Thousands of people against a giant Amazon project near Nantes

The security system was impressive, Saturday in Montbert, south of Nantes, to access the demonstration organized against the establishment of Amazon. On the small roads of the Nantes vineyard, under …

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Containment: but what yoga do you practice?

Seghir Lazri works on the theme of social vulnerability of athletes. In this column, he takes a few pictures of sport through the social sciences. How the social explains sport, …

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Chloroquine, the presumption of antidote – Release

We only talk about her, we believe strongly. And in this second week of general confinement, while France now has 860 dead (186 more in twenty-four hours) and more than …

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Are democratic states at a disadvantage in the crisis?

Berlin Nobody knows how long social life has to submit to the fight against the corona virus. Weeks, months – maybe, as some epidemiologists warn, more than a year. There …

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Olivier Véran: “We will not paralyze the economic and social life of the country”

Nineteen days that he is in government. Almost as much as he no longer shakes hands, go out “Very regularly” from his pocket his bottle of hydroalcoholic gel and maintains …

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Expert Council – Harald Christ: The social needs the liberal – Why I join the FDP

The liberal forces in the SPD are marginalized. Organized liberalism is a prerequisite for a successful social market economy. ,

Christian Lindner summons the center for his party

Berlin Langenhorn is a tranquil residential area on the northern outskirts of Hamburg. Family houses, lots of nature. Only the noise from the nearby airport disturbs the calm. Young families …

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