“The people who matter in the office” # 11: The confined!

The confined has a very special place in this chronicle: it is the only profile which, at the moment T, corresponds to the immense majority of French workers. Containment and confined are the two words that everyone has in their mouths. When we hear from a colleague or loved one, we no longer ask: “How are you?” But: “Are you well confined?”, or better yet, “Where are you confined?”If the answer to the first question is simple, the answer to the second brings up several categories of confined people. The lonely and dreamy confined, for example, open window, like our dandy and his Proustian mustache in illustration.

There are also those confined to couples, families (sometimes large), friends, in a small apartment, in a house in the country … Everyone has their own confinement experience. Above all, to each his experience of confined teleworker. Here too, the profiles diverge. The conf call and videoconferences have replaced meetings for an indefinite period. Advantage: time saved in travel and logistics. Disadvantage: this allows for more meetings.

Team and lane discussions have migrated to digital communication tools: emails, WhatsApp loops, Teams, Outlook, Slack, Telegram … Confined people have never received so many notifications. All these little ringtones and alerts would suffice to compose a symphony!

Debates and conflicts, too, are resolved remotely, by interposed messaging! With all these loops, all these applications, sending a message to the wrong person has never been so risky … The obligations of productivity and deadlines can also be paid at home. Confidentiality is also put to the test: you forget to deactivate your computer microphone or your tablet and you reveal the backstage of your confinement to your entire team!

Confinement did not change either the habits or the character of the confined … The diplomat remains diplomat; the open-space ambassador knows how to be even from a distance; the hyperstressed, even if one does not wish him, does not change in his living room … Finally, the little chef or the manager-cop are perhaps more at a distance: with this constrained telework, they must redouble vigilance to ensure that everyone is on the job hic et nunc. No napping or watching Netflix. Make sure your Outlook status is always online. It is likely that after reading this column, he absent. Your smartphone will call you to order in five seconds: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …

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VIDEO: How the equipment works that “in 30 minutes eliminates up to 99% of coronaviruses in environments”

Two bioengineers from Entre Ríos designed a portable disinfection device and stated that “in 30 minutes it removes between 95 and 99% of the coronavirus that remains on the surfaces.”

Through ultraviolet rays, the team “unfolds in the room where the patient with Covid-19 was and in 30 minutes removes the viral load on the surfaces, where it can live for up to three hours,” Santiago Romero, one of the two enterrian bioengineers.

Although the device does not need authorization from the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat), the agency had bioengineers through a program to “provide support and provide insights to entrepreneurs,” he explained.

The National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) also provided its help to carry out “tests in different laboratories, which are already starting.”

The device is a “support kit” that features about 10 tubes of 30-watt ultraviolet rays, which go in a metallic system with wheels to make it “more economical and easier to produce,” he explained.

“I saw the publicity of a similar system that is implemented in China and we came to the conclusion that we could make a quick adaptation to the standards of Argentina,” added Romero, who works with his colleague Sebastián Flores.

In six days, they developed the first prototype, which is ready, and they are waiting for financing to start mass production “until the available UV lamps run out.”

The team works for 30 minutes “so that between 95 and 99% of the virus that remains in the environment dies, and consists of a security system that when detecting movement interrupts the emission of UV rays,” he said.

The virus “can live around patients for up to three hours in the air and on all surfaces where the patient was exposed it can last up to days,” Romero said in a dialogue with Télam.

Although the objective is that it works in “hospitals, due to the amount of viral load and that health personnel are less exposed to the virus,” also “due to the increase in the virus, it can be used as a service in homes, environments or offices.

Romero stressed that although the system “does not replace the usual disinfection” that is carried out in hospitals, “it disinfects where the light reaches, in places where one does not reach due to time or difficult areas.”

In addition, the person who is going to be doing the cleaning “is much less exposed to the viral load than they would be if the equipment is not used,” he added.

“These days we are adding electronics, for the ability to turn off when someone enters the place, and for it to be switched on remotely,” said Romero.

In that sense, two variants work: “one is that it is turned on generating a wifi, but since not everyone knows how to enter from a cell phone, we implement the simple part of holding down a button and giving it time to leave the room before starting “

“Everything is very intense, with talks, business plans, orders, and work since we are developing a product in days, when it normally takes months,” he said.


Kourtney Kardashian feels he has finally found a healthy balance between professional and private life – March 24 2020

Kourtney shared: “I feel I have finally gotten to the point where I can balance being a mom and working. I’ve always done both of course, but it was where I would have worked a lot more. So I really moved my concentration.”

Kourtney is determined to ensure that she is able to spend quality time with her children.

The pretty brunette said to E! News: “My kids have always been my top priority, but I never had time with them after school to do their homework or go to their activities.

“They all really need one time with me, so making an effort to do something takes time. It’s like my whole life.”

Kourtney also confessed to feeling “really unhappy” at times in his career.

He recalled, “I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. I just felt like something to change.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney recently said goodbye to her sister Kim Kardashian West, revealing that she played a crucial role in her beauty regimen.

Kourtney explained: “I would say that in the past three years I have really started taking care of my skin in a way that has made a difference.

“Being consistent with facials and treatments, as well as home care such as face masks and the products I use now, have really made a difference. I try (but I haven’t done my best lately) to really feed my skin from inside and outside, with intention.

“So I guess more than 37 was my year to really intensify my skin, all encouraged by Kim, who told me to start being proactive and give him some love.”


Priyanka Chopra Jonas finds the support of her husband Nick Jonas “so attractive” – ​​24-Mar-2020

Draining her spouse, Priyanka said, “I really feel like being with someone like my husband now, there is such incredible power. He is so attractive to me that he feels empowered when he sees me empowered. For example, he will stand up to [red] carpet on the side and watch when taking pictures. He would like to see things I have done. He feels so proud. “

Priyanka, 37, also said that once a couple played a game in which they shared the five things they love most about each other, and was shocked by Nick’s response.

He added, “The first thing he said was” your ambition. “I’ve never heard a guy say it.”

The “Isn’t It Romantic” actress publicized her love affair with Nick in May 2018 before they got engaged in July of the same year and said she “always knew” that he was the right man for her after their first exchange on Twitter.

During an appearance in the “InCharge with DVF” podcast, he explained: “In a way, it surprised me and swept me away, like, instantly. It was crazy how natural it was.

“They always say that girls end up marrying someone who is like your father, and Nick is. He is someone who is the life of a party. He will always have friends around him, he will make people laugh, super thoughtful, conscientious, kind. I feel like I ended up marrying a version of my father. “

Meanwhile, the “Sucker” assassin had previously gushed Priyanka when he called their connection love at first sight.

He said in January 2019: “It was kind of an instant thing. Once we got along, I knew I had a life partner and a teammate, someone with whom I could go through good times and bad times, and that was the key. “


Indonesian braces for coronavirus peak

JAKARTA: As of Sunday, the coronavirus mortality rate (COVID-19) in Indonesia stood at 9.3 percent, with 48 deaths reported out of 514 confirmed cases while 29 patients recovered from the disease.

But experts have warned that the number of cases may be just the tip of the iceberg. “There may be deaths from coronaviruses that have not been detected, so the cause of death has been reported as something else like pneumonia,” a Bogor Agricultural University biologist and a member of Indonesia Young Scientists told Arab Berry Juliandi. Forum News.

“We have also not conducted extensive projections. The numbers recorded so far indicate that we cannot minimize the situation.”

He said the authorities should have started preparations in January, “but here we are starting to prepare in March. It is late, but I hope the government will no longer minimize the situation. “

The government was indicted for its slow response to the outbreak and for not taking the early warning signs seriously.

His responses were initially focused more on the economic and tourism impact of the epidemic than on public health, such as the announcement in late February of a plan to allocate 298.5 billion Indonesian rupees ($ 19 billion) for tourism incentives, including 72 billion rupees for influencers.

The government had also been criticized for assigning only tests to determine confirmed cases to the Ministry of Health’s research and development center. But it finally has decentralized tests.

Government spokesman Achmad Yurianto said on Sunday at a press conference that an aviation plane had arrived with 150,000 test kits from China which would be distributed to all affected areas based on the calculated risk factor. “We expect to have up to 1 million more test kits,” he added.

Yurianto said the government had transformed the former 2018 Asian Games athlete village and a nearby five-star hotel in central Jakarta into a temporary hospital for the treatment of patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms.

Jakarta has so far recorded 307 cases nationwide, making it the epicenter of the country’s coronavirus.

The Jakarta government Anies Baswedan on Friday said the capital is in a state of emergency for the next two weeks.

He urged companies to encourage more employees to work from home and retain skeletal staff as the public transportation network will reduce fleets and opening hours.

President Joko Widodo has ruled out a blockade as an option to curb the exponential growth of COVID-19, and said that such a decision could be made by him, not by regional leaders, despite public pressure.

Meanwhile, Doni Monardo – head of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, which heads the national coronavirus response task force – said: “What we need now is for people to be disciplined in social distancing, otherwise more and more people will be exposed. to the virus and they will be infected. “

The virus has spread to 20 of 34 provinces, including all six provinces of the densely populated island of Java, where Jakarta is located, and more than half of Indonesia’s 270 million inhabitants reside.

Risk management expert Haryoko Wirjosoetomo said that a city blockade is too late now as infections have spread from Jakarta to the other five provinces of Java and other major islands such as Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua.

“The viable option would be to impose a blockade on the whole island, especially on islands where there are still no confirmed positive cases,” he told Arab News.

“Those islands should close their ports to visitors from other provinces where COVID-19 cases are found.”

The number of infections from Indonesia’s total population has so far been low compared to other countries.

But he said the risk of a higher mortality rate in Indonesia is much greater given his lack of health care facilities, especially in the eastern part of the country, where many of them are in a terrible situation.


Supermarkets hire hundreds of employees to meet Covid-19 – TheJournal.ie demand

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Malaysian worshipers are screened, says the organizer of the event after the peak of coronavirus cases

SYDNEY: Australia on Sunday announced a $ 38 billion spending plan to limit the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, while citizens were told to cancel internal travel plans to slow the spread of the virus.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said the last $ 66 billion in Aus announced on Sunday brought government and central bank measures to support the economy at $ 189 billion in Aus – or nearly 10% of gross domestic product ( GDP).

“These extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and we face a global challenge like we have never faced before,” he told reporters in Canberra.

“Today’s announcement will offer hope and support to millions of Australians at a time when they need it most.”
Small businesses and nonprofit organizations will receive cash benefits of up to $ 100,000 Aus, unemployment payments will be doubled temporarily and retirees will receive Aus $ 750 cash.

Workers whose income has declined by at least 20 percent as a result of the coronavirus epidemic will be able to access pension funds early, while those in difficulty have the right to withdraw up to 20,000 Australian dollars in two years.

Frydenberg said that the economic shock should now be “deeper, wider and longer” than was believed just 10 days ago and that further measures would be needed.

The country appears ready to slide into recession due to the coronavirus outbreak after a record 29-year run of economic growth.
Australia has recorded over 1,200 cases and seven deaths from COVID-19.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison also said that the government is “moving immediately” to recommend avoiding non-essential travel, warning that stronger, impending measures are imminent to deal with localized outbreaks.

He said work-related travel, transportation of essential supplies, and travel for compassionate reasons could continue, but people should cancel any other travel plans before the upcoming Easter school holidays.

“Stronger measures will come and arrive in more localized areas to deal with epidemics,” said Morrison.

“This means that what may be needed in one part of Sydney may not be needed in … other parts of the country at all.”

Australia has already sealed its borders, putting in place an unprecedented entry ban for non-residents in hopes of curbing the rise in COVID-19 infections.

Three Australian regions – the island state of Tasmania, the state of Southern Australia and the Northern Territory – have also implemented a 14-day self-isolation period for all visitors.

On Sunday, the state of New South Wales announced the closure of non-essential services, with supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations among exempt businesses.

Morrison said political leaders would meet on Sunday evening to consider stricter isolation rules.


Amazon doubles the overtime pay for warehouse workers

A worker loads customer orders into a tractor-trailer waiting inside the million-square-foot Amazon distribution warehouse, opened last fall in Fall River, MA on March 23, 2017.

John Tlumacki | Boston Globe | Getty Images

Amazon has said that its hourly wages double for its employees who work overtime in its U.S. warehouses as demand continues to grow because of the coronavirus.

“All hourly workers working in the United States’ operating network will receive twice their regular hourly rate for each hour of overtime worked in a working week,” Amazon said in a statement to CNBC. “This temporary increase in overtime is in effect from March 15, 2020 and will continue until May 9, 2020.”

Reuters was the first to report the news.

Amazon said hourly workers will qualify for double pay after 40 hours.

The announcement follows a similar Monday, when the e-commerce giant raised the hourly membership fee from $ 15 to $ 17, which will remain in effect until the end of April.

In addition, the e-commerce giant said it plans to hire 100,000 warehouse workers and delivery workers in the United States in the midst of a wave of online orders following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Amazon has encouraged people whose jobs have been lost or fired as a result of the massive closure of restaurants and shops due to the outbreak.

“We want those people to know that we welcome them into our teams until things get back to normal and their previous employer will be able to bring them back,” Amazon said in a statement Monday.

On Thursday, Amazon temporarily closed one of its warehouses in Queens, New York, after a warehouse worker had tested positive for coronavirus. It was the first known case of an Amazon warehouse worker in the United States. Five Amazon workers in Europe contracted the disease.

On March 15, Amazon warned customers that its out of stock of some popular consumer products amid the dramatic increase in orders and some delivery times will be longer than usual.

Earlier this month, Amazon also advised its global employees that they are able to work from home to do so until the end of the month. It will also provide up to two weeks of pay to all employees diagnosed with COVID-19 or placed in quarantine, with immediate effect.


Lidl has 400 stores and warehouses across Ireland – and pays the living wage of € 12.30

Lidl is looking to fill 400 jobs across Ireland due to “unprecedented customer demand” following the coronavirus epidemic.

The roles will be in stores and warehouses across the country and new staff will receive a living wage of € 12.30 an hour.

The supermarket giant is looking for workers with experience in retail, catering or hospitality who may have lost their jobs in the past few days.

JP Scally, Managing Director, Lidl Ireland said: “These are not the usual circumstances in which we hope to welcome new people to our team.

Read more

Coronavirus Ireland

“However, we take our responsibility to feed the nation very seriously.

“We want to ensure that our front-line team is supported in every way possible, which means hiring additional team members during this difficult time to help us continue to provide food and supplies to communities across the country.”

Applicants are encouraged to visit the reseller’s website to apply.


Britney Spears detonated bullies online for criticizing her swimsuit photos – 21-Mar-2020

In a long Instagram post, he wrote: “I have read many things online of people who criticize my posts …. saying that I publish the same 15 photos with the same red background and I am wearing the same white swimsuit.

“For me I’m really excited about my posts …. and I like to share them with all of you !!!! I’ve never owned a white swimsuit before and I just liked the red background !!!!

“Reading all the petty comments really hurts my feelings … and I wanted to share why you really shouldn’t be saying all these bad things to someone you don’t know (sic)”

The 38-year-old star asked people to “be kind” to each other as the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic.

He added: “This applies to anyone’s bullying really !!!!!! Difficult times like the ones we are living in should really teach us to be kind to each other (sic)”

Meanwhile, Britney has also apologized to followers “offended” by the photos she posted on horses – which appear to have been deleted.

He continued: “I saw some people offended by me posting on horses yesterday …. I’m really sorry if I offended someone.

“I think it’s important to see things that bring happiness during difficult times and shedding light on a situation can sometimes help people !!!! I love you all …. stay safe …. and be nice !!! !! (sic) “

Britney – who previously called bullies – previously revealed she had “self-esteem issues”.

He explained: “Body language is everything! The way you speak and take yourself can affect your mood …

“I have self-esteem issues, so I bend over … These poses help me get stronger every day and it’s fun enough to do it. I feel so different every time I do it, because I’m not used to the feeling that my back is out ! !!! (sic) “