In Asnières, futsal wants to find a place in the sun

This Sunday, January 19, nearly 800 people line the spans of the Arena Teddy Riner, the new temple of the ACCS Futsal Club Paris VA 92, inaugurated in Asnières-sur-Seine in July. Young people from the neighborhood, and not so young, came to encourage their team against Nantes, the highlight of the 12e day of the […]

Copa del Rey: Madrid passes the drink | sports

Bale dribbles at two Unionist defenses. On video, statements from the Real Madrid coach. Photo: EFE (J.M. GARCíA) Video: ATLAS Although queues usually tend to disaster at major events, the endless row of fans of the Unionistas de Salamanca that swirled around the Helmantic Stadium that gives access to Las Pistas hours before the start […]

The goal of Spanish football is 7,000 kilometers | It is LaLiga in EL PAÍS

7,000 kilometers. This is the approximate distance between Madrid and Miami and the one that separates LaLiga from its great international objective: to hold an official match outside the Spanish borders. The organization wants to get ahead of its competitors to be the first major European soccer league to take a meeting to another venue, […]