Still traveling in the middle of the Coronavirus

Frequent flyers quickly became frequent hand washing machines. And despite everything, some are still cleaning their tray tables and still flying. International travel bans are in effect and warnings against non-essential travel are in place. Companies have issued edicts to scrape travel and cancellations of almost all events and meetings have left few trips in […]

I had Coronavirus in mind that was traveling from the United States, but the return flight home showed that not everyone was taking it seriously

updated March 17, 2020 7:18:51 PM Photo: The airline took additional precautions and moved passengers so that there was at least one seat among unrelated travelers. (ABC News: Elysse Morgan) Related story: Coronavirus Update: Travel restrictions now in place, Australia’s death toll rises Related story: Trump criticized the chaos of the coronavirus in American airports […]

new concept of autonomous electric car

Hyundai is sailing into the future with its new electric car concept. The beautiful prophecy is the brand’s latest interpretation of the future of its electric vehicles. The elegant and sinuous concept is all smooth. The Prophecy has a short front similar to other EVs such as the Tesla Model 3 and the Porsche Taycan, […]

Intelligent travel planning in the time of Coronavirus

Should you postpone or cancel your trip due to coronavirus? Yes, no and maybe. For some destinations, the answer is clearly yes; others, a clear no. A growing number is perhaps becoming, where it really is a matter of how much worry and hassle you want to travel. … .