The PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal will offer daily challenges and leaderboards

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We are already less than 1 month away from the launch of Returnal, one of the Sony exclusives promising to get the most out of the PlayStation 5 and that’s reason enough for fans to be very excited. As part of the preparations for the premiere today, more details of the game were shared that will undoubtedly make fans more excited.

Members on PlayStation already had the opportunity to test a near-final version of Returnal and they published the impressions of the game in which the benefits of the title are exposed with which the developer Housemarque will make its debut on PlayStation 5, and apparently it will do so in a great way.

The material provides a summary of the story of Selene, the Greek-American protagonist and explorer of Astra, who due to an accident was trapped in a mysterious cycle on the planet Atropos, which is full of alien dangers and will change every time Selene becomes defeated.

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Returnal will have leaderboards with the best players

Something interesting that was revealed in the new article is that Returnal You will have daily challenges and not only that, but the most skilled players will be able to appear at the top of the leaderboard.

These challenges can be selected on the ship within the Helios ship, they will consist of testing the players with a set of conditions to fulfill and a specific weapon, apart from the fact that they will only have 1 attempt to leave their best score.

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The rewards in Returnal they are a double edged army

As we mentioned, this title will have arcade DNA that will make luxury of all the capabilities of the PlayStation 5. The 3D audio, the haptic triggers, and the speed of the SSD will enhance the battles and the complete experience of Returnal.

One of the novelties of the post is that it was mentioned that dynamic combat will implement an adrenaline system, which will offer rewards to players who stay unscathed through levels that will translate into weapon damage, vision, melee attack improvements. body and more. It is expected to be a great skill incentive and will maximize the strategy of the game, since taking a single hit breaks the streak and the bonuses are lost.

As we have mentioned, weapons will be a fundamental part of Returnal, because they are not only diverse because of their style of fire, but because the rewards that are applied to them will be key in the combats, since they can amplify their strength, but they also bring reductions in Selene’s statistics that could be more of a disadvantage in battles with a wide variety of enemy types.

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Returnal It will debut on April 30 exclusively for PlayStation 5. You can find more news related to it if you visit its file.

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