Sedena pilot couple disappears; investigate item

Sedena pilot couple disappears; investigate item

Yunitci Dayana, 21, was reported missing by her relatives on February 15. Photo: Special


For her probable responsibility in the crime of bribery related to the disappearance of her sentimental partner, a young woman identified as Yunitci, a pilot member of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) was presenting to the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.

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21-year-old Yunitci Dayana, was reported missing by her relatives on February 15, after they noticed her absence from her daily activities, so they began the corresponding investigations.

In this way, the Prosecutor asked the Sedena, to grant the necessary facilities to present to Kevin N, element of the woman’s dependency and sentimental partner, so that she initially appeared as a witness to the disappearance.

It was also requested as probable responsible for bribery offense; The foregoing, as part of the Zero Tolerance to Impunity in Violence against Women in the Mexican Army and Air Force policy, the agency said in a statement.

The pilot was arrested for trying to bribe authorities investigating the disappearance of his girlfriend, who would have been pregnant.

According to the Sedena, the corresponding instructions have been turned on to provide all necessary support to the relatives of Yunitci.

He warned that he will not tolerate or conceal under any circumstances any act that threatens the safety and integrity of women, in any form.

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