Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

TPMP: Agathe Auproux sexy in transparent outfit, she reveals her buttocks (Video)

Agathe Auproux keeps talking about her in TPMP. While the columnist settled her accounts with Benjamin Castaldi at the Prime of the Truth this time, on the occasion of 8 years of TPMP, Agathe Auproux made the buzz on the Web for its very sexy outfit. While the Taxi 5 team landed on the set with water pistols and foam bombs, Agathe Auproux appeared alongside Cyril Hanouna: “You told me that you put a chair on me”, did you know? she launched her boss who finally sent him to the public. But turning around, the columnist unveiled her buttocks in a very sexy transparent dress.

By Alexia Felix

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