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The link between rabbits, Prozac and the female orgasm – Wel.nl

by drbyos

Why does the female orgasm exist? It is of no use biologically. It is fun, but nature is not about fun. Nature chooses functions that are useful for reproduction, not for the promotion of happiness. It is a mystery that science has long occupied. There now seems to be a possible answer found thanks to rabbits and Prozac.

Scientists have figured out that the female orgasm could have its evolutionary roots in a reflex associated with the release of eggs during sex. There is such a reflex in many animal species: when they have sex, eggs are released. One of the animals that works like that is rabbits.

In humans, ovulation takes place separately from sex. But the orgasm could be left over from the reflex that causes eggs to be released. An experiment with rabbits supports that theory.

“We know there is a reflex in rabbits, but the question is, could it be the same one that lost function in humans?” says Dr. Mihaela Pavličev a researcher at the University of Cincinnati against The Guardian.

To investigate the question, the team gave 12 female rabbits a two-week dose of Prozac – an antidepressant known to reduce women’s ability to orgasm – and looked at the number of eggs released after the animals had sex with a male rabbit (called Frank).

The results, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , showed that rabbits given antidepressants released 30% fewer eggs than nine rabbits no Prozac, but also had sex with Frank. So there seems to be a connection: no orgasm, no eggs.

The team said the results were consistent with their theory that rabbits should experience something similar to an orgasm to ovulate, but it is not known whether the animals have sexual pleasure.

Sources): News Medical The Guardian


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