Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

X Factor fans criticize Simon Cowell for his "shameless promotion" – but not everything as he seems

Fans of X Factor were completely disconcerted tonight as Simon Cowell appeared to promote his son's new single.

Tonight, viewers of the ITV competition were treated to an interpretation of Baby Shark at the opening of the final tonight.

But the fans were a little confused – but were shocked by Simon Cowell's next words.

"This is Eric's first release on SyKids Records," joked Simon. "The disc is now available."

But fans have flocked to Twitter to express their opinion.

A tweet: "This people is fighting for a record deal, but Simon's son has his own single ffs #XFactor."

While another commented, "So we all have to watch this because Simon wants to please his son? Go to F ***! # Xfactor."

A third commented: "The Wtf Simon shamelessly promotes his son in the Xfactor finale … !! The face of Robbie !!!!! #XFactor."

Others have also noticed the less impressed face of Robbie Williams.

One of them wrote: "Umm Baby Shark ??? The face of Robbies said it all #Xfactor #XFactorFinal."

While another commented: "Robbies face -" There was no budget for the first part … "#XFactor."


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