The founder of Cabify, among thirty complaints by 2,000 taxi drivers


The criminal complaint that more than 2,000 taxi drivers from all over Spain will present next week at the National Court against the rental vehicle sector with driver (VTC) is directed against the founder and CEO of Cabify, Juan de Antonio, and another thirty of managers and companies.

The spokesman for Elite Taxi, Tito Álvarez, and the former judge and lawyer Elpidio José Silva presented this complaint on Thursday, which will be presented individually by more than 2,000 taxi professionals coordinated by the Integral Platform of the Taxi Association (PIT).

Taxi drivers accuse De Antonio and the other defendants of a total of eight crimes, ranging from massive fraud to crimes against the Treasury, the violation of workers' rights, unfair administration, money laundering and deceptive price alteration .

Tito Álvarez has detailed that the complaints are directed against fifteen businessmen and managers and thirteen other VTC companies, including the Uber and Cabify platforms. In addition to the founder of Cabify, among the defendants are the president of the employers association Unauto VTC in Catalonia, José María Goñi; the CEO of Moove Cars, Rafael García Tapia, or Juan and Ramón Ortigüela, founders of Ares Capital.

On the other hand, the other eleven companies of VTC against which the demand is directed are Cibeles Confort Cars, Gesstaxi Gestion, Ares Capital, Siargao Directorship, Vector Round Teleport, Moove Cars, Maxi Movility Transport of Travelers, Prestige and Limousine, Aerocity, Tibus Bussines Cars and Garment Investments.

Tito Álvarez has pointed out that they also do not rule out a case against the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) and the Catalan Competition Authority, which he has accused of "helping to create oligopolies shamelessly" and simply putting " Millas to look good »facing the taxi sector.

The objective of Elite Taxi is to file similar complaints in other European countries: "We want to put an end to this platform capitalism that what it does is to take everyone's money and enslave the workers," Álvarez criticized.

The lawyer and exjuez Elpidio Jose Silva, who represents the 2,000 complainant taxi drivers, has stated that Uber and Cabify are part of a "criminal plot" and that they present themselves as mediating companies, something that "has no basis", since they must be identify as transportation companies.

Based on what he considers "a misleading story," the former judge explained that these companies operate with a "swindle dynamic" in which they charge mediation fees unknown to VTC users, "which can be up to four or five times. higher than normal ». The lawyer also accuses these companies of carrying out other practices such as the hiring of false self-employed workers and even the non-payment of VAT.

It has also criticized that autonomous communities such as Madrid or Andalusia are not applying the regulations approved by the central government to regulate the VTC sector.

The forecast is that the complaint is presented next week at the National Court: "We believe that the taxi will react favorably and we hope that the Spanish justice is able to react and investigate," concluded the former judge. . (tagsToTranslate) founder (t) cabify (t) querella (t) taxi drivers


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