September 17, 2019

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The Spanish team celebrates its second world title in a big way

The Spanish basketball team celebrated the second world title in its history, in the middle of a mass bath in Madrid's Plaza de Colón, which recognized the feat of a group that has once again led Spain to touch the top in The sport of the basket.

After the return trip from Beijing and the institutional visits to Zarzuela, where they were received by Felipe VI, and Moncloa, where they received the congratulations of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, Sergio Scariolo's team relaxed in a more relaxed atmosphere before a public delivered.

After the trip in a convertible bus from which they greeted the large public gathered between the Palace of La Moncloa and the Plaza de Colón, the Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Rudy Fernández and company gave themselves to the enthusiasm of a hobby that had been waiting for hours in front to the stage set for the occasion. The music, the images of the championship and a 'speaker' enlivened the hours before the arrival of the real protagonists of the party.

Even before leaving for Columbus, Marc Gasol and Juancho Hernangómez warned of what was to come. «Here we go again !!! BEERPAPI », wrote the pivot of the Toronto Raptors through a tweet. "We hope not to throw the glass on the bus but we promise nothing," warned the youngest of the Hernangómez, while Willy, the elder, joked about the inconvenience of traffic lights and height.

The coaching staff and players marched through the stage of Columbus before the roar of the fans gathered around. Even a restrained throughout the day Scariolo was encouraged by the enthusiasm of the large audience. «I am more of a bar than of dancing», Marc Gasol warned during the journey, which the stage did not change his mind. "MVP, MVP," the audience shouted when Ricky Rubio, the best player in the World Cup, appeared on stage.

Rudy Fernandez, the great captain, closed the round of presentations, how could it be otherwise. He did it accompanied by the precious Naismith Cup and to the beat of Queen's 'We Are The Champions'. "I want to thank everyone and especially all these great champions who have given me the chance to conquer this Cup. Long live Spanish basketball," said Rudy, who shouted the microphone at Ricky Rubio to the shout of "MVP, MVP" .

«The truth is that I have no words. Now I really feel how Marc Gasol felt winning a ring. I hope that this beautiful story will help you move forward and inspire you a lot, ”said the base of the Phoenix Suns, which in turn moved the prominence to Marc Gasol himself, one of the most acclaimed given his gifts for the celebration, to be demonstrated in the celebrations of the Toronto Raptors on the occasion of the NBA title won by the Canadian franchise last season. "When we don't win, anytime, we hope you support us too," recalled the pivot.

"Yesterday there was a fantastic game, the most watched in the history of Spanish basketball and the one that made Spain a world champion," Sergio Scariolo said before being kept by his pupils. «Even if the game looked bad, lowering arms has never been an option. While the heart has given strength to these players, the brain has found a solution, ”added the coach already back on the ground.

"We were far away in China, but we have felt your support every day," said Sergio Llull, who recalled the role of all those who do not usually take center stage of the cameras but are part of the team and the importance of the players who achieved the World Cup qualification through FIBA ​​windows. "A piece of this medal is yours," said the Menorcan player. Also Quino Colom, one of the three players who played the qualifiers, reminded his teammates that they could not finally be in the World Cup.

The celebration was consumed between songs, euphoria, a musical repertoire of the most varied and jokes of all kinds that brought a smile to the audience, who did not want to miss the opportunity to show their gratitude to a team that already shines with its own light in the history of Spanish sport and for which surely the night had only just begun.

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