The name of his disease is tattooed for alleged collapse of the health system

Given the uncertainty caused by contagion by Covid-19 and the fear that the imminent produces collapse of health centers, some people from the capital of San Luis Potosi, have chosen to tattoo on their skin the names of some of their chronic diseasesdegenerative blood type and titles of medicines to which they are allergic, so that in case of entering a hospital and if they were in a situation that prevented them from having knowledge of what was happening, medical personnel could have this essential information at their disposal at the time of serve them.

With phrases like “implant of …” “allergic to …” “I suffer from …”, begin the sentences of tattoos that people with medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, lupus, among others, seek protect your integrity in the event of falling in a hospital and not being able to provide this information that is so essential to your medical care.

This was one of the reasons that led Emanuel Sandoval to make this type of tattoo.

“The image says the condition with which I live and blood type. I did this tattoo after a hypoglycemia (fainting) that I had and that the Red Cross paramedic stole my belongings and knocked me unconscious on a ridge, this It happened to me in Tijuana. Now with the coronavirus epidemic, it has become more than necessary to have this type of information within reach, especially for those who suffer from any disease, “said Emanuel.

Also for Willibaldo Ibarguengoitia, this type of tattoo seemed appropriate, since he suffers from type two diabetes and reports that this disease sometimes causes nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, tremors and even fainting.

“Now more than ever we must take care of ourselves, we take our necessary sanitary measures and medical care, but it never hurts to have this type of information on hand, more now than if you go to a hospital, we may go alone, or we may be transferred without any company that can refer our medical information, “said Willibaldo.

The same action has been used by people like Daniel Alba, who want to provide quick medical information in the event of a health complication that does not give them the opportunity to provide their clinical history. Daniel, who has one of the rarest blood types, AB negative, decided to tattoo this information on his left wrist.

In his own words, he mentioned that as a result of a severe accident and when faced with the problem of blood donation, he decided to make his RH visible with ink on his skin, for fear of falling into the hospital today and due to lack of time and information they do not get to the necessary donors who could help them save their lives in the face of a clinical complication such as Covid-19, also insisted that “I have the rarest blood type, AB-, only 0.6% of the population, or 1 in 67 people, that’s why I got it tattooed. ”

Tattoo studios like Pink Tattoo mentioned that this style of tattoos have been in demand for quite some time. “It is not something new, but the requests for this type of work have increased. People are afraid that due to the contingency they will not be treated promptly in hospitals, especially those who have more than one risk factor for the pandemic and Covid-19 infection. Fortunately, many of our clients attended the appointment before the call to “Stay at home”, and today they already have their medical information in a tattoo ”.

Today the world of tattooing has diversified and the complexes and prejudices that this type of body intervention once meant to society have been left behind. Today tattoos give way to new horizons, which can not only be beneficial for those who decide to capture images with deep meaning on their skin, but also that may provide some reference that will help the person who wears it in the future.

However, the medical vision cannot be neglected, for the General Clinical Dr., José Luis López, this way of providing this type of information to medical personnel can be beneficial, although with some risks, “risks I mean that patients suffering from type 1 and 2 diabetes, when carrying out some bodily modification such as tattoos, may cause them some susceptibility to infections, however, if they go to a suitable place, properly disinfected and put into practice the necessary care, they can without doubt to carry it out.

This way of providing medical information about the patients being treated, especially in the emergency department, has been used for several years. The only difference is that people who came to the consultation or were seriously ill in an emergency room, carried a metal plate with their conditions and blood type engraved on it, it is surprising, as the ways of reporting have been transformed to over the years, but his goal remains permanent. Is it beneficial in terms of the speed of the information? Yes, but also no hemotherapy technician will trust a tattoo, – this referring to the type of blood; the most ethical and professional thing that can be done is to prepare the necessary studies to provide the patient with timely medical attention, ”he said.

Similarly, in these moments of health contingency, it is understood that the population wants to foresee any situation, especially if they are people with a serious illness and that in these times of health crisis they are more vulnerable, for this reason Dr. López added that “The initiative is appreciated, which will be very timely to attend to them as soon as possible if they should fall urgently to a hospital, especially now that they are living through complicated times caused by the SARS Coronavirus 2 pandemic.”


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