Calvados. A woman searches for her dog disappeared after a car accident

Wanting to avoid an animal, Jeanine Biendel went off the road at a place called The mare Angot at Géfosse-Fontenay, between Isigny-sur-Mer and Grandcamp-Maisy, Thursday 18 June 2020. When his vehicle began to catch fire, she made out his dog Bart. The time to save a few personal belongings, his pet has escaped.

After several beaten around, it’s impossible to find.

The owner has since launched a notice of disappearance on the social networks. More than a week after its leak, it was not found. The dog has the color of a fox (red), it is quite plump and has a flea collar.

For the report, please contact Jeanine Biendel 06 99 90 57 24.


Mafia: blitz of the police in Catania, the ordinance for up to 50 persons – Sicily

Large-scale operation against the mafia of the police in Catania with the execution of a supervision order in prison for more than 50 suspects of the clan’s ‘Hat-Bonaccorsi’.
The investigation of the office of the District Attorney etnea to the disarticulation of the clan also involves wives and children of the boss. In the blitz ‘Chameleon’ have engaged hundreds of men of the Police, special departments, and the nuclei of investigation, coordinated by the Dda of Catania and from the central operations Service. Are in course searches and seizures of goods.


Mafia: arrested the alleged accomplices of Matteo Messina denaro – the Chronicle

And’ in the course from the first light of dawn, a raid by the Police Was intended to fight organized crime in the Trapani Province and in that of Caserta. The Mobile Squad of Trapani, on behalf of the Antimafia District department of Palermo, is doing a lot of searches, and arrests in relation to favoreggiatori of Matteo Messina denaro.

Fifteen suspects in various capacities for mafia association, extortion, possession of weapons and aiding and abetting the hiding of mafia boss. Searched also the home of Castelvetrano, an official residence of the fugitive Messina denaro. The Mobile Team of Caserta, with the coordination of the District anti-Mafia of Naples, is executing numerous arrests against members of a criminal group headed by a former cutoliano, current regent of the Casalesi clan in the agro Teano. Among the arrested is also the contact person for the area of the federated clan “Pope”.