Letters: in the rush to stock up, we shouldn’t forget to use our local businesses

SIR – While in these uncertain times supermarkets are going through a field day, with bare shelves and many thousands of online orders, let’s not forget our independent stores. We should support local suppliers – butchers, bakers, farm shops and others – and perhaps encourage them to start weekly home deliveries in order to keep […]

Letters: Rishi Sunak left an impression of hope for post-coronavirus Britain

SIR – Rishi Sunak has been impressive. It was difficult to believe that he had been a registrar for only a few weeks. He had a good knowledge of all areas of spending and taxation and developed convincing arguments, for example on the importance of entrepreneurs. On the contrary, Jeremy Corbyn had nothing new to […]

Mailbag: prosecute Trump for his crimes | Letters

Donald Trump has committed crimes. We know this because Michael Cohen is doing three years in prison for conspiring with Trump on the crime commission. The collusion between the two led in particular to cash payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal in violation of electoral law. Given that Cohen is in prison for these […]