods told reporters outside the prison yesterday.

“Kerry Spencer, the real shooter, said many times that he did it alone without help [from] anyone.”

Spencer told The Appeal in an article about the case that Woods was “100% innocent”. “Killing this African American man, whose case appears to have been poorly handled by the courts, could produce irreversible injustice. Are you willing to allow the execution of a potentially innocent man? “Martin Luther King III had written the governor of the state, Ivey.

Woods had no last words after the keeper had read his death warrant.

At some point during the procedure, the inmate shook his left arm upward against the constraints of the stretcher. His breathing became labored and then slowed down until it was no longer evident.

No execution date has been set for Spencer, who has been sentenced in front of Woods and is on death row.


Meghan Markle, Prince Harry leaves Archie behind in Canada

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor would have always made history. When he was born on May 6 last year, his arrival in the world was wrapped in unprecedented level of secrecy for a small member of the royal family.

So his parents announced that they were avoiding the tradition and that he would not have a title.

Finally in September, at the age of four months, he became the youngest member of The Firm to undertake an official commitment abroad with his debut appearance being a morning tea with Nobel Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu .

Basically the boy (who from the poor photos that were released to him is an absolutely adorable combination of his two highly photogenic parents), during his short time on this Earth, managed to create serious and historical waves.

Archie is now making headlines again, with reports that while her parents Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are preparing for the last week of official commitments in the UK, she would not have made the trip across the Atlantic with them.

Rather, according to the Daily Mail, Archie will remain in Canada to be treated by his nameless nanny and Meghan’s friend Jessica Mulroney.

Although this has not been confirmed, this was exactly the same babysitting arrangement that was put in place when Harry and Meghan returned to London together in January.

Assuming that these reports are based on concrete facts and that recent events would suggest that this is not a far-fetched hypothesis, Archie who remains in Canada would signal that they either do not see their future in the UK or will be read as confirming that things are toxic behind the palace gates – or even more worrying, both.

At the time of this writing, news has surfaced that Harry spent four hours Sunday with the queen, where he made it clear to his nephew that he and his family would always be welcome in the royal fold. However, the relationship between Sussex and other family members seems to have worn off over the past year.

In October, Harry apparently confirmed the existence of a breach with his brother Prince William in a television interview, while during the same program, Meghan told reporter Tom Brady “not many people asked if I’m okay,” in that which has been interpreted as a kind of excavation to the royal family.

Things went from bad to worse during the first two months of 2020.

Since news that the Sussex wanted to quit when the front row members of the royal family broke up in January, they have not been shy about expressing their regret and anger, on several occasions, about the exit conditions they have been forced to to accept.

The question now is: can things be patched up? Archie’s arrival in London or his stay in Canada would be a great indicator in both cases.

If you go back to look at the photo posted on Instagram on May 9, just three days after Archie’s birth, the joy on the faces of the queen, Prince Philip and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, is authentic.

His Majesty’s face is particularly interesting as he has adopted the same frown for the best part of seven decades of devoted service. Yet here we have the longest serving British monarch who smiles positively at the sight of his eighth great grandson.

In contrast to the scenario now where Archie has been in Canada since November, which means he hasn’t seen any of his British relatives for at least four months. For the queen and the rest of the Windsor family, this separation must hurt.

Regardless of what happened, if Harry and Meghan were to bring Archie back to the UK it would surely be seen as a sign that they intended to work on trying to heal the fracture.

However, if they did not bring Archie back, this would show some disregard for his family’s wishes (family life, whether your golden carts are or not, implies having to do things you would prefer not in the name of maintaining family harmony ).

Likewise, leaving her son in North America would have telegraphed a particular lack of interest in investing time and energy in filing a relationship with her Cambridge cousins, which is certainly not an advantage for Windsor’s potential unity in the future.

Finally, this move would also talk about where the Sussex see their future. While their first sensational statement in January said they are planning “to raise our son with an appreciation for the real tradition in which he was born”, any chance of some sort of 50/50 deal seems to be falling and fast.

As the family maintains its property on Queen’s Windsor estate and repays the $ 4 million more taxpayer money spent on renovating the property, it seems more and more that they will not spend most of the year allocated to Victorian property.

It would seem that Archie could end up getting to know the royal family like the rest of the world, that is, looking The crown.

To be clear, it’s not about archiving in public or attending a service at Westminster Abbey (even relatively six-year-old Prince George isn’t forced to endure that kind of tour yet).

If he returned to Old Blighty with his parents, it would be very, very unlikely, if not nearly impossible, that he would be seen in public.

Rather, his absence would be the clearest sign of how fractured between Sussex and Windsor things that did not make concessions to the joy of the 93-year-old grandmother in seeing her youngest grandson (although it is worth noting that the spread of the coronavirus would further complicate this situation).

As the countdown starts at Harry and Meghan’s final release series as HRH, there is practically only one thing that is clear. Archie will celebrate his first birthday on May 6, which will be five weeks after his parents officially retire as members of the royal family. There are so many unknowns as the Sussex embark on this new chapter, but one question that remains to be answered is who will be alongside their parents to help Archie blow out the candles. At this rate, probably not the queen.

Daniela Elser is an expert and real writer with 15 years of experience working with some of the major Australian media titles.


10% of patients in Pemex hospitals are poorly medicated

A contaminated product is not the only problem that may occur in the hospitals of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), the “medication errors” reach one in 10 oil workers and family members who use this service.

Since mid-2018, doctors of Internal Medicine at the Central North Hospital of Pemex alerted to this situation in the hospital’s oil system.

According to a research conducted by doctors, published in the medical journal of Pemex in December 2019, a data collection was carried out through the institutional ID created by the Pemex Drug Management and Use Committee (MMU), managing to identify that, of a total of 2 600 patients hospitalized during the first half of 2018, 342 medication errors were detected, equivalent to 13.15% of the total patients.

They found that the morning shift of the Central North Hospital of Pemex was the one that presented the highest frequency of errors when issuing prescriptions.

By specialty, they detected that the Internal Medicine hospital service was the one that reported the highest percentage of errors, with 39.5%, followed by General Surgery, with 12.3%; Orthopedics and Traumatology, 11.4%; Cardiology, 5%; Oncology, 4.4%; Pediatrics, 3.5%, and Ophthalmology, with 3.2%, among the most important.

In relation to the frequency of medication errors found by stage, it was during the preparation and prescription that more errors were made. The highest proportion corresponded to quasifallas (80%), above medication errors (20%).

Dr. José Óscar Terán González led the investigation Learning of measurement errors, accompanied by the physicians Lagunas Alvarado M., Gonzaga López TI, Meza Oviedo D., López Alférez R., who considered that, when determining the frequency of errors of medication in each of the stages of the Pemex hospital system, there is a need to pay more attention to the most susceptible stages of the doctor’s contact with the patient: preparation and prescription.

The data found, they add, confirm the urgency of improving the quality and care of oil workers and their families.

The study cites that the National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention (NCC MERP) defines medication errors as any preventable incident, which may cause harm to the patient by improper use of medications when they are under the control of health professionals.

These incidents may be related to professional practice, procedures or systems in any of the phases of the medication (selection and acquisition, prescription, dispensation, preparation and administration, mainly).

“Medication errors occur as failures in the drug use process and must be analyzed as system errors and can occur at any stage of said process; the majority occur due to deficiencies in it, although there are multiple possibilities to prevent them ”.

Currently, Pemex serves about 700 thousand right holders, among oil workers – trustworthy and unionized – and their families, in its two central hospitals, six regional, 13 general, three hospital clinics, 11 clinics, 24 clinics and a central medical unit administrative


Wang Xining grilled about China’s response to the coronavirus

The Chinese Embassy Minister in Australia, Wang Xining, denied that China was involved in a “cover-up” of the coronavirus extension and defended the brutal tactics used to control the disease, stating that they were also possible in Australia.

China has blocked tens of millions of people and huge parts of the country in an attempt to contain the COVID-19 disease that has infected 79,000 people and has spread to South Korea, Italy and Iran, among other countries.

In a broad discussion on Q&AWang was asked about the suppression of information in China if he had handled the coronavirus epidemic badly and if there had been a cover-up.

“I don’t think there is a cover-up,” said Wang. “It is a very sophisticated problem. It involved many agencies and skills. It takes time to make precise judgments on how to deal. “

He went on to explain that China does not consider itself a “party state”, but in reality a “socialist democracy”.

“A simple comparison between Australian democracy and Chinese democracy will be like this: you have a” voting “democracy, we have a” functioning “democracy,” he said.

“Efficiency is our main concern.”

Q&A conductor Hamish Macdonald noted that democracy implied voting but Wang reacted, stating that people voted for members of the National People’s Congress.

When asked about the system, journalist and researcher Vicky Xu said there were democracies written in the Chinese constitution, but if they were practically implemented it was another problem.

Journalist Stan Grant, who spent 10 years in China, described working for CNN and said Wang, who is now the deputy head of mission at the Chinese embassy in Australia, was “responsible for me” at the time. .

Grant said that when CNN made a story that the Chinese didn’t want people to watch, the screen would go black.

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“So the information was blocked by people. The people we interview would often disappear. He would be put under house arrest … we have been arrested on numerous occasions. Sometimes … arrested violently and physically. “

But Wang said “I don’t agree”.

“We think that sometimes the western media has failed to provide the information, selected a big puzzle to represent China as a very autocratic country. If you go out into the street, talk to people, for example you will find 85% of people agree with what the government is doing.

“They think China is moving in the right direction. And there are 90 million members of the Communist Party. Two million more join the party every year. If you think they’re idiots, it’s an insult.”

Wang said he did not think that freedom of speech was granted anywhere in the world.

“I don’t think child pornography or terrorist information would be allowed in Australia or anywhere in the world,” he said.


Wang was also shown a footage previously broadcast on Four Corners of people being dragged from their homes during the COVID-19 epidemic that spread worldwide. Some of them screamed as they were transported, pushed into vans and forced into quarantine.

“Are these types of measures appropriate, proportionate?” Asked Macdonald.

“Well, we have to make a 100% effort to reach 0% chance of further outbreaks to prevent any possibility of human-to-human transmission,” Wang replied.

“Some people are not very willing to cooperate.”

Macdonald continued by asking, “Are these tactics appropriate?”

“You mean, drag people out? If they are confirmed, they are the host, “Wang replied.

“Think about their neighbors. And now think of millions of people staying at home.

“Most Chinese people are good people. They are willing to sacrifice their immediate pleasure and personal income for the greater good. If we let these people out – and recently there are many cases not of an epidemic in common, but of transmission from people to people – those people who have been infected, what do you say? “

Macdonald asked Raina MacIntyre, head of global biosafety at the Kirby Institute, who praised China’s response to the coronavirus, about what he thought of the footage.

MacIntyre said it wasn’t a specific comment to the videos, but said that “just to be the devil’s defender”, Australian laws also allowed him to forcefully isolate someone if it posed a risk to surrounding communities.

“It has been used very rarely, but it has been used in Australia to essentially isolate people infected with diseases like tuberculosis,” he said.

“This type of legislation essentially looks at the public good with respect to individual rights. And in some cases the public good is greater than individual rights. “

MacIntyre also supported Australian measures, including a travel ban for travelers from China, which Wang criticized as “a wave of panic, overreaction and racism” and claimed that it was a standard public health measure. .

“Quarantine and travel restrictions that have been used throughout history,” he said. “They work.”


Two men who were separated from their wives and children also appeared to be asking why the Chinese government had imprisoned a million Uyghurs and whether they would release their family members.

“My son is an Australian citizen and in possession of an Australian passport and I have never met him,” Sadam Abdusalam.

He said his three year old son and his wife Nadila Wumaier were under house arrest. His friend Almas Nizamidin hadn’t heard from his wife in three years.

“The Australian government has granted my wife a visa to be able to come and join me in Australia. But the Chinese government won’t let them go, “said Abdusalam.

“Why did the Communist Party lock up a million Uyghurs? Will you release our family members? “

Macdonald asked Wang why Abdusalam could not see his son.

But Wang said it was “another piece of a big puzzle” before saying that Abdusalam was not an Uyghur and that China also did not recognize dual citizenship.

Wang said the girl had also told the government that she didn’t want to come to Australia.

McDonald asked if Wang would allow him to travel to Xinjiang to see the fields, which Wang had insisted were actually “training centers”.

But Wang turned to Grant and said he had been to Xinjiang a few times with CNN.

“We have often been detained,” said Grant. “We have often been physically assaulted while trying to talk to people in many parts of China. You also know it from our time together.”

“He always takes a piece of a puzzle and portrays China as something very bad,” Wang replied.

Xu asked Wang if he was seriously suggesting to Sadam’s wife and son that he didn’t want to come to Australia.

“I mean,” said Wang.

Four corners she reported on this case and with videos of this woman who claims to want to come to Australia. Are you saying that ABC simulated these videos of this woman? “Xu asked.

“There is a lot of fake news out there,” said Wang.

“You’re accusing the ABC of fake news right now and you’re on their show. Do you understand the irony?”

Wang said that since arriving in Canberra, a small number of people in Australia have been trying to preach xenophobia and misunderstand China.

“Either from their political motivation, from their selfish personal aspiration or they are supported by some foreign forces. You may be looking for evidence. “

Asked which foreign forces he was referring to, he said, “The United States.”

Xu noted that Foreign Minister Marise Payne personally raised the issue of Uyghurs and prisoners in the camps. “Are you saying that Foreign Minister Marise Payne is a US puppet?”

“She was misinformed,” said Wang.

“His views are sometimes on the Western media representation of the problem. It is a training center. People need to be prepared for future work.”

Asked if people in the “training centers” were present voluntarily, Wang said that most of the trainees had committed minor offenses, not at the level of criminal persecution.

He said “many” of them were there voluntarily.

“Because that region was contaminated with terrorist and radical ideas.”


Coronavirus Australia: how to prepare for the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus

In China, Covid-19 came out of nowhere on January 1 to block the entire Wuhan province by February.

Its rapid spread rate can be seen again in Italy and Japan and the World Health Organization has now warned that the “window of opportunity” to contain the disease is shrinking.

So can Australia cope if the disease reaches pandemic levels here? And what preparations should ordinary citizens make?


“We have provided assistance to professionals and many communication materials, but now we are focused on the models of assistance that must be present: clinics, telephone triage, home care, up to intensive care and assistance for the elderly”, Victoria Dice Brett Chief Health Officer Sutton.

“Victoria and Australia however remain completely in containment mode – identifying each possible case; isolating those who are contagious; and quarantine your contacts. Regardless of international developments, this gives us all the time and space to plan and prepare. “

But this response makes us vulnerable, warns director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore, Tom Inglesby.

“Given the developments and trends of the past few days, it is clear that governments must work intensely with hospitals and healthcare systems to prepare to take care of Covid patients, possibly in large numbers,” he says.

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The window to hold Covid-19 is rapidly closing. Image: STR / AFP
media_cameraThe window to hold Covid-19 is rapidly closing. Image: STR / AFP

The key to Covid-19 developments is the number of cases that appear in countries outside of China. And many of these are unrelated to travelers … which indicates that the virus is established in their general populations.

Inglesby says that, based on China’s experience, preparations should include:

• Prepare for a substantial increase in the number of patients who need oxygen and mechanical ventilation;

• Quickly and correctly diagnose people with Covid-19 symptoms;

establish the highest possible infection control procedures;

ensure that healthcare professionals have high quality personal protective equipment to prevent them from becoming infected

• Prepare to give those with Covid-19 who are not sick enough to be in the hospital, instructions for isolation at home and self-care, so that they do not pose a risk to hospital patients.

• Assess whether there are community-based public health interventions that could slow the spread of Covid-19 to create fewer very sick people who are all in the hospital at the same time

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There are all the steps we can take to limit any outbreak. Image: ANWAR AMRO / AFP
media_cameraThere are all the steps we can take to limit any outbreak. Image: ANWAR AMRO / AFP


Lanard and Sandman, a group at risk, say preparatory advice should be circulated: “Almost no official tells civil society and the general public how to prepare for this pandemic.”

To dispel panic, they say, health officials should provide preparation guidelines.

In this way, worried people will not remain impotent. And the more people get ready, the more people will feel their community ready.

“We are all stakeholders and we don’t just want to know what officials are doing. We also want to hear what we can do,” they write.

“We want – and need – to get advice like this:

If possible, try to get a few more months of prescription drugs.

• Don’t panic. But slowly build up long-lasting food supplies enough for a few weeks.

• Think immediately about how we will take care of sick family members as we try not to get infected.

• Cross training of key personnel at work, so the absence of a person will not derail your organization’s ability to function.

• Practice touching our faces less. How about a face-counter app like the pedometers that many of us use?

• Replace handshakes with elbow protrusions (the “Ebola handshake”).

• Start practicing damage reduction habits such as pressing the elevator buttons with a knuckle rather than with the tip of a finger.

But the impact of a pandemic could also profoundly affect businesses, supply chains and essential services.

“We have seen almost nothing in the mainstream media citing this guide or recommending business continuity strategies such as urgent cross-training so that core functions are not derailed because some key employees are sick, for example.”

That message is now starting to come out.

At least at the state level.

“Australia has absolutely world-class healthcare, but even the best healthcare in the world is being tested during pandemics,” says Sutton. “We have some of the brightest minds in the world in our health services, labs, research and emergency management sector. I am confident that we are in the best position to face future challenges, whatever they are. Hope for the best and plan for the worst. “

Originally published as steps that must be taken to avoid the killer virus