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“We are proud, he is a regular”

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful days of his life. On March 9, a player from the province of Namur won the Lotto Jackpot of 3 million euros via the Quick Pick. As a reminder, in this case, it is the National Lottery computer which determines a game combination randomly, and not the player who chooses his numbers himself by ticking them off on a game slip.

To preserve the anonymity of the lucky winner as much as possible, the manager of the Press Shop bookstore on rue de l’Ange, in Namur, Joseline Dognies, where he played, received a symbolic check on which is indicated the amount gain.

▶▶ This shopkeeper is obviously happy for her client: “We are proud, he is a regular. His full testimony.

▶▶ “This is an exceptional case across the country”: here’s why.

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