Tax Employee’s Wedding Party Instantly Disbands, Suddenly A Woman Appears Bringing 3 Children ‘That’s My Husband’

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – Who would have thought that the Wedding Party had already been prepared tax clerk this dissolved immediately.

This is a real incident, because a woman confessed three children Legitimate Wife groom.

Emergency guests.

The wedding party immediately turned tense, a woman with 3 children immediately got angry, claiming to be the legitimate wife of the groom.

“The man next to you is your husband, understand?” said this woman, showing the 3 children of the groom that she meant.

One of the invited guests recorded the commotion.

The woman shouted “He is my husband”.

the groom and his future wife could only be silent.

While the pastor who wanted to bless the couple even chose to leave the place.

This incident took place at the Church of Santa Theresa in Lusaka, Zambia.

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