Cyprus is harming itself by blocking

GGreece and Cyprus, as EU members, can expect the Union to support them in the natural gas conflict with Turkey. The Member States have to decide together in what form and with what means it does this. If Cyprus on this matter Sanctions deems it necessary, it has to convince the partners of this. But the path it has taken is improper and even stupid.

It is also damaging the interests and reputation of Cyprus. By making its approval of sanctions against representatives of the Belarusian regime conditional on sanctions being adopted against Ankara, i.e. by linking two unrelated issues, the Cypriot government gives the impression that ME is blocked in foreign policy.

Turkey will see this as an encouragement to be even more brutal in the gas conflict. After all, small Cyprus only has a chance to protect its interests vis-à-vis the much larger Turkey if it has a truly capable EU at its side. Or is the Cypriot resistance directly related to Belarus? For many years, the Mediterranean island has been doing business with the fact that it serves as a transhipment point for all sorts of assets of post-Soviet oligarchs and politicians from murky sources. Is there money from Belarusian officials who are on the EU sanctions list?


Trump predicted a call from Iran nine seconds after re-election :: Politics :: RBC

The President of the United States believes that if he wins the presidential election, literally nine seconds after that, there will be a call from the Iranian authorities with the intentions to conclude a nuclear deal

Donald Trump

(Photo: Tony Dejak / AP)

U.S. President Donald Trump, addressing supporters in Dayton, Ohio, statedthat if he wins the presidential elections in November, Iran will sign an agreement on nuclear weapons as soon as possible.

“When will we win [на выборах], about nine seconds after this victory, we will get a call – and it will be Iran, willing to close the deal, ”said Trump.

According to the president, the current US administration wants Iran to conclude this deal. He stressed that Washington wishes only the very best for Tehran and wants this country to be strong. “[Но] they simply cannot have nuclear weapons. That’s all. It’s very simple, ”Trump said.

NYT reports Iran’s refusal to provoke Trump before elections

Фото: Majid Saeedi / Getty Images

The American leader said that he gave his subordinates an order not to negotiate with the Iranian side for the signing of this agreement. “They [иранцы] want to wait, ”concluded Trump.