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+++ VIP News +++: Markus Maria Profitlich is Parkinson ill

+++ VIP News +++: Markus Maria Profitlich is suffering from Parkinson’s

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Abuse scandal at WDR: Three new cases become known

Friday, April 20, 23:35: Like the news magazine ” mirror “reported, in the affair of sexual harassment at the broadcaster WDR three new cases have become known: It is supposed to be an employee already retired and two employees from the radio stations broadcasting and revision act The names of the accused WDR but not reveal.

Particularly explosive to the new cases was also that one of the alleged perpetrators is active in the field of revision – the department, which, according to director Tom Buhrow for the internal investigation of abuse is responsible.

Comedian Markus Maria Profitlich is suffering from Parkinson’s disease

21.51 clock: Comedian Markus Maria Profitlich (58) is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. “I decided to be open about it right from the beginning and I do not want to waste any energy on hiding the disease,” said the comedian to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” and the “Kölnische Rundschau” (Saturday). He was not limited in his work and prepare a new solo program. “I still want to be on stage, in front of the camera and in front of the microphone.”

Above all, the television shows “Mensch Markus” and “Die Wochenshow” are known profitably. At the beginning of May his new tour starts with the title “Schwer crazy”. Then the comedian will be on numerous stages in many German cities until the end of the year.

Appearance of Kollegah and Farid Bang canceled in Switzerland

14:41: After the echo scandal, a performance of the rapper Kollegah and Farid Bang in Switzerland has been canceled by the organizers. The two musicians should have performed at the “Albanian Festival” in Schaffhausen at the beginning of May. “After intensive discussions with authorities and festival partners, and last but not least for safety reasons, the Organizing Committee has decided to renounce this concert act,” it said in a statement of the Cultural Association “Alba” on Friday. The cancellation caused an enormous deficit for the club and endangered its existence.

The two rappers were awarded the Echo Music Prize last week. Lyrics such as “My Body More Defined than by Auschwitz Inmates” and “Make Again a Holocaust, Come on Molotov” had sparked fierce criticism and a debate over anti-Semitism.

Mourning for “Söhne Mannheims” bassist Robbee Mariano

1:06 pm: Great grief at Xavier Naidoo (46, “This way” ) and the sons of Mannheim: The bassist of the band, Robbee Mariano, died at the age of only 47 years. On Facebook Naidoo published a farewell post. To a picture of Mariano he wrote: “We are unspeakably sad! R.I.P. “Up to now nothing is known about the cause of death.

Music from the sons of Mannheim can be bought here

Under the post are comments from fans who can not believe the sudden death. “Robbee Mariano will be missed. He leaves a gaping gap, not only in the bass scene, but in the entire German music landscape, “it says among other things.

Mariano not only played for the sons of Mannheim’s bass, but also for many other German acts like Jan Delay, Cassandra Steen, Gregor Meyle or Marianne Rosenberg.

Jennifer Aniston: First public appearance after the breakup

11.43 clock: As good as ever: Jennifer Aniston (49, “Friends” ) made her first public appearance after separating from husband Justin Theroux (46, “The Leftovers” ) mastered with flying colors. At the WE Day California in los Angeles She posed on the red carpet in a casual summery look and beamed despite a hand injury in the camera. Aniston’s left forearm was in a black wrist bandage.

The sitcom “Friends” made Jennifer Aniston famous: Here are the episodes as stream

In addition, the actress wore a black blazer with a large gold button, a dark, at the ankles carded jeans and white sneakers. The blond hair fell over the 49-year-olds in their typical Jennifer Aniston style over the shoulders. The charity event in California celebrates young people who are socially engaged.

In February, Aniston and Theroux had announced their separation after four years of marriage. The actor should now according to the British “Daily Mail” again have a new wife at his side – the 26-year-old model Erika Cardenas.

“Time” list: Meghan Markle is one of the most influential people

10.20 am: The Time Magazine has published its annual list of the 100 Most Influential People for 2018 , There are so many young people and more women than ever before. Among the 100 people are 45 women and 45 personalities under 40 years. Also on the list this year is the youngest star to date: the 14-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown. She was honored not only for her performance in the hit series “Stranger Things”, but also for her use against gun violence.

The book “Meghan: From Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. A modern fairy tale “you get here

The list includes important personalities from the entertainment sector, politics, sports and business. Stars like Jennifer Lopez (48), Tiffany Haddish (38) and Nicole Kidman (50) are among them. “Black Panther” Star Chadwick Boseman, Cardi B (25), Sterling K. Brown (42), Gal Gadot (32), Hugh Jackman (49), Shawn Mendes (19) and Roseanne Barr (65) are also listed.

In addition, Meghan Markle (36, “Suits” ), which in May Prince Harry (33) marry She becomes one of the most influential people for Time magazine in 2018. Not only as an actress, but also for her charitable work, she made it to the list where her fiancé, Prince Harry, is also found. Other personalities who have also got their place on it are Donald Trump (71), Xi Jinping (64) or snowboarder Chloe Kim (17).

Patrick Lindner makes a marriage proposal to his partner

5:22 pm: After seven and a half years, he asked him the question: Patrick Lindner has proposed marriage to his partner, Peter Schäfer. As a location, he chose a beach in the Dominican Republic.

Lindner opposite the “Bild” newspaper: I believe that he and I have considered each other long enough to know that we want to stay together forever. And since marriage is possible for all now, we would like to give us the javascript on the registry office soon.

“DSDS”: candidate Diego is said to have stabbed father and is being admitted to psychiatric hospital

Friday, April 20, 2018, 5:18 am: The mentally ill “DSDS” candidate “Diego” is said to have struck down his 67-year-old father on Tuesday – the prosecutor’s office assumes a killing offense. As the “Bild” newspaper writes, the 20-year-old has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

After the recent investigation of the homicide, Diego is said to have rang the doorbell on Tuesday night at the apartment door of the father and asked for admission, according to “Cologne Express”. The 67-year-old did not want to allow this at first because it had already come to a dispute in the past. At this time, the 18-year-old daughter stayed in the apartment who persuaded her father to give the brother access to the apartment.

In the apartment, however, the two men then came back into dispute. When the nurse was briefly in the hallway, the 20-year-old slammed the door and attacked his father with a knife. Then he ran into the hallway, past his sister and fled to the street, where he a short time later the police was arrested.

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