The analyst revealed the differences between the iPhone 14 and its predecessors

The new kind

Apple is working on a completely new iPhone, which will not be similar to the improvement of the previous one, as happened with the iPhone 13. This was announced by well-known analyst, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman in the new issue of the newsletter Power On.

According to him, the American tech giant is preparing serious changes, including due to the successful projects of competitors – including Samsung and Google. The South Korean company is actively producing smartphones with flexible displays, and as Gurman notes, Apple is already working on such a gadget.

Google or presented new smartphones Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The updated gadgets will have the company’s own processor – Tensor. In this regard, analysts believe that the line is the future flagship and direct competitor to Apple. Google decided to compete with the top models on the market, and Apple noticed the plans of a competitor from California, the expert said.

“In the case of the iPhone 14, there will be completely new models of the regular and Pro-line, as well as a completely redesigned design,” said Gourmet.

The journalist explained that work on these smartphones is already underway, so the thirteenth “iPhones” turned out to be much easier than some fans expected.

Technoblogger John Prosser, based on data from insiders, said that the iPhone 14 will lose its “bangs” – instead there will be a neat hole for the front camera.

Also, the smartphone will receive a recognizable appearance – the frame and volume buttons will be decorated in the style of the iPhone 4, which was released under Steve Jobs in 2010.

According to the blogger, the cameras of the smartphone will be larger in diameter, but will not be “packed” in a special unit and will not protrude above the body.

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JP Morgan Chase holding company investor report says that titanium instead of stainless steel will be used in the production of the iPhone 14 Pro-line. We are talking about the metal edges of the smartphone. Apple has not previously used titanium in smartphones. The new material is more resistant to scratches, corrosion, bending, but at the same time it is lighter than steel.

New charge

According to Gourmet, we should expect an important milestone in the history of Apple in connection with the choice of charging. He is confident that the company will not want to compromise with the European Union on a single port for all electronic devices.

The main reason is that the base of owners of gadgets with Lightning is too large for such an abrupt transition. There are over one billion iPhones in the world today.

“The transition to Lightning ten years ago was difficult, and the iPhone user base was then only a small fraction of what it is today. And the company does not want to upset customers, because in this way thousands of Lightning accessories, which are actively used, will be thrown overboard, ”added the agency’s journalist.

The gourmet believes that instead of a direct departure from Lightning, introduced back in 2012, the company will completely abandon wired charging in the new iPhone and move to wireless.

According to him, such a departure from wires could be presented as the future of smartphones. It will also help you stand out from the competition.

The company has already used a similar move with headphones. With the release of the iPhone 7, smartphones lost the wired headphone plug, then the AirPods wireless headset was released.

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iPhone 13 is iPhone 12S

The gourmet also gave his assessment to the released iPhone 13. According to him, the thirteenth model will not be of interest to the owners of the iPhone 12 – there are no cardinal improvements in the smartphone, it is easier to wait for the next generation.

The analyst expressed the opinion that it is possible to purchase the latest version of the smartphone only in case of a serious discount. He advised to pay attention to the new product for owners of iPhone 11 and earlier models.

According to him, even the most expensive iPhone 13 Pro Max has only three notable changes compared to its predecessor: the frame rate of the display, a modified camera system and a more capacious battery.

The journalist noted that higher frame rates were available on Android smartphones for many years.

“Apple’s iPad Pro popularized this feature nearly four and a half years ago. And I’m not very clear why it took Apple so long to implement it [на смартфонах]”, – concluded the Gourmet.


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