Owners dispelled myths about Renault Arkana

Despite the “dampness”, “Arkana” is not such a “terrible trait”, motorists are sure.

When you want a foreign car with a stylish look and cross-performance “not for all the money in the world”, Renault Arkana will certainly come into view at a price of 1.015 million rubles for a “base” with a 1.6-liter “atmosphere”, manual transmission and front-wheel drive . For the year of its presence in the market Arkana “overgrown” claims.

At the same time, not all deficiencies identified will “come out” in the purchased car. Confirmation of this can be considered a video review of the semi-annual ownership of the “base” Renault Arkana from the owner on the YouTube channel. “Arkanovod”, having passed the stage of “zero” TO, shared a comparative review on the network at the most common “sores” “Arcana” in the format of “complaints from the network and facts” on the example of his car. It turned out that “the devil is not so terrible,” although there are certain drawbacks.

Lack of staff sealant under the hood cover will turn into a quick and severe pollution of the “engine compartment”. Renault saved on the rubber band, but you can install it yourself. Noise release bearing present, however, the motorist called this problem “floating” – “that is, that is not.” Although netizens insist that this is a problem for all Renaults, as well as the hum mechanical “box” “Cold”, which itself passes after warming up.

Breakdowns front suspension – not a myth. Especially “hits” in the front “glasses” on strong bumps and at speed. Nevertheless, motorists do not consider the problem of mass – to whom as lucky. “Whistling” generator right “from the passenger compartment”, contrary to the opinions on the network, the car owner has not had a chance to listen yet, but splashing out of the coolant from the tank through leaks in the lid and “Stink” in the cabin – truth. “Treatment” with sealant “from the dealer” does not fix the problem.

Does “pop up” glass on the driver’s door when closing? If the glass “sits” tightly and does not “walk” by hand, then there is no marriage and there is no problem. A common complaint is “blunts” multimedia system at Renault Arkana. At the same time, its simplest version of the “calculator” works flawlessly, but to the operation and accuracy fuel level sensor there are complaints.

“None” sound insulation – also true. And here is a clanking hand floor in the back row – rather, a case of marriage. In the car in question, such a “jamb” was not found. How accurately and efficiently the air conditioner works can be judged with the onset of summer, and by the stove no questions.

It turned out that Arkana is not “alone” in its “jambs”: “All the jambs are like in my Audi 80 of 1988 onwards,” the network user states.


Entries can be submitted to the ‘Etxebegiak’ competition until 10 May

Sade and Ikertz have promoted a family initiative called ‘Etxebegiak’; participants will have to create a film at home. People of any age can participate, individually or in groups, if they have the same cohabitation unit. The subject is free. It can represent the reality of confinement, or reproduce a mythical movie scene. Entries can be submitted until May 10.

To participate, form one must be filled. Teaching Guide they have also prepared one to help participants, encourage them to think together, talk about the reality they want to portray and decide how to explain it.

There will be three opportunities to participate. The first, ‘Minuto Lumière’, is a tribute to the Lumière brothers, the inventors of cinema. The second, ‘Minute Alice Guy’, a tribute to the inventor of the cinematic language Alice Guy. Third, ‘Unmodified Opportunity’. The instructions for each option can be consulted in the teaching unit.

Candidates must follow the following rules: the short film must be original and unpublished, that is, it must never have been presented in the media (on the Internet, on television, in cinemas …), at a festival or in any competition. The title, description and credit titles of the short film must appear. It should last between one and three minutes. It can be in Basque, Spanish or mute. Works will be accepted in any digital format. They also warned that the organization will reject and remove all videos that violate people’s honor or right to privacy, that contain racist messages, or that apologize for the violence.

The works that have reached the final will jump to the big screen at the Looks Amateur Film Festival. These works will be screened in a round table moderated by film professionals. Numerous prizes will be distributed among the winners of the different categories. Competition all bases are available online.


Brussels says it does not work to create an EU ‘bad bank’

TheEuropean Commission has confirmed this Monday that it is not working to launch a ‘bad bank’system that allows the bank balance sheets to be released from thousands of toxic assets and recalled that theblock already has “tools and standards” to “ensure robustness”of financial institutions.

Brussels has thus left the passage of theinformation published by the British newspaper ‘Financial Times’according to which high officials of the Community Executive have rejected the proposal to create an entity of these characteristics as their counterparts from the European Central Bank (ECB) had proposed.

“We have seen the press reports about the creation of a bad bank. I can confirm thatno work in progress on this issue in the European Commission“The Financial Services spokesman of the European Commission, Daniel Ferrie, expressed in a press conference.

The spokesman recalled thatthe EU “already has a wide range of toolsand rules to ensure the strength of financial market players, “as well as that community authorities” continue to closely monitor “the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the real economy and finances.

Along these same lines, he has highlighted thatBrussels already published a ‘bad bank’ modelso that Member States can create this type of entity, but always at the national level, with the aim of reducing the burden of bad loans (NPL).

As published by the prestigious British newspaper,Senior ECB officials have maintained contacts with their counterparts in Brusselswith the aim of establishing a ‘bad bank’ in the euro zone that allows the balance sheets of the region’s banks to be freed from billions of toxic credits that banks still accumulate.

Toxic credits

The idea of ​​the ECB was to rid the eurozone banks of the ballast of billions of dubious loans on their balance sheets as a legacy of the 2008 financial crisis before the pandemic re-triggered the banks’ bad debt portfolios, hindering banks’ lending capacity at a critical moment.

Nevertheless,The ‘Financial Times’ indicates that the ECB’s idea would have been rejectedby senior officials in Brussels, who argue that there are better ways to tackle the problem of toxic credits, although sources consulted by the newspaper warned that high-level talks are still at a very early stage and it is not ruled out that more Later, in the last phase of the pandemic, they can be resumed.

At the end of 2019, the volume of non-performing loans (NPLs) of the 121 largest banks in the euro area was around 506,000 million euros, around 3.2% of the balance sheets, which represents practically half that of four years ago , although Greek, Cypriot, Portuguese and Italian banks still have NPL ratios above 6%.


“I feel like I am working three times more today than before”

TESTIMONIALS – Whether they are entrepreneurs, managers or employees, all of them bear witness to an overloaded daily life since the start of confinement.

Before, teleworking was a way of working more efficiently at home, possibly keeping some free activity gained during transport time.
Before, teleworking was a way of working more efficiently at home, possibly keeping some free activity gained during transport time. Jan Scherders / BSIP / Jan Scherders / BSIP

“I have never worked so hard.” This little phrase is heard more and more. With the economy almost at a standstill, large companies, entrepreneurs, managers and employees are doing everything to save what can be saved. In new conditions. Before, teleworking was a way of working more efficiently at home, possibly keeping some free activity gained during transport time. Containment turns all habits upside down.

Confined to Carqueiranne in the Var, Ludovic Subran, chief economist at Allianz, looks up from his computer even less than usual. “Economists must give visibility to a world that has never been so incomprehensible. Things happen every day, so we run our models every day! ”, says the young man, who has “Never wrote so many notes to help decisions”.

My stone in the building seems very thin next to the one who makes sure we can eat or the one who cares for our loved ones

Ludovic Subran, chief economist at Allianz

On a practical level, “We have no problem because we are in the knowledge economy: I am with my

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digital tools sometimes indomitable

Since the start of confinement, a number of employees have been missed by telework and are struggling to adapt to these new technologies.

Security breaches in the video conferencing star app, Zoom, were unveiled in early April.
Security breaches in the video conferencing star app, Zoom, were unveiled in early April. DADO RUVIC / REUTERS

In a few days, sometimes in a few hours, companies have converted to telework. If everything went well for most employees, it is far from being general. In an emergency, solutions were put in place without the necessary usage precautions. For example, the National Assembly, which organized its meetings on Zoom before security breaches appeared. The quick fix has taken lead in the wing. Since then, many companies and organizations have back pedaled and are looking for alternative solutions.

Fortunately, not all stories of telework misses have serious implications. “An employee alerted us because his computer was not working: he had no internet connection”laughs an HR manager. “We have meetings on Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, Zoom … names that I didn’t know a month ago”, says, overwhelmed, part of a large group. Confusions that sometimes give rise to situations

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VW starts production in Zwickau on Monday

VAfter a production break of five weeks, olkswagen starts up its plants again next week. The beginning of next Monday will be the VW plants in the Slovakian capital Bratislava and in Saxon Zwickau, the company announced on Wednesday in Wolfsburg. In Zwickau, the VW brand builds its first pure electric model, the ID 3.

Carsten Germis

The electric car, which has been announced with great effort, is to be delivered to European customers from summer onwards and is the core of VW CEO Herbert Diess’ strategy for the turn to electromobility. The restart of production in the other German VW plants and in Spain, Portugal, Russia and the United States will also begin in the week of April 27. The factories in South America and South Africa are to follow successively over the course of May.

The manager Ralf Brandstätter, responsible for the VW brand for the operative business, said on Wednesday evening that with the decisions of the federal and state governments and with the relaxation of measures to combat the corona virus in other European countries, “the framework has been created, the production again to be able to record gradually “. This also means that car dealerships will be open to customers again next week. Volkswagen has been preparing intensively for the restart in the past three weeks, it said in Wolfsburg.

“A standard in industry”

“In addition to developing a comprehensive catalog of measures to protect the health of the workforce, we also pushed ahead with the reconstruction of our supply chains,” said Brandstätter. The falling demand and growing problems with the supply of components had, in addition to the state requirements for protection against Corona, led to the fact that CEO Diess announced the production stop in Volkswagen’s European plants in mid-March.

The start of production takes place in accordance with the current availability of parts, the state requirements and the development in the sales markets, according to the VW announcement. The board member responsible for production at the VW brand, Andreas Tostmann, said that the health of employees is a priority when starting up production. VW wants to keep the risk of infection as low as possible with around 100 health protection measures. This ranges from wearing a mask to safety distances and hygiene rules, right up to being asked to regularly measure your body temperature. Works council chief Bernd Osterloh said that VW was “setting a standard in industry”.

An important start

In doing so, VW also draws on its experience in China, where production is resumed in 32 of the 33 plants that the company operates there with its cooperation partners. In China, many consistent measures to protect health have been consistently implemented, according to the VW announcement. “There was no case of Covid-19 in the workforce there.”

In order to ensure the supply of the plants in the East Asian country, the VW component plants in Braunschweig and Kassel started production again on April 6th. The component plants in Salzgitter, Chemnitz and Hanover as well as in Poland followed after Easter. “The gradual start-up of our factories was important in order to secure supplies to the overseas factories,” said Thomas Schmall, CEO of the Volkswagen Group Component brand.

Now it was a matter of “supplying components to all vehicle manufacturing plants across all brands”. In the component factories, among other things, engines and transmissions are built for the group brands.


Volkswagen plans to ramp up production at the end of April

Volkswagen plans to restart vehicle production in Germany at the end of April. The factories in Wolfsburg, Emden and Hanover should start again on April 27, as was learned from corporate circles on Wednesday. In two factories in Europe, one of them in Germany, production should even start earlier, it said. According to the information, it is planned to start with a very greatly reduced number of pieces.

Carsten Germis

Before Easter, the company announced that it would start production at its supplier plants again this week. In some of the component manufacturing plants, the partial operation, which was already running, was to be expanded to ensure the supply to the Chinese production plants, group procurement director Stefan Sommer of F.A.Z. said in a conversation. A total of 1700 employees at the locations in Braunschweig, Kassel, Salzgitter, Chemnitz and Hanover are affected, it was said.

In production, “processes would be changed so that protection against transmission of the virus was the top priority”, General Works Council Chairman Bernd Osterloh announced for a new start. Detours would be accepted. When in doubt, less is produced than “taking a risk somewhere”.

He said: “Where the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, the colleagues wear masks.” Volkswagen had stopped production in its plants in mid-March and the factories of its core brand in Germany had closed due to the corona pandemic extended to April 19.


Even more problems with the Samsung Galaxy S20: Pokémon Go keeps freezing

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“People who matter in the office” # 13: The introvert!

LE BUREAULOGUE – Every Friday, Le Figaro invites you to meet a “cliché” character around us who poisons or brightens the corporate world.

The introvert is discreet, dreamy, and efficient. In the office, he does not boast, or little.
The introvert is discreet, dreamy, and efficient. In the office, he does not boast, or little. Aymeline Chemin

Some assets are strollers of corridors, lovers of the coffee machine and lunches between colleagues. We all have colleagues who have an exacerbated sociability, who push them to go and venture into floors and open-spaces that are not theirs, just for fun and curiosity … For others, however, it is the opposite extreme. The more savage office introverts aren’t used to walking the halls and taking up work space for a bistro. They spend most of their time discreetly busy at their desks. They speak little, and prefer to work in silence, the helmet screwed on the ears. The introvert is a discreet, dreamy, and … efficient specimen. He does not boast.

In a TED conference entitled “The power of introverts“American speaker Susan Cain explains how introverts and extroverts react differently to a given situation: a situation that overexcites the nervous system of an introvert can make them feel overwhelmed and exhausted, rather than stimulated and involved. “Introversion further defines how you react to stimuli, including social stimuli, she explains. Extroverts are really looking for them, while introverts are perfectly alert and to the best of their ability in a calmer environment. ” If you want to know what an introvert looks like in a noisy open-space, imagine a pressure cooker whistling loudly!

Obviously, the introvert is also not keen on extra-professional activities with his colleagues. If you can get him to come to an afterwork or a company pot; write it down on your calendar. He will write it down on his own. This will not happen very often. Constantly reachable on his laptop or smartphone, this is not why the introvert will multiply the calls, FaceTime, and other virtual aperitifs on HouseParty or WhatsApp which flourish in this period of confinement. Virtually or in reality, the introvert prefers loneliness.

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