The plague, mirror of History

Pedro García CuartangoFOLLOW Updated:03/28/2020 23: 53h save The plague has always been a scourge of humanity. The Roman Empire lost a third of its population to the smallpox, called Antonine plague, but viruses had already wreaked havoc on Pericles’ Athens seven centuries earlier. Nothing new under the sun. Communicable diseases have decimated the population, have […]

Herbert Kremp ✝︎: He recognized the statesman in Helmut Kohl

AWhen I read Herbert Kremp’s article for the first time in the 1970s, I did so with a certain shivering fascination. As a leftist who was shaped by the student movement, I found the authoritarian relentlessness that we ascribed to bourgeois society as a whole to the extreme. There was someone who knew exactly how […]

Don Alphonso: Italy can lockdown. Germany rather not

At night as well as during the day they moved into this, now into that tavern, drank without measure and goal and did all this even worse in strange houses, tells Giovanni Boccaccio about the plague in Florence in 1348, and now in times of corona search one could of course ask where these pleasurable […]

Vegan burgers: how healthy are meat substitutes really?

eThere are many reasons not to eat meat: the suffering of animals, the destruction of natural habitats, the share of climate change. But factual arguments fade against the appetite for steak and schnitzel. However, some meat eaters seem to have a guilty conscience and this opens up a new business model. More and more companies […]