They open a process to give the Metropolitan stadium a commercial name

The Barranquilla mayor’s office opened an application process to participate in the auction that will give the stadium a commercial name Metropolitan Roberto Meléndez, as is the style in many parts of the world with sports venues. For example, the BBVA Bancomer stadium (Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico), Mercedes Benz Stadium (Atlanta, USA) and Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany), Hard Rock Stadium (Miami, USA), Wanda Metropolitano (Madrid) or Movistar Arena (Bogotá), among others.

The idea of ​​getting a sponsor for the ‘Metro’ was announced by the mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo Heins, in a visit to EL HERALDO on March 4, 2020, but it will begin to become a reality this Thursday, from 9 am, in a hearing to socialize the details of the application process. Interested companies must register at the following link:

“The trade name rights It is a model under which a brand / company associates or puts its name to an event or place for a specified time in exchange for the payment of those rights. Under the protection of the advertising technique, the guardian of the sports venue allows a company to be associated with it by including its brand in the name of the venue ”, explained the mayor’s office through a statement.

“This public search marks the beginning of a major modernization project for the stadium, supported, now, with resources from a private investor”Added the official announcement.

The commercial naming rights of the Colombian soccer temple may have a national or international sponsor. The brands preselected in the application phase will be able to bid in the auction.

The District Secretary for Recreation and Sports appointed Puerta de Oro, Caribbean Development Company, to take charge of the process.

“The stadium, in this case, gains the possibility of obtaining additional income that allows its reinvestment, development and modernization, as well as expanding its recognition from the hand of a brand. The investing company, for its part, gains exposure in a place with wide media coverage, ”the statement said.

Interested companies and legal entities will find the application process here and They will have until Tuesday, September 29 at 10:00 am. to subscribe with the respective requirements.


Football fairy tale. A bus of fans of the famous Bayern came to Křepice for the match

At first they thought someone had fired. Martin Jurčík, the captain of the Křepice footballers who start in the fourth class, was contacted by representatives of the fan club of the current winner of the Champions League. “They called a week before the match. At first, no one wanted to believe it and it was found out which joker is behind it, “Jurčík said with a smile on his lip.

However, the telephone number from which the Bavarian fans responded had a German prefix and called from Munich. “The voice on the other hand said that it was not fun,” Jurčík added.

Forty minutes before the match with the B-manchaft of the Sokol Dyje Physical Education Unit, a bus with a German license plate actually arrived in front of the Křepice playground. “Forty-two fans in the jerseys and scarves of the Bundesliga champion came out of it. It should be noted that they were equipped with the flags of SK Bayern Křepice and all sorts of possible pyrotechnics, “explained the football player Josef Heger on behalf of the Czech cousin.

The 42-year-old fighter, who has been playing for Křepice since the early 1990s, was surprised by the flags with the logo of South Moravian Bayern. “They downloaded our logo on the Internet and had it made by them,” Heger said.

Foreign guests cheered violently. Thanks to that, the Křepičs lost the Dyje reserve 7: 0 high. “It was great. It never occurred to us that someone would come to see the square, let alone from Germany, “Josef Heger sounded astonished.

The newcomers and players sniffed at the atmosphere that can be seen in huge stadiums. “I dare say that the vast majority of players experienced something like this for the first time in their lives. According to him, the guests from Munich were also enthusiastic, “added the player Křepic.

The Bavarian fan club, however, was not the last time in a village in southern Moravia. “He will probably return in two years, when we are celebrating thirty years since the founding of the football team in Křepice,” Heger concluded.


Corona shock – Historical tax slump in Bavaria – Domestic politics

Corona pushes Bavaria into the tax hole!

The tax leader among the federal states has to reckon with a huge drop in income: This year and next, the Free State is heading for an unprecedented slump in tax income due to the corona crisis.

For 2020 alone, the tax estimate assumes a decrease of around 4.2 billion euros compared to the estimate last autumn!

Bavaria’s Finance Minister Albert Füracker (52, CSU): “The situation remains a great challenge. The latest estimates also show that we can expect a massive decline in tax revenues this year and next. It is becoming apparent that the next few years will be even more difficult than expected. “

Already in May, Bavaria had predicted tax losses of more than ten billion euros by 2022. It is now becoming even clearer that the financial consequences of the pandemic are likely to get much worse.

Bavaria is by no means alone with the poor tax forecast. The Federal Ministry of Finance announced on Thursday in Berlin that the federal, state and local governments will have to manage with 19.6 billion euros less tax income than expected in May in 2021 alone.

For Bavaria, which has been the number one tax revenue among the federal states for many years, it is historically the worst tax estimate.

For comparison: After the outbreak of the financial crisis, the estimated drop in revenue between autumn 2008 and May 2009 amounted to around 1.5 billion euros.

At least this year, the holes in the state budget and the billion-dollar aid programs due to the Corona crisis should be compensated for with new debts. The state parliament approved a debt of up to 20 billion euros this year.

It is unclear whether Bavaria, like the federal government, will have to suspend the debt brake anchored in the constitution in the coming year due to the poor forecast.

After the government around Prime Minister Markus Söder (53, CSU) has been advocating an offensive investment policy since the beginning of the crisis and rejecting a rigid austerity course, also out of concern about the consequences for the economy, the next double budget should not be able to cope without new debts.

The Free State benefits from the fact that it enjoys a high reputation with lenders and therefore receives very good conditions for money lending on the financial market. Just a few days ago, the rating agency “Standard & Poor’s” had again certified Bavaria with the top rating “AAA / A-1 +” with a stable outlook. It is the only state with the highest rating.

The reasons for this are Bavaria’s considerable reserves, the great economic power and the comparatively low debt in relation to the number of inhabitants. At the end of 2019, Bavaria was in the chalk with donors with around 27 billion euros.

The tax assessment working group actually meets twice a year, in spring and autumn. Because the effects of the corona pandemic were still difficult to assess in spring, this extraordinary meeting was postponed for September. This should make it easier to plan the budget for the coming years. Bavaria’s state government has to submit the double budget for the next two years to the state parliament for a decision this year.


Official: Loan player Perisic is also leaving FC Bayern

Updated on September 9, 2020, 5:31 pm

Loan player Ivan Perisic is also leaving FC Bayern. The Croatian is returning to Inter Milan, where he still has a contract until 2022.

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Bayern announced this on Wednesday. “Ivan behaved very professionally with us that year, he was an important member of our team and played his part in winning the German championship, the DFB Cup and the Champions League, “said sports director Hasan Salihamidzic on the farewell to the Croatian national player.

The 31 year old Perisic was for the FC Bayern Appeared 35 times, scored eight goals and provided ten assists. The loan players Philippe Coutinho and Alvaro Odriozola had previously left FC Bayern. Coutinho goes back to FC Barcelona, ​​Odriozola to Real Madrid.
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Munich: man released from psychiatry – throws himself with child (11) in front of a car – Munich

A man snatches a child and falls with him onto the street in front of a car. Fortunately, the driver can still brake.

In Munich, a man (35) grabbed an eleven-year-old child he did not know and threw himself in front of a car with him. Because the driver (29) was only traveling at low speed and was able to brake heavily, the child remained uninjured except for abrasions, as the police announced on Tuesday. The child was visiting Munich with his family from Austria. They were all looked after by the police, it said.

Photo: Stephan Kürthy

“data-zoom-src =” 201516660-72684896 / image / 6.bild.jpg “/>

At the scene of the crime, a witness is questioned by the police. Fortunately, the driver stopped briefly when turning and then drove slowly on. So she could still brake when the man with the child jumped into the streetPhoto: Stephan Kürthy

Man was already conspicuous before

According to the police, the attacker is a 35-year-old man who was released from psychiatry on the day of the incident. He had been there over the weekend because of his mental state after abusively setting off the fire alarm in a homeless shelter last week.

When he was arrested, the man put up considerable resistance and injured a police officer in the knee so badly that he was temporarily unable to work, it said. Investigations into attempted dangerous bodily harm and resistance to law enforcement officers had been launched against the attacker. He is currently in the detention center of the Munich Police Headquarters.


Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: ruled out Messi for Bayern Munich | Spanish League

Rumors about the new team that Lionel Messi would have are getting stronger, the Argentine could leave Barcelona in the coming weeks, after a difficult sporting season and a broken relationship with the club’s managers.

With this outlook, one of the leaders who came out to talk about the situation of the Argentine star was Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of Bayern Munich, who in the face of rumors about the future of Lionel Messi, assured with total sincerity that in the club does not contemplate the possibility of hiring the ’10’ of the celeste:

“We cannot pay a footballer of this size. It is not attached to our policy or our philosophy. To be honest, imagining that Messi can leave FC Barcelona even saddens me ”, said the now executive, in a dialogue with Tuttosport.

Likewise, the historical ex-footballer pointed out that it is difficult to see Messi with another shirt other than Barcelona’s, so he hopes that the South American will retire in this team: “Leo has written the history of that club and, in my opinion, he should finish his career with them. There are internal and private aspects that I do not know and that is why I am not going to interfere, “he concluded.


FC Bayern fans celebrate CL victory: The pictures from Munich – Munich

Fans in Munich


Mission accomplished – even when celebrating

Celebrating exuberantly despite Corona – that is a difficult undertaking. The fans of FC Bayern tried anyway. The pictures from the night.


Kassian Stroh

14 images

Source: Stephan Rumpf

1 / 14

Sunday night. An extraordinary night in Munich. FC Bayern won the Champions League, the most important and difficult title in club football. But how can the fans celebrate that – in times of the corona pandemic? When distance and reason are required instead of cheering in the crowd and ecstasy?


Source: Stephan Rumpf

2 / 14

Nevertheless, they came by the thousands to Leopoldstrasse, the traditional party place for celebrating football fans of all colors. And a car parade, which of course also exists again, is also one of the manageable risks in terms of infection technology.


Source: Stephan Rumpf

3 / 14

The joy of winning the Champions League trophy has to go somewhere. FC Bayern last won this trophy seven years ago – in 2013 in London in the final against Borussia Dortmund. Then as now, FC Bayern won the triple, including the DFB Cup and the German championship.


Source: Stephan Rumpf

4 / 14

As always, there is a car parade on Leopoldstrasse in Schwabing. But Munich would not be Munich if there were not tentative attempts to turn it into a bicycle parade.

FC Bayern Munich celebrates triple

Source: dpa

5 / 14

What Munich (and Leopoldstrasse) will not experience this year, however, is a ride by Bayern footballers through the cheering crowds – like here in 2013. Am On Monday afternoon around 4 p.m., the special machine with the team land on board at Munich Airport. Then the team will be picked up by buses directly from the aircraft on the apron, according to the announcement. You won’t be seen. With this announcement, FC Bayern wants to avoid crowds at the airport.


Source: Stephan Rumpf

6 / 14

The problem of how to celebrate emotionally and still keep your distance from each other shows up on Monday night not only on Leopoldstrasse, but also in the many pubs that show the game live. In the Sax in the Glockenbachviertel, for example.


Source: Stephan Rumpf

7 / 14

The innkeepers had previously been asked by the city to pay attention to the Corona rules on this evening and not to let in too many guests – accordingly, the pubs were much emptier than on comparable occasions in the past.


Source: Stephan Rumpf


Source: Stephan Rumpf

9 / 14

… some fans passed the time with card games.

Fans Watch The UEFA Champions League Final 2020

Quelle: Bongarts/Getty Images

10 / 14

The game could also be followed live and in larger groups in the cinema at the Olympiasee. Right next to the Olympic Stadium, where FC Bayern played and celebrated its triumphs until the mid-noughties – and right below the Olympic Tower, which was lit up in red on Monday night.

Bayern Munich - Paris Saint-Germain

Source: dpa

11 / 14

Also on Leopoldstrasse, many landlords broadcast the game on screens outdoors.

Fans Watch The UEFA Champions League Final 2020

Quelle: Bongarts/Getty Images

12 / 14

And when the fans continued celebrating on the street after the game, the police didn’t just close them to traffic. Dressed in brightly shining safety vests, they also tried to remind fans of the Corona rules again and again. Not always with success.


Source: Stephan Rumpf

13 / 14

About 150 officers were also on duty at night, as the Munich police announced. But she spoke of a quiet situation. “By and large there are no major problems,” said a spokesman.


Source: Stephan Rumpf

14 / 14

Not only for the fans, but also for the police it was a long night around the Siegestor until they could finally say: Mission accomplished.

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Are these men replacing Melanie Huml? – Munich

Munich –Two times Herrmann, Martins and Holetschek: Is this men’s quartet Melanie Humls (44, CSU) a replacement?

After the mega-mishap in the corona tests for return travelers, Bavaria’s Minister of Health is disempowered. Bavaria’s fight against Corona has now been taken over by four men:

Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (63, CSU)

After the test breakdown, he controls the operation of the communal corona test centers.

Zack! Skills gone!

Photo: Peter Kneffel / dpa

“data-zoom-src =” “/>

Interior Minister Joachim HerrmannPhoto: Peter Kneffel / dpa

Florian Herrmann (48, CSU)

The head of the State Chancellery was appointed “Corona coordinator” by Prime Minister Markus Söder (53, CSU).

Zack! Power away!

Florian HerrmannPhoto: Peter Kneffel / dpa

“data-zoom-src =” “/>

Florian HerrmannPhoto: Peter Kneffel / dpa

Marcus da Gloria Martins (47)

Munich’s police spokesman was appointed as the new spokesman for Huml.

Zack! Vote away!

Marcus da Gloria MartinsPhoto: Sven Hoppe / dpa

“data-zoom-src =” “/>

Marcus da Gloria MartinsPhoto: Sven Hoppe / dpa

Klaus Holetschek (53, CSU)

Particularly dangerous for Huml: The previous Secretary of State for Construction and Transport, Klaus Holetschek (53, CSU), is coming to Huml’s house as the new State Secretary.

Ganz neu dabei: Klaus HoletschekPhoto: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / dpa

“data-zoom-src =” “/>

Brand new: Klaus HoletschekPhoto: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / dpa

Is Melanie Huml now just the corona face of your ministry?

▶ Internally, Holetschek is already considered to be Huml’s immediate successor.

That would then mean: Zack! Job gone!


After the Bayern Munich scandal, Barcelona reveals the truth of Messi’s request to leave

Barcelona officials revealed, on Sunday, the fact that the Catalan star Lionel Messi asked to leave after the historic defeat by Bayern Munich (2-8) in the Champions League.

A report published by the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, citing sources in the administration of the Catalan club, claimed that the club’s president, Bartomeu, CEO Oscar Grau, and technical secretary Eric Abidal, had not received any message from Messi indicating his desire to leave.

The Spanish newspaper stated that it had contacted those close to Lionel Messi, but they did not deny or confirm the request of the Argentine flea to leave Barca.

Reports claimed that Lionel Messi informed the Barcelona administration of his decision to leave the team this season after disappointing results during the last period.

According to what was published by “Football Italia”, Messi spoke with the administration about his decision to leave Camp Nou, and not wait until the expiry of his contract, which extends for next year.

And the site reported that Messi is not completely satisfied with the current management of the club, and therefore made his final decision to leave.

Barcelona lost the Spanish League title to Real Madrid, and deposited the Champions League with a resounding scandal against Bayern Munich, by losing eight to two.

Reports revealed that many clubs want to include Lionel Messi, led by Italian Inter and England’s Manchester City.

Source: Sputnik


Champions: Bayern Munich ridiculed Barcelona with a historic 8-2

The goals for the German team were from Thomas Müller (3m. PT and 30m. PT), Ivan Perisic (21m. PT), Serge Gnabry (30m. PT), Joshua Kimmich (17m. ST), Robert Lewandoski (36m. ST) and Philippe Coutinho (40m. ST and 43m. ST). For Barcelona they scored David Alaba (7m. PT), against, and Luis Suárez (12m. ST).

The win left a mark on his own Messi, who had never conceded five goals or more with the Barcelona jersey since its debut in 2003. And in turn it was the first time that the Catalans suffered five or more in the Champions League.

Barcelona had not suffered eight goals for several years, since the last time was in 1946 against Sevilla (8-0) in the Copa del Rey.

Also, the win will leave a significant bleeding in the squad, with the immediate departure of the questioned coach, Quique Setien, who never hit the key, and possibly with the departures of references such as Gerard Piqué and Sergio Busquets.

The question that opens is what Messi will do, faced with the culé leadership for some years, with many twists and turns, and who always demanded greater economic efforts indoors to form a competitive squad at the European level.

For their part, those led by Hans-Dieter Flick will face next Wednesday against the winner of Olympique de Lyon and Manchester City, who will also play in Lisbon on Saturday.

Bayern Munich quickly established the dispute conditions: speed, high pressure and massive attacks -at times had six footballers on arrival at the goal of Marc-André ter Stegen- against Barcelona, ​​clearly dependent on Messi and the individual appearances of other figures.

The short and vertical possessions became an impossible weapon for a defense without too many reflexes, with the exception of Gerard Piqué when he acted in the heights, and to which they were added an unbearable mark every time the ball fell at Messi’s feet or further back in the young Frankie De Jong, due to the little participation of Sergio Busquets, and the rise on both sides of the Bavarian wings.

The offensive power of Bayern Munich, added to the few guarantees of the Catalan defenders throughout the season, quickly led to the goal of Thomas Müller -figure of the match- after a huge team play.

And despite the quick draw achieved by a raise by Jordi Alba, in the only play that Barcelona found in its football DNA, the Teutonic team was a bulldozer and prevailed in every corner of the field.

The match maintained its frenetic pace imposed by the Germans, with a midfield as a transit area and without a player to stop the ball, and that brought dangerous situations in both goals, although they did not translate into goals due to lack of fortune and the appearance of the archers.

And in that round trip, Perisic took advantage of a child loss of Sergi Roberto, with all Barcelona in full swing, and with a strong and crossed shot he returned the advantage to the Bavarians, who in that play had five players in the attack zone.

Bayern Munich’s dominance, which stopped Lionel Messi thinking – suffocated by the shuttlecocks and Canadian Alphonso Davies’ personal brand – found a bigger prize when Müller assisted Serge Gnabry over a slow Clément Lenglet.

The early conclusion of the key was given in Müller’s second staff. The midfielder, with the nose of a center forward, anticipated Lenglet, and surprised with a 4-1 when barely 30 minutes went.

# MissionLis6on continues #MiaSanMia #FCBayern #packmas #UCL #FCBFCB #ChampionsLeague

Barcelona changed the scheme for the complement, the entry of French Antoine Griezmann by Sergi Roberto put him in a 4-3-3 more in line with the comfort of his players, especially Messi and Luis Suárez, author of a formidable discount.

The “Blaugrana” hope did not last long because Davies got rid of Nelson Semedo’s mark, the worst on the court, overflowed and assisted the other side: Kimmich.

The nightmare expanded when Philippe Coutinho, whose pass is from Barcelona, ​​got two more; the Polish Robert Lewandoski contributed one and thus closed a historic 8-2.