Kim Kardashian West’s grandmother, MJ, has been “self-quarantined for over a month” | Fun

Kim Kardashian West’s grandmother, MJ, was “self-quarantined for over a month” amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kris Jenner’s 85-year-old mother and the grandmother of Kardashian and Jenner’s children – including Kim and her sisters Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, as well as her brother Rob Kardashian – stayed at home to reduce […]

Kourtney Kardashian shares photos from the past of the family vacation in Wyoming

Recently it seemed to suggest that the coronavirus pandemic was a punishment sent by God in a threatening post on social media. But Kourtney Kardashian had a lighter tone on Thursday, when the 40-year-old reality TV star remembered a previous family trip to Wyoming. ‘[D]aydreaming “, Kardashian’s older brother wrote a caption on the series […]

Kourtney Kardashian believes that coronavirus is God’s punishment for evil

Kourtney Kardashian claims to believe that God is punishing the world with coronavirus. The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians thinks that the global pandemic is a punishment for all the evil in the world. The 40-year-old took her story on Instagram to share a passage from the Bible with the words “beware of […]

Kourtney Kardashian “cashes” on the coronavirus by promoting luxury emergency kits

Kourtney Kardashian appears to be taking this moment of global crisis to “cash in” on the COVID-19 pandemic. As panic spreads around the world, Kourtney’s Poosh lifestyle website lets fans know how to prepare for the worst, while countries block their borders and ban travel. In an article titled “HOW TO PREPARE for coronavirus”, the […]