Fujitsu Introduces New Scanner, Here’s the Advantages! – President Director of Fujitsu Indonesia, Odi Susilo Handoko, introduced the ScanSnap iX1300 scanner. Odi said the latest scanner product from Fujitsu offers a simple ‘one touch’ operating system, …

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Blood donation Biarritz August 28

Where Sang Biarritz Maison du don 28 August. Reserves are on the decline. On Tuesday August 28, before or after the beach, go through the Maison du don in ….

“The Covid is a sneaky animal”

In this second wave of Covid, some, influenced by the doubt entertained by deniers (there is no rebound, deaths are falsely labeled Covid …) still ask the question of the …

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Convenience stores without a cashier | VAT News

Buy merchandise without having to go through the checkout to pay. This is one of the technologies that the giant Alimentation Couche-Tard will soon be testing in certain convenience stores …

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