Kiev Patriarch demanded another tomos from Constantinople :: Society :: RBC

Filaret Denisenko

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Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople should give the Ukrainian Church a new Tomos of independence. This was stated by the leader of the non-canonical Kiev Patriarchate Filaret Denisenko in an interview with the Apostrof.

According to Filaret, the tomos issued to Ukraine in 2019 does not make the Ukrainian church autocephalous, but subordinates it to Constantinople. In order for the Ukrainian church to be independent, the tomos had to be given to the patriarchy, not the metropolis. “And he wanted her to be dependent on him. Therefore, he demanded of us, he demanded that we renounce the patriarchy and that I, as the patriarch, should not put forward my candidacy, ”he explained.

This dependence is manifested in the fact that the jurisdiction of the autocephalous Ukrainian Church extends only to the territory of Ukraine, and those citizens of the country who live abroad should belong to the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Moreover, he noted that the Ukrainian church has no right to cook its own world, which also makes it dependent. “They will give peace – we can [соблюдать обряды], they won’t give it, we can’t, ”he emphasized.

PCU deprived Honorary Patriarch Filaret of membership in the Holy Synod

Patriarch Filaret


Poroshenko in the decline of Russia’s GDP saw a “unique opportunity” to return to the Crimea :: Policy :: RBC

According to the former President of Ukraine, the chance to “force Russia to withdraw from Donbass and the Crimea” appeared when in the country there was “a deep crisis”. He believes that Russia’s economy is “not able to Fund this “suitcase without a handle”

Petro Poroshenko

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The economic crisis that unfolded because of the coronavirus, can create the conditions to “force Russia to withdraw from Donbass and the Crimea”. The former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with the Ukrainian musician Sergey Zhadan for radio “Trident FM”. Channel “Direct” was also a live video from Poroshenko during his conversation with Jade.

According to Poroshenko, an opportunity “to strengthen international solidarity and to force Russia to leave from Donbass and the Crimea, fulfilling the commitments that were signed under the pressure of the Normandy format, the EU and American partners” Ukraine has appeared, “when in Russia [развернулся] a deep crisis with a 5 percent decline in GDP”. He also believes that such a situation “the Russian economy is not able to Finance this “suitcase without a handle”.

Poroshenko called the condition of rejection of claims to the Crimea

Petro Poroshenko (center)

In addition, Poroshenko said that “he [президент России Владимир] Putin signed a decree about the annexation of Crimea, Putin himself gave instructions to the chief of the General staff to [на территорию полуострова] broke Russian paratroopers in August 2014”.

Zhadan also asked the former President what he saw in the eyes of Putin at a meeting in the Normandy format. “The desire of the world there, I just saw. The hatred of Ukraine and Ukrainians I saw there,” — said Poroshenko.


In Kiev said about the innocence of Biden’s record in the Ukraine the bribe :: Policy :: RBC

Anti-corruption authorities suspected the management of the company Burisma, the Board of Directors which included the son of former Vice-President of the United States, the attempted bribe of $6 million, which is called the largest in the history of Ukraine

Joe Biden

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Former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden and his son hunter are irrelevant to the case about the bribe to the leadership of anti-corruption authorities of Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) Nazar Golodnitsky, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“Let’s put an end to this once and for all. Biden-Biden Jr. and Sr. in this particular production do not appear”, — he said.

We are talking about a bribe of $6 million to the leadership of the SAP and the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), which tried to give for the closure of the episode against the President of the company Burisma, the former Minister of ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky. According to the Director of NABU Artem Sytnik, the bribe was intended for the closure of the case, which led the company contributed to the appropriation of funds of a stabilization loan from the National Bank issued a “real Bank”.

Sitnic also noted that this is a record in the history of Ukraine a bribe.

The entry in facebook user


Ukrainian security officials announced the possibility of arrest Poroshenko :: Policy :: RBC

In the RRG reported that the notice of suspicion in committing a crime was handed Poroshenko the building Department on behalf of the attorney General.

Poroshenko himself on his page in the network Facebook said that came in RRT, to “tell in their eyes that they are breaking the law, trying to establish an authoritarian regime in Ukraine,” but he “absolutely illegally” tried to deliver a notification on suspicion.

“They’ve painted themselves into a corner — an attempt to blame the President and is the current MP of can be taken only by the Prosecutor General. What happens now is irrelevant to the rule of law, democracy or the investigation of crime. This is double standards, harassment of the opposition and the attack on the leader of the opposition”, — wrote Poroshenko.

Poroshenko’s lawyer Ilya Novikov said that the claim to the ex-President connected with the appointment of Sergei Semochko first Deputy SVR, calling the proceedings a “legal trash”.

Poroshenko said about the operation of the Kremlin with the participation of the office Zelensky

“Once my colleagues went to the coroner’s office, even before the interrogation began, we were approached by an employee of the attorney General’s office <...> and tried to give him suspicion. Because it was not according to the law and procedure, we refused to communicate with this person,” — said Novikov (quote according to the press service of the party “European solidarity”), noting that Poroshenko is trying to prosecute “without any reason”.

In April, the General Prosecutor’s office started a criminal investigation against the former President of Petro Poroshenko on four articles in connection with the illegal actions of the President and other persons in the publication of decrees on appointment of judges of the Supreme court in 2017 and 2019.

In may in Kiev was made public recordings of the people with the voices similar to voices Poroshenko, Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden and the Secretary of state of the United States John Kerry during which they discussed the resignation of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. The Pechersky district court in Kyiv made a decision that obliges the Prosecutor General to start investigation of the case.

In addition, the ex-President of Ukraine already appears in 16 criminal cases, but passes on most of them as a witness.


National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine proposed Zelensky to extend sanctions against VKontakte :: Politics :: RBC

On May 15, Ukraine should expire sanctions against Russian Internet services that were introduced by Petro Poroshenko in 2017. National Security and Defense Council proposes to extend them

Photo: Sergey Konkov / TASS

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine submitted to the office of the President of the country a draft decree on the extension of sanctions against Russian Internet services and social networks, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. This is stated in the message of the NSDC on the page on Facebook.

“Based on the results of consideration by the majority of members of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, a decision on the application, cancellation and amendment of restrictive measures (sanctions) was adopted,” the report said.

Sanctions against a number of Russian companies, social networks and individuals were introduced in Ukraine in May 2017. The corresponding decree was signed by Petro Poroshenko, who then held the post of head of state. In addition to services, Yandex services were also sanctioned. As a result, they were blocked in the country. The validity of sanctions and, accordingly, blocking should expire on May 15, 2020. At the time of blocking, the VKontakte site was the third most popular in the country, second only to the search engines Google and YouTube, and Yandex shared fourth and fifth places, Odnoklassniki were in tenth.

According to SimilarWeb, in January 2017, Ukraine accounted for 17.6% of the total VKontakte traffic. As of May 2020, the share of traffic from Ukraine to VKontakte fell to 6.48%. At the same time, in Ukraine, the Russian social network remained in fourth place in terms of traffic among all sites, losing only Facebook from social networks. “Classmates” took ninth place. On the 12th place was the Ukrainian version of Yandex, and on the 14th was the Russian version. Portal dropped to 17th line.

Representatives of Mail.Ru Group, Yandex, Odnoklassniki and VKontakte declined to comment on RBC.


The deputy introduced to the Parliament a project to lift the ban on St. George ribbons :: Politics :: RBC

The deputy from the party “Opposition Platform – For Life” Nestor Shufrich introduced a bill to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the lifting of the ban on St. George ribbons. The document is published on the website of the Rada.

He proposed that the law “On Amendments to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses Regarding the Prohibition of Production and Propaganda of the St. George (Guard) Ribbon” be invalidated.

Poroshenko signed a law banning St. George’s ribbon in Ukraine

In June 2017, the then President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a law prohibiting the production and promotion of St. George ribbons in the country. Poroshenko said that they are a symbol of “aggression against Ukraine in 2014-2017,” and not World War II.

Public demonstration, use and wearing of this symbol or its image is punishable by a fine with confiscation of the ribbon or objects on which it is depicted, and for repeated violation – up to 15 days of arrest.