Not only escaping from raids, ambulances also almost hit the police!

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Social media was shocked by the car action ambulance who escaped from a police raid during a demo rejecting the copyright law in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

The police suspect, ambulance this is intruders trying to supply dangerous goods to the demonstrators.

This is an amateur visual that was taken by the residents around the scene.

Seen ambulance This was blurred when caught by the police raids to secure the demonstration.

Not only running, cars ambulance it is also seen that he almost ran into the police.

The police also managed to arrest and detain the car ambulance and 4 passengers.

Passenger and car ambulance was at Polda Metro Jaya for further investigation.

Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus confirmed the existence of a car ambulance with 4 passengers in it being checked by the Metro Jaya Police.

Yusri also delivered the car ambulance it was misused during a mass action against the work copyright law.

Based on the initial description, a car ambulance used to transport logistics and stones during the demonstration.


Interest rates on building savings are falling. Actions will decide

We have seen a decline in interest rates in recent months on a number of financial products, typically current and savings accounts. Building savings was no exception, with some savings banks already lowering interest rates on new contracts to one percent. The last two building societies, which offered higher interest rates on deposits, have now announced that they will reduce rates to the level of others in October.

Modrá pyramida and Buřinka have been offering one percent interest on deposits for a long time. In the spring, they were joined by the former Wüstenrot stavební spořitelna, now Moneta Stavební spořitelna, which reduced the rate from 1.2 percent to one percent. Fox (now 1.2 percent) and Raiffesen Building Society (now 1.2 percent and 1.3 percent, respectively, for young people under 26) will adjust rates to one percent in October.

So does it still make sense to choose a savings bank with which to open an account? Definitely yes. Let us now set aside the drawing of possible loans from building savings and focus only on the appreciation of invested funds. The advantage of the new contracts will be decided mainly by two things. They can be summarized in the words special offer and account management fees.

In the last quarter of the year, building societies traditionally fight for new clients, which they attract with various special offers. If you are considering arranging a building, you will probably not find a better time. During the events, you can save, for example, a fee for concluding a contract (it can reach thousands of crowns). Account management fees at most savings banks are currently around CZK 300 per year, but small differences and possible savings can also be found in this area.

For those interested in building savings, it pays to monitor the offer of building societies, or contact a financial advisor who can compare current conditions and recommend a suitable savings bank and tariff.

For more than 25 years of existence on the Czech market, building savings has become one of the most popular ways for Czechs to value their savings. This type of savings owes its security, simplicity and also guaranteed state support, which reaches up to 2,000 crowns per year. The condition for obtaining state support is to save at least six years and not collect the saved money during this time. In order to achieve the highest state support, it is necessary to send 20,000 crowns to the account during the year – it is based on 1,667 crowns per month.


Fifty foreign companies interested in Colombia | Economy

The Ministry of Commerce is advancing in a relocation strategy for companies from different parts of the world with an interest in investing in Colombia, as part of the strategy for commercial and industrial reactivation in the country.

(Lea: Colombia identifies US companies that would relocate to the country)
This ‘nearshoring’ would give the nation an advantage in different sectors, such as the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing and supplies for footwear, clothing and textiles, the automotive, food and beverage industries, BPO, software and digital innovation.

(Lea: Colombian exports by FTA are 69.7% of the total)

The pandemic accelerated the process of reorganization of trade and, in the opinion of the Ministry and various experts, the country has much to offer.

(Lea: Cargo handled by ports fell 9.8%)
“Through this investment relocation strategy, which we have been building in conjunction with AmCham Colombia, the Colombian Embassy in the United States and ambassadors from other regions of the world, we are trying to identify which multinationals, and from which regions, They are looking for a new organization of their supply chains to strengthen their supply bases and get closer to their final consumers ”, said the Minister of Commerce, José Manuel Restrepo.

In the segmentation carried out by the Ministry, there are 596 companies, of which 421 have been contacted and, as a result, 50 companies with interest and potential to relocate in Colombia were found. Of these, 18 are from North America, 14 from Asia, 12 from Europe, and six from Latin America.

Regarding the names of the companies, the Minister indicated that he reserves the name for confidentiality, but the sectors are already defined. Among the segmentation criteria of these companies, the high potential for expansion stands out, those that can settle in Colombia and use the country as an export platform; capital funds that leverage investments from firms with export potential and, finally, companies that are carrying out relocation processes from Asia.

For the director of AmCham Colombia, María Claudia Lacouture, the ‘nearshoring’ process has been taking place for two years as a result of the commercial tension between China and the United States, and it accelerated with the effects that the pandemic has generated on trade of covid-19.

“In particular from the United States, companies that had production in China or Asia began to look for options for a closer and more efficient supply, and as such, regional value chains are strengthened. Due to our proximity to the United States, this is a great opportunity for the country and will allow better use of the free trade agreement and promote the diversification of exports, ”he explained.

Among the points to improve is productivity in the country’s companies. “There is an important gap in productivity between Colombia and the United States, if we do not work on this the opportunities will not come, so we can identify many and this is the time for Colombia to do so,” he added.

According to the directive, there are also consumer-facing possibilities in fashion items, electronics and digital technology, toys, hobby items, DIY, furniture, household appliances, food and personal care products.
In the case of B2B, it is in chemical products, furniture, household appliances, common metals and tools, fashion items, electronics and technology, stone, cement, ceramic products and glass.

“We know six companies; two of them from the agricultural sector, one installed that seeks to increase its participation in the country in other sectors and make another investment due to the strategy of the parent company, another that arrives and is validating its investment; In the automotive sector we have a company installed that will soon make an announcement of a large reinvestment, another in textiles with a change in production through an alliance with a North American company to complement it, and another offer in the pharmaceutical sector. We hope that before the year is out, we will reveal the name of one or two of these, ”said Lacouture.

For Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia, segmentation may vary, and explained that the main “objective is to promote Colombia as an ideal destination for the ‘nearshoring’ of international companies that seek to reorganize their supply chains to respond to the situation.”

For Santoro, the specific results of this strategy in the short and medium term will be seen once the due processes that involve materializing an investment in Colombia are completed.

“The strategy is a fundamental part of the economic reactivation plan Compromiso por Colombia, with the goal of attracting foreign investment by 2022 for US $ 11,500 million in non-mining energy sectors,” he said.


Up to 30 euros more: caring for relatives can increase the pension

Caring for a loved one is a physical and emotional challenge. Financially, however, there can be an advantage, for example if you have to retire early because of care.

Around 3.4 million people in need of care live in Germany. More than 2 million of them are cared for at home – often by relatives who either have a job or are retired.

For many, care can pay off, explains the German Pension Insurance Association in Berlin. Because under certain conditions, the long-term care funds pay contributions to the statutory pension insurance.

This is the case, for example, if the family carer has retired early. In this case, the pension contributions are paid by the long-term care insurance fund until reaching the standard retirement age. The advantage: the later pension increases.

For retirees and employees

Pension contributions are also paid if the carer is in partial pension, i.e. not drawing the full pension. For the entitlement to pension contributions through the long-term care insurance, it is sufficient if 1 percent of the full pension is waived. The pension contributions of the long-term care insurance also increase your own pension in this case. However, those affected should clarify in advance whether receiving a partial pension is worthwhile while caring for them, preferably in a personal consultation.

For those who care for family members – as well as neighbors or acquaintances – on an honorary basis, i.e. “not for work”, the long-term care funds pay contributions to the pension insurance – under these conditions:

  • The person being cared for must have care level 2 or higher.
  • You have to look after them for at least ten hours over at least two days a week.
  • In addition, the actual professional working hours must not exceed 30 hours per week.
  • The person to be cared for must also be entitled to benefits from social (statutory) or private long-term care insurance.
  • In addition, care must be provided in the home environment.
  • The residence of the person being cared for is in Germany, in the European Economic Area or in Switzerland.

In addition, care must also be necessary, which must first be attested by the medical service of the health insurance companies (MDK).

Between 5 and 30 euros more pension

If these requirements are met, the care periods are considered Contribution time counted and on the so-called waiting period counted. This is the minimum insurance period for benefits from the pension insurance (pension entitlement). In addition, the long-term care fund pays contributions for the pension. The monthly pension for one year of care is currently between around 5 and 30 euros, depending on the effort and level of care.

How many contributions these are in detail and how this affects the pension depends, among other things, on the time spent by the caregivers, the level of care and the location where the care is provided. In the case of shared care, the pension contribution is divided among the carers.

For those who are already drawing a regular old-age pension, the pension increases through contributions from the long-term care insurance. However, the contribution payments end when the retirement pension is drawn as a so-called full pension. Because these people are no longer subject to pension insurance under the law.

Further information is available from the German Federal Pension Insurance Fund on the free service telephone number 0800 1000 4800.


Market development – direct bank ING is considering penalty interest for new customers

Commercial banks currently have to pay 0.5 percent interest when they park excess funds at the European Central Bank (ECB). Even if there are now tax exemptions for certain sums, this remains a billion dollar burden for the industry. More and more financial institutions are passing the costs on and charging customers negative interest – sometimes from the first euro.

In order to offer customers an alternative to overnight money and savings accounts with low interest rates, ING Germany is making a new offer for investing in stocks and funds. “We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get started with securities savings and are therefore abolishing the minimum amount for all securities savings plans,” announced CEO Nick Jue. “From November 1st, we will be offering all of our securities savings plans from a monthly rate of one euro. It is up to our customers to decide what amount they want to regularly invest in securities.”

For years, the direct bank called ING-Diba attracted customers with comparatively high interest rates. But in the current low interest rates, deposits cost money. That is why the institute, which has only operated under the name of the Dutch parent company ING since November 2018, is trying to do more business with its customers.

“It is about a closer connection with our customers. We need profitable growth, which is why we are now relying fully on our house bank customers”, Jue affirmed. The number of house bank customers increased by 200,000 to more than two million in the first half of the year. These are customers who not only park money with the institute, but also generate commission income – for example through construction financing, consumer loans or securities savings.

For this course, Jue is again cutting back on an ambitious goal: According to management estimates, the institute, which is active in Germany and Austria, will not break the ten million mark for private customers this year either. Jue had set this target for 2019 and then postponed it to 2020. “The nice thing is: We are still growing – despite new fees. The goal of ten million customers has become less important for us, even if I would like to continue to achieve that,” said the CEO in an interview with dpa.

After years of expansion, customer growth stagnates. In the first six months of the current year, the bottom line was 33,000 additional private customers. In the first half of 2019 there were 150,000, last year a total of 215,000.

“We may win fewer new customers in the full year than last year, but I expect that growth will continue in the second half of the year,” Jue forecast for 2020. The number of private customers is currently just over 9.6 million.

One possible reason for the reluctance: the direct bank abolished the free current account without any preconditions. Since May, the institute has been charging 4.90 euros per month from customers who only use an ING current account for cash parking. A monthly payment of at least 700 euros is required. “We lost some inactive customers who deleted their account details. It wasn’t the big wave,” said Jue.


Rolls-Royce makes a loss of six billion euros

Aviation is on the ground in the Corona crisis. Because no aircraft are bought for this reason, fewer engines are needed. The British manufacturer Rolls-Royce is now feeling this strongly.

The British engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce suffered a loss of 5.4 billion pounds (around six billion euros) in the first half of the year due to falling orders from the aviation industry – a sum that is almost the cost of the Berlin airport breakdown BER corresponds. Rolls-Royce will therefore sell parts of the company in addition to the job cuts that have already been announced and “examine other possibilities to strengthen the finances,” as the company announced on Thursday.

Many people still associate Rolls-Royce with a manufacturer of luxury cars. In fact, the company sold its auto division years ago and since then has only produced engines for aircraft manufacturers – who in turn currently sell almost no machines due to the corona-related restrictions on air traffic.

Rolls Royce plans to cut 9,000 jobs

In this sense, the enormous loss compared to the German car manufacturer VW, which recorded a loss of 1.4 billion euros in the first half of the year, is hardly surprising. Because engines are significantly more expensive than cars.

Rolls-Royce had therefore already announced in May that it would cut at least 9,000 of the approximately 52,000 jobs worldwide. German jobs are also affected. Among other things, 550 jobs in the plant in Dahlewitz (Brandenburg) are to be cut.

The engine manufacturer announced that 4,000 employees had left the company by Thursday and another 5,000 would follow by the end of the year. Around 2,500 of them went in early Interest or after a severance payment.

Rolls-Royce aims to save around 1.3 billion pounds by the end of 2022. The sale of parts of the company is expected to bring in another two billion pounds in the next 18 months, including the Spanish supplier IP Aero. Rolls-Royce had already made a loss in the first half of 2019, it was 909 million pounds. The reason were technical problems with certain engines.


All pension information will soon be available centrally on the web

So far, retirement and retirement planning have meant a lot of paperwork. That should change now: The government is planning a website on which all information on statutory, private and company pensions will come together.

In future, German citizens should receive an official overview of their personal security in old age on the Internet. The planned Portal intended to provide information on legal, private and corporate Interest include. That wants a corresponding decision Federal Cabinet take hold on Wednesday.

The law is intended to set up a website that provides the insured with “as complete, understandable, reliable and comparable information as possible on the status of individual old-age insurance,” as the draft from the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs says. The portal is to be built up gradually by 2023.

The Federal Ministries for Social Affairs and Finance announced last year that citizens could use the planned platform to view the benefits they had already achieved and what they could still achieve by the time they retire – with model calculations if possible. Union and SPD had a “cross-pillar pension information” in Coalition agreement agreed.

Every pension provider still has its own website

So far, there have been different providers for the respective retirement benefits, which provide information about interim results in their own form. The German Pension insurance supported the project of government.

The Economic Council of the was generally positive about the project CDU, but warned: The system should be provided by a neutral provider. “Such a body must not pursue its own interests and must create its data independently of any political influence,” said Wolfgang Steiger, Secretary General of the Economic Council. “Depending on your political background, one could Federal government succumb to the temptation to fear Old-age poverty to fire or to dampen. “

Steiger also criticized that, for example, rental income or capital investments should not be taken into account. Every citizen must also be able to simulate for himself how much longer employment increases his pension and, if necessary, closes the gap to the desired pension.


Lavrov said about the management of the Belarusian opposition from the West :: Politics :: RBK

Sergey Lavrov

(Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes that Western forces rule the Belarusian opposition. He stated this in an interview with Channel One following a meeting with US First Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan. Its decryption published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“We drew attention to the initiative of the President of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko, which he put forward even before the presidential elections and repeated already in the post-election period, – the initiative for constitutional reform as a basis for consolidating society with the subsequent organization of presidential, parliamentary and local government elections. I believe that a hand is extended to all those who are interested in a stable, united Belarus. It, of course, should be noticed by the opposition and those of our Western partners who are now leading this opposition, ”Lavrov said.

According to him, Russia does not consider it possible to try to impose mediators on the Belarusian leadership and the people from outside, “be it the OSCE, the EU, or some separate neighboring country”.

The minister called Belarusians a wise people who can determine the forms of national dialogue and how it will help to overcome the difficulties that have arisen now.

According to Lavrov, the American ambassador heard serious warnings from Russia about the activities of circles that, “say, in Poland and Lithuania express dissatisfaction with the normalization of the situation in Belarus, and are also trying to provoke violent actions in order to provoke an appropriate response from the security officials.”

Protests after the presidential elections in Belarus. the main thing

Photo: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

Lavrov called the meeting with the American diplomat useful, but expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the Belarusian opposition council. “We would very much like to understand what are the political criteria on which this coordinating council wants to function. There was a lot of contradictory information about the council’s program, ”said the head of Russian diplomacy.

According to him, on the website of opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the goals pursued by this body were described very contradictory. The minister also noted that the composition of the coordinating council also raises questions, since many of its members learned that they are included in it, after the fact.

Rebecca Ross, former spokesman for the US Embassy in Russia reported on Twitter that Lavrov at a meeting with Bigan discussed the situation in Belarus. The American diplomat condemned the use of violence against the protesters and expressed support for the sovereignty of Belarus and the right of its people to self-determination.

Tihanovskaya announced on the creation of an opposition coordination council for the transfer of power in the country on August 14. It is planned to include representatives of associations interested in national dialogue, including labor collectives, parties and trade unions. On the fact of the creation of the coordination council of the opposition, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus aroused criminal case.

Russian Foreign Ministry reported warning to Washington on Belarus

Sergey Lavrov

The reason for the creation of the council was the results of the presidential elections held in Belarus on August 9. By data The Central Election Commission of the republic, the victory was won by Alexander Lukashenko, for whom 80.1% of voters (4 661 075 people) voted. For his main rival Svetlana Tikhanovskaya – 10.1% (588,622 people). However, her headquarters did not recognize the election results and demanded transfer of power by peaceful means.

Since then, rallies have been held in Belarusian cities. The demonstrators are demanding a recount; in the first days of the protests, the security forces dispersed them using special means.

Thousands of protest march in Minsk. Photo report

Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka / AP


Efremov read a speech at the trial

Efremov said that he went to court for the truth, but met witnesses who change their testimony, and ridicule his expert

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

During a court hearing in the case of a fatal traffic accident with the participation of Mikhail Efremov, the actor explained why he appeared without a lawyer. This was reported by the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alyona Martynova from the courtroom.

– Dear court, I still remember almost nothing from that day. I know that I took a taxi.

Efremov said that he went to court for the truth, and met witnesses who change their testimony, and ridicule of his expert.

– I went to court for the truth, so that they explained to me where I really was. What did I see? Witnesses who hearsay said that I was driving, who changed their testimony, like Don Juan women. Medical examiner with toys – Barbie dolls and cars. She said that the car with the victim was turned clockwise, so Zakharov could not get worse. Although the video shows that the car was turned against. In addition, every 10 minutes from my phone there was a call to a certain number (read out the number), – said Efremov.

He also stated that the examination of the electronics in his car had not been carried out, and that Efremov himself could have been in the passenger seat, since an airbag had fired on him upon impact.

– The testimony of expert Fialko was ridiculed. Although not checking the electronics in an American car is at least strange. The passenger’s airbag went off, perhaps I was there, – noted Efremov.

The actor also said that he continues to search for a new lawyer.

– Over the weekend, my wife received a lot of calls and messages from lawyers, 2/3 of them were useless. Tomorrow we will decide who will represent my interests. Why not spend this day and a half on a biological examination?

The court sessions were postponed until August 31, so that Efremov could find a new lawyer.


Zadornov disclosed the details of Otkritie’s sale options :: Finance :: RBC

According to him, in the spring of 2022, during the IPO, 20-25% of the asset can be sold. The bank was sanitized through the Federal Security Service

Mikhail Zadornov

(Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti)

The chairman of the board of Otkritie Bank Mikhail Zadornov told Forbes in an interview that in March investment banks submitted their proposals on the future fate of the financial institution. The point is to sell 20-25% of Otkrytie at the first stage.

“There are different opinions about whether it is worth conducting an IPO or private placement, that is, selling to a strategist. Most banks nevertheless advise to go for an IPO, while not excluding the possibility that if someone offers good money, for example for Rosgosstrakh or NPFs, the Central Bank may sell these assets separately, ”Zadornov said.

Zadornov predicted a decline in return on deposits in rubles below 5%

Mikhail Zadornov

He noted that due to the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, banking assets are now “not fairly priced.” According to him, it is advisable to make an assessment at the beginning of next year, when the market will recover.

“In 2021, all Otkritie group companies must show results that will become the basis for the sale,” Zadornov said, noting that the IPO indicative dates moved to the spring of 2022.

Regarding the work of Otkrytie under quarantine measures, the bank’s chairman of the board noted that already in May the entire network was operating at almost full capacity, although only a third of the points worked in the first week of April. “We see that from mid-May activity in all areas has been recovering, and now we are changing the risk policy in relation to retail lending,” said Zadornov.

The Central Bank will postpone the sale of the sanctioned Otkrytie Bank due to a pandemic

Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS

The transfer of the sale of “Discovery” from the fall of 2021 to the spring of 2022 on June 5 was announced by the head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina. She noted that the Bank of Russia is interested in selling the asset “as quickly as possible”, but pointed out that potential investors should evaluate the state of Otkrytie and its prospects after emerging from the pandemic.

Otkrytie is the first bank to undergo a financial recovery under the new scheme. Since August 2017, its reorganization has been carried out under the control of the Central Bank, through the Banking Sector Consolidation Fund (FSBS). The Central Bank received a 99% stake in a credit institution, and later merged with Binbank, which was rehabilitated by a similar scheme. At the end of 2019, the combined bank ranked seventh in terms of assets (2.3 trillion rubles) in the Russian banking sector.