Cynicism, another virus

We can, like you and me, want to kill this damn crowned virus that eats our lives and grieve all of the thousands of deaths it does on its way, without refraining from recalling – and think about it further since, our race stopped, the lack of time can no longer be an excuse – […]

Limonov, end of life – Culture / Next

“When I die, it will be a national mourning”, declared Edouard Limonov in August 2018, in a long interview with the Russian youtubeur Youri Doud. He is dead, this Tuesday in Moscow, at the age of 77, without the shadow of mourning. It’s been almost ten years that we have not really heard of him. […]

Election sanction for AfD in Hamburg

Berlin This was to be a strong signal, that of a far-right party capable of exceeding the symbolic 10% mark in a large, prosperous and multicultural city in western Germany. However, the regional elections in Hamburg on Sunday turned into a sanction for the AfD. According to initial estimates, the Alternative for Germany fell below […]

On the political front, the battle against the AfD

► What are the proven links between the AfD and the violent far right? The AfD officially condemned the shootings in Hanau. Her federal spokesperson Jörg Meuthen talks about “The delusional act of a madman”. However, on its official Twitter account, the AfD raised indignation by posting a link which directs to the racist and […]

law enforcement facing the challenge of the far right

“Right-wing extremism is the greatest threat to our country. “ The report was drawn up last week by the German Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, after two different events occurred in less than a week. On February 14, police arrested 12 men who were planning attacks on mosques. Five days later, a lone wolf, […]

The worrying nebula of the German far right

INVESTIGATION – After a series of attacks in 2019, the racist shooting in Hanau once again illustrates the return of violence from an extreme right, both represented in the Bundestag and in radical social networks. The contours of the radical German right are elusive like a nebula that aggregates different universes. Zuma / Starface / […]

Emmanuel Macron “alongside” Merkel to fight “hatred”

After the xenophobic attack that left nine people dead in Hanau on Wednesday February 19, Emmanuel Macron insisted on expressing his ” full support To the German people and their leaders “In the face of this tragic attack”. “Our thoughts are with the victims and the grieving families. I stand with Chancellor (Angela) Merkel in […]

Germany in shock after the xenophobic bombing in Hanau

This time the worst could not be avoided. Five days after the arrest of a terrorist group planning to attack mosques, Germany mourns the victims of a xenophobic attack. It was 10:00 pm on Wednesday February 19 when a man shot customers at a hookah bar in the town of Hanau, 96,000 residents, near Frankfurt […]